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Kha'Zix Build Guide by jts2

Assassin Kha'Zix - Hunter in the Jungle [S3]

Assassin Kha'Zix - Hunter in the Jungle [S3]

Updated on April 27, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jts2 Build Guide By jts2 78 13 912,797 Views 51 Comments
78 13 912,797 Views 51 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jts2 Kha'Zix Build Guide By jts2 Updated on April 27, 2013
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Welcome to my Kha'Zix guide.

With this build, and some practice, you can become the unstoppable assassin that is Kha'Zix. Combining hard damage and survivability allows you to rip the enemy AD carry or AP burster down before they know what hit them!

This build focuses on filling the assassin/jungler/bruiser role.

If you choose to DOWNVOTE, please tell me why!

I am going to apologize in advance, as this is very close to other Kha'Zix builds on Mobafire. I did not realize this until I was about 60% done with the guide.
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Guide Changes

Added Heart of Gold and Randuin's Omen to items section, updated jungling information, explained ultimate, added image to evolution section.

Updated 12-5-12
S3 changes.
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Basic Information [NEW KHA'ZIX PLAYERS READ]

Kha'Zix is a fun and unique champion.

Not only is he strong overall, but he has a unique system called Evolution in addition to normally leveling up spells!

Each time Kha'Zix ranks up his ultimate (always rank up at level 6, 11 and 16), he is able to evolve one of his spells to add an additional effect! You can get more information on what each evolution does by reading the spell tooltip or reading on!

This picture is what you will see when you rank up your ultimate!

  • Each spell can be evolved only ONCE.
  • Spells can be evolved only after you rank up your ultimate, Void Assault.
  • You can only evolve three of your four spells!

Evolving Taste Their Fear causes it to deal damage equal to 12% of your target's missing health. This is evolved first. The lower their HP, the more damage Taste Their Fear will do!

Evolving Void Spike causes 3 spikes to be shot out of Kha'Zix in a cone formation instead of one, and consumes your Unseen Threat to deal additional damage and slow those hit! This spell is NOT evolved in this guide!

Evolving Leap allows you to leap further! It also refreshes it's cooldown when you get a kill or assist! This is evolved second!

Evolving Void Assault not only makes you look more badass, but also allows you to stealth a third time, and provides a 40% damage reduction to yourself while stealthed! This is evolved last!

Playing Kha'Zix requires some practice. You need to know when to Leap in, and when not to. It has a fairly long cooldown and if you Leap in, unless you get a kill, you cannot use it again to escape. Catching someone off guard that isn't ungodly fed usually means a kill because of the isolated damage from Taste Their Fear. Keep this in mind when deciding to engage.

If you see the enemy AD carry straggling behind their team and your team has engaged, jump your bug butt on top of them and rip their faces apart. And when the team turns around to come after you, just Leap right out and be on your way!
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Pros / Cons


-Great clear speed-
-Excellent damage all game-
-Excellent counter jungle-
-High mobility-
-Great ganker-
-Great chaser-


-Needs a decent amount of practice-
-Relies on Red Buff early game-
-Sometimes has mana issues-
-Usually focused-
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Spells & Evolution

Please keep in mind that spell sequence and spell evolution are not the same!

Please read above if you are a new Kha'Zix player!

_______ _______
[Passive]A great all around passive. This won't help you jungle, however, it will help you gank and counter jungle. This adds to your already insane burst from Taste Their Fear. Keep in mind that it is refreshed when you enter brush!

_______ _______
[Q]This is your main burst spell, and the reason you can 1v1 a LOT of other champions. This spell will GIB your enemy when they are isolated, and still hits hard when they are not. A very great spell to have as an assassin, and when evolved, becomes even stronger, adding a damage bonus equal to 12% of your target's missing health.

_______ _______
[W]Great for jungling, and 1v1 scenarios. This is chosen first in the spell order because it will hit all of the neutral monsters at the camps, and heals you when you are near the explosion. Excellent for 1v1 and picking off stragglers. Best used when close up.

_______ _______
[E]A great mobility spell. Not the best for damage until late game, but it is EXTREMELY useful as a jungler. This is chosen second in the spell order as it allows you to jump over walls from camp to camp. After evolution, it will allow you to not only jump further, but also let you jump again after a kill or assist. This is a great tool to have while ganking.

_______ _______
[R]An all around pretty great ultimate. Definitely not the best assassin ultimate, however, it allows you to get around faster and poke your head out of the brush before you leap onto an unsuspecting target. Keep in mind that this also reactivates your Unseen Threat.

Using this ability effectively is key. If you are chasing, or in a risky 1v1 fight with the enemy Jax, use this spell to evade damage while you are stealthed (1 second) and then come out and use a quick Taste Their Fear + auto attack combo. Repeat this for the two or three times and you will generally come out on top in the fight, or the chase.

