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Udyr Build Guide by HellWalker

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HellWalker

Udyr guide: The Path of the Animal Spirits (Solo Top & J

HellWalker Last updated on August 20, 2013
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I'm sorry for publishing the guide before it is done.
i've read the coments and, yes the guide is still under construction
this chapter will be deleted when the guide is done!

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Hi! and welcome to my brand new Udyr Guide, Udyr: The Path of the Animal Spirts for solo top and jungle.

My name is HellWalker i'm Currently a Silver II Player in the Brazilian server, Here i will feture the Off tank Udyr in the Top Lane and the Utility Tank Udyr in the Jungle.
Be awere that this is a guide and it contains Tips for udyr, not Rules that must be followed, so if you dont agree with some of things that i will feture here, feel free to change.

This guide is and will always be under construction, i will always update this guide whenever a new item or patch is releasd for League of Legends.

Udyr alongside Shen, Rengar, Kassadin and Zed are my mains, i'm currently building other guides for those champions

So... lets stop talking and lets get started!

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About Udyr

Soooo... as you guys want to learn how to play udyr, you should also learn ABOUT udyr, since he's such an awesome champion you should read his AMAZING new lore.

Udyr is more than a man; he is a vessel for the untamed power of four primal animal spirits. When tapping into the spirits' bestial natures, Udyr can harness their unique strengths: the tiger grants him speed and ferocity, the turtle resilience, the bear might, and the phoenix its eternal flame. With their combined power, Udyr can turn back all those who would attempt to harm the natural order.

In the Freljord, there is a unique caste that lives outside the society of those savage lands. They are the custodians of the natural world: the Spirit Walkers. Once a generation, a child is born under a blood red moon, a child said to live between the two worlds of spirit and man. This child is brought to the Spirit Walker to continue the shamanic line. Udyr was such a child, and knew the howl of the tundra wolves even before he learned the language of his ancestors. Through the Spirit Walker, Udyr would one day learn the meaning of the spirits’ calls and tend to the balance of nature. The Spirit Walker often told Udyr he would be tested more than those who had come before him, for the spirits of the Freljord were growing ever more restless, though the reason remained clouded.

The answer arrived in the dead of winter, as Udyr and the Spirit Walker were descended upon by a fearsome figure known only through frightened whispers: the Ice Witch. Knowing the boy would fall easy prey to her vile magic, the Spirit Walker shielded the child from her assault at the cost of his own life. Wracked by grief, Udyr howled with fury, and he felt the Freljord itself howl with him. In that moment, the child embraced the spirits’ primal nature and became a beast himself. Coursing with their untamed power, Udyr'’s angry roar shook the mountaintops and brought down a torrential avalanche. Once Udyr had finally clawed his way out of the frost, the Ice Witch was nowhere to be found.

For years, the tribes of the north learned to avoid the wildman and his domain. Then one day, Udyr caught the scent of a fearless trespasser. Determined to chase the intruder from his territory, he attacked, only to be deflected with ease. The wildman launched himself at the stranger again and again, only to be effortlessly cast aside each time. Exhausted and defeated, Udyr felt his animosity ebb and croaked a clumsy “"who"” to the stranger. Lee Sin had come seeking the Spirit Walker’'s guidance and instead found a man who had also lost his way. The monk promised he would right Udyr’'s path and guided him to a monastery said to be protected by four eternal spirits of great power and wisdom. There, Udyr would find harmony.

Lee Sin brought Udyr to a land that was a stark contrast to his birthplace. Survival was not the only law that governed the lives of Ionians or creatures of the land. For the first time, Udyr felt at peace with the spirits surrounding him and found comfort in human companionship. His time among the monks taught him to temper his instincts, while his meditations with the ancient temple spirits taught him wisdom. Through them both, Udyr learned to truly embrace his life as the next Spirit Walker.

Udyr owed much to the Ionians. It was a debt he was never asked to honor, but one he would ultimately repay many times over. When the armies of Noxus invaded, Udyr did not stand idle as the brutal soldiers oppressed the peaceful Ionians - he had not forgotten how to bare his teeth. Udyr leapt at their armies with all the ferocity of a cornered beast and gave the invaders good reason to fear the wilderness. From the trees, his claws tore the Noxians down in scores; on the river banks, he threw them back with the falling tides, and in the fields, he consumed them with searing wildfire. Only when the Noxians fled with their tails between their legs did Udyr quell his rage.

