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League of Legends Build Guide Author jts2

Udyr: how to shred (laning)

jts2 Last updated on April 21, 2011
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Welcome to my fourth guide, this time on Udyr. I think Udyr is a very underrated champion, and should be played more. This is a laning guide, I haven't tried Udyr in the jungle (I prefer WW or Nocturne). Stick to the build, and you will destroy!

In this build:
-A capped attack speed
-333+ damage
-85% crit chance if you have the runes
-2.5k HP

-27% extra move speed from items
-Armor shredding

What more could you ask for?

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Pros / Cons

-Very high damage output
-A stun that increases your move speed
-A great jungler
-You will WRECK squishies mid-late game
-A great runner and chaser
-One of the best 1v1ers

-Fairly squishy, despite the good amount of HP
-All auto attack based - Thornmail is your worst enemy
-Your early game isn't as good as some other champions
-If you get focused, you will die
-Only single target damage

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This is a nice passive, a little dodge, and if you spam this end game, it will cap your attack speed. Keep switching stances if possible to keep this up mid-late game.

This is your main source of damage. Splits up your attacks, gives you attack speed passively and actively. Use this to kill EVERYTHING.

This is very important early game, and to regen mana late game. The shield isn't that great late game, but it's better than nothing.

Your initaitor. Awesome spell, increased move speed, and a stun at the end. Bear Stance ---> Tiger Stance, shred away.

You won't use this spell at all. Never. Ever. Not for this build.

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Greater Mark of Desolation The obvious choice for an AD carry. Great late game advantage.
This combined with your Glyphs will take you to 85% crit at the end of your build, and will help you early game.
Dat crit.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation Late game advantage.

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Summoner Spells

My Choices
One of my favorite summoner spells - helps you chase and run. Great for taking down the enemy carry who may be focusing you.
This is another favorite for me - chasing and running, as well as helping with ganks and returning to lane. I always get this.

I'm not going to include any others because I think these two spells are hands down best for Udyr.

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Standard AD carry masteries.

Make sure you have 21 points in Offense, the other 9 points are up to you to place. I put them in Defense, so I could get Nimbleness. The small amount of extra dodge will stack with your passive, as you should be spamming stances anyways. Not bad.

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This is a high damage, high mobility build that will shred your enemies. Stick to the build for max damage output. Follow the order up top, this is for explanation purposes.

At the very beginning of the game, I usually get a

Explanations for my item choices, and other viable items

This will help you cap your attack speed, and you need the attack speed early game. If they have a lot of AD, it may be better to get for the dodge. This will also go well with your passive, but if possible, get the Greaves.

This is a great item for Udyr. Good stats that cover all of your needs. This will make you tankier, move faster, hit harder, etc etc etc. Plus the Bonus Damage every time you switch stances. Awesome. I always get this.

This is an all around good item for Udyr. Attack speed, move speed, and crit. This will send your move speed to a bonus 27% if you have

I love this item. Armor shredding, a high amount of damage and some attack speed? Yes. Great for Udyr, this will send the squishies into very low or even negative armor depending on what they have, and it will help you with the tanks as well.

Lifesteal, and attack damage. At this point, your attack speed will be capped with 3 stacks on your passive and Tiger Stance. If you really wanted to, you could get a to help out your team if you really need it, but you will be over-capped in Tiger Stance in AS terms, and you will lose a big chunk of AD.

This is the item that will top it all off, and with it's recent buff, you will own face. This will take you to almost 100% crit, and give you more AD and 250% damage crits. Amazing.

Viable Items

The Frozen Mallet This is an important item as well. If you feel too squishy, replace one of your items with this. This will slow them every attack, even though in my eyes you don't need it on Udyr, and help you out in terms of survivability.

As mentioned above, Stark's can replace if you feel your team will really benefit from it. Never a bad item.

Keep in mind that this item will lower your DPS, however, if they are high AP champions, this may be a good item to get. A little AD, MR and a great passive makes this an all around good and underrated item. Be careful as to what you replace, though.

This item is for if they have a ton of tanks with over 200 armor. Replace with this if you need to. You should only get this if their WHOLE team has high armor.

What NOT to get

No doubt this is a good item, but not for this build. There are better items for Udyr, and you already have high mobility and damage. No need for it.

Look at your stats, do you really need this?

and and You don't need these on hits. You already have your Black Cleaver. Madred's is great for a jungle build, but this is a laning build.

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Farming with Udyr isn't too hard once you hit mid game and you have some attack speed. Late game, it's a breeze. Use Turtle Stance and Tiger Stance to farm away. Always be careful of ganks - your high movement speed won't always save you.

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Basic Tactics / Warnings (IMPORTANT)


Basic Strategy

-Use Bear Stance to get back to lane, chase, run, and engage.
-Open with Bear Stance, then switch to Tiger Stance. Keep an eye on your Passive and make sure you keep your 3 stacks of it up at all times. Switch back to Bear Stance to re-stun or chase.
-For ganks, always use Bear Stance running in to increase your move speed and then stun.
-If you get low on HP and you aren't where the enemy can reach you, find a wave of minions or jungle by opening with Turtle Stance, switching to Tiger Stance right after, then back to Turtle Stance. This is used to keep your stacks on your passive up. You want to spend as much time as possible in Turtle Stance if you don't have your yet.
-Don't let your high mobility make you greedy. If you know diving is risky, or if you overextend like hell, you still have a high chance of dying.
-You should NEVER use Phoenix Stance in this build. Ever.
-You are a fantastic tower smasher and pusher. Use this to your advantage.

- is your absolute worst enemy. If they have enough armor, your shredding won't do you any good, and you will kill yourself faster than you know what hit you. Try to avoid any tanks with this. This is less threatening on enemy DPS, but it still hurts.
-If all or most of them have use your mass attack speed and damage to push towers and annihilate them instead of ganking as often.
-Udyr is squishy. You need to be careful, you need to go in either last or second to last to avoid being focused.

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Thank you for viewing my Udyr build. This build was tested more on 3v3 than 5v5, but it works just as well for 5v5. Vote, and comment! All feedback is appreciated, but please have reasoning for everything you say.

Summoner Name: Black Tides

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