Peace returned to Ionia, but still Udyr felt something stirring him from his rest. The spirits of the Freljord called out to him, warning of an unnatural evil emerging from the ice. Udyr understood the true threat that the Ice Witch posed to his homeland: she was the herald of a greater darkness that would soon envelop the land. Armed with the potent spirits of the temple, Udyr returned to the Freljord, seeking to defend the natural world from all who would threaten its balance.

"Through us, nature's will is done

Udyr is a meele fighter or tank, he utilizes his unique mechanics to initiate fights, chase, scape, harass and destroy your enemies.
In team fights udyr shouldn't and will not be focused because of his tanky nature, but he can be extremely scary and dangerous if ignored, this applys both for the Tank and Off Tank build.

udyr is extremely durable and mobile, his kit allows him to stay in lane for longer, he has awesome sustain in lane and in the jungle, but i will explain this later when i talk about his abilities

He can Snowball quite easy since his items are quite cheap, this will make him a monster if get two or three kills in lane early game.
He's quite squishy early game, but as the game goes on he becomes a true durable champion, he may be extremely dominant in lane early game, but dont think your immortal, laning fases like Darius or Tryndamere can easly kill you, but dont be scared of dying, those champions are extremely strong if you only play defensive and your sustain will keep you alive even when poked constantly.
against hard laning fases, ask for constant ganks and always try to constantly harrass your enemy.

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Pros & Cons

+Extremely Tanky
+High Damage output with Tiger Stance
+Good Chaser and Initator
+High sustain with Turtle Stance
+Praticly no cooldowns
+Snowballs easly
+Can either help and carry on a match.
+One of the best brawlers
+Awesome Skins
+Clears the Jungle quickly
+Strong and deadly ganks
-Weak early game in lane
-No use for phoenix stance in lane
-No Ultimate
-Item dependent
-Easly countered (Top lane)
-No poke

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The most interesting part of Udyr, his skills have an activation and a persistent effect, a good combination of his abilities should and will be extremely effective.
As Udyr has many different ways to be played, you might upgrade your abilities at your will, i will just explain how I Think is more effective to max.
Two of his abilities are pure offensive while the other two can be used for both defensive or offensive purposes.

:Passive: Monkey's Agility: This is an AMAZING passive for a champion like udyr, Movement speed is essential for him since he has no poke and is a melee champion with no gap closer and so it is attack speed since he only deals damage by basic attaking, with Tiger Stance and 3 stacks of this passive udyr will have 100% of bonus attack speed and 15 of bonus movement speed that will also combo with your Bear Stance.
Overall, this is a passive that will help you initating, scaping and brawling

Tiger Stance: This is your main skill in the top lane because of the awesome damage steroid, it will help you farming and fighting your targets when they are out of position.
In Lane max it right away since you're offensive udyr, and dont even max it when playing in the jungle.

Turtle Stance: DAMN TURTLE STANCE IS AWESOME, when i first started play Off tank udyr, this ability seemed useless as Phoenix Stance in lane since it is purely defensive.
but as the time passed i noticed that this is an a life saver and will help you even when brawling, expecialy when you drop under 50% of Health, with this ability you will stay in lane or in the jungle for longer
Max it at second both in lane and in the jungle.

Bear Stance: Another awesome ability, this can be used both for initiating or scaping, it has an awesome activation effect and a incredibly effective stun for its persistent effect.
This is also a life saver... for your team mates expecialy when they're being chased with low health and you appear to stun the enemy and grant they're scape.
Take a point at lvl 2 in the jungle so you can gank better, and max it a thirt in both jungle and Top lane.

Phoenix Stace: Yeah, this skill is very good.... when junglin, for its ability to quickly clear the jungle camps but except for that, its barely useless when fighting, its persistent effect doesn't deal much damage on champions.
Only max it in the jungle, its completly useless in the top lane, it can even prevent you from farming well because of the dps magic damage.

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