Using this spell to juke is also very possible. Running into brush and then using this ability and very quickly changing direction will throw a lot of summoners off. It can also simply be used to get around the map faster, although I would recommend that you save a charge for when you are approaching your prey.

If you get caught alone before a team fight, a quick Void Assault and Leap combination over a wall or cliff will generally save your life.


Evolution Sequence

1. 2. 3.

Void Spike used to not get evolved in this build, however, since Kha'Zix's changes, it has become an excellent skill to evolve. I find that having 3 charges on his ultimate is no longer as useful.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Why Void Spike first?

Because Void Spike will hit all minions in the wolves and blue buff camps in your first clear. You will also heal from it if you are standing close. The sustain combined with the good level 1 damage makes this a great starting spell.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

_______Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration_______
This Quintessence will lower the armor of your camps so that you will be near true damage. It also helps with ganks early game.

_______ _______
Helps clear camps faster. After all, the more AD, the faster something dies!

_______ _______
Standard jungling Seals. The armor from these runes helps make an easy first clear.

_______ _______
These are great Glyphs overall. As the enemy AP carry gets stronger, so will your defenses. These are a MUST, as you do not get much MR with this build.
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Summoner Spells

My choices

Smite is standard for jungling, and is taken to increase your clear speed. This is a MUST.

Ignite is excellent for ganks and 1v1. I also can't tell you how many times I have ignited someone with 100 hp and then just ran away.

Good choices

Flash is an all around good spell. Having an extra mobility mechanic can save your life, or close the gap between the Ashe that is running away with 15 HP.

Exhaust is great for ganks, and with the Summoner's Wrath mastery, you will lower their armor and magic resist by 10 while it's up. This is another great 1v1 spell and excellent for shutting the enemy AD carry or AP carry down for a few seconds.
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Jungling Route

A simple jungle route.

Please note that this guide is for players with basic jungling experience. New players will certainly learn something though!

Numbers in RED should be cleared WITHOUT Smite.

Numbers in YELLOW should be cleared using Smite.

This only applies to the FIRST clear!

Leaping over the wall for Blue Buff after obtaining level two will save you time. You can also leap over the wall below the double golems to save time as well.

Tips for new junglers:
  • Try to group them as close as possible so you can hit all of them with Void Spike.
  • Use Smite as much as possible after your first clear.
  • ALWAYS Smite the largest minion!
  • Killing the smaller minions first is optimal with Kha'Zix, as your Taste Their Fear deals additional damage to isolated enemies. This applies to all minions as well as champions.
  • Leap from camp to camp and over walls, it WILL save you time.
  • If you are doing well on health and your lanes do not need ganks, kill Wraiths and Wolves one more time before going back.
  • ALWAYS be on the lookout for ganking opportunities. Kha'Zix's ganking is just as strong as his jungling.

Counter jungling

This is where Kha'Zix shines. If you see the enemy jungler in your jungle, Leap on him, and tear him apart with your isolated Taste Their Fear. Unless they are Rengar or a fed Jax (who is just as good at 1v1 as you are), or extremely good with their champion, you will usually scare them off, or kill them.

Do NOT be afraid to run into the enemy jungle for a quick camp steal if you know they are dead or far away from where you are. Even if an enemy wanders to you, or they catch up to you, the 1v1 fight should very easily be yours.

Be sure to leave a single neutral minion in their camp so that it does not respawn!
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I added this section to explain my item choices, as well as offer viable alternatives.

Starting Items

_______ x5_______
A standard jungler start. Hunter's Machete is a great starting item. I can usually do wraiths and wolves a second time before going back in the first clear.

Core Items

_______ _______
These core items will keep you tanky and and very strong damage wise. The lifesteal and AD from Bloodthirster are a no-brainer for sustain and damage. Wriggle's Lantern is standard for AD junglers, as it keeps you alive and offers great benefits. Frozen Mallet adds even more damage, with a good chunk of HP and a great slow to help you stay on top of your target.

STOP! Not doing well?

Grab one of these items after your Wriggle's Lantern if you have fallen behind. Spirit Stone is an excellent jungling item, I pick this up on games sometimes regardless if I am doing bad or not. This is built into Spirit of the Elder Lizard late game. The Brutalizer is good if you are an aggressive ganker. This is built into Black Cleaver, another FANTASTIC item for assassins.

Choosing Boots

_______ _______
This section is important. If the enemy team has a fair amount of crowd control, or you could benefit from the magic resist, get these. If the enemy team has little CC and high AD damage, Ninja Tabi is a no-brainer as it is much cheaper and will help you late game.

For boot enchantment, I would recommend Furor. This will help you keep on top of your enemies. Alacrity is also a good choice.

Filling in the rest of your build

Please use the core above with these items, unless your current game calls for other items. See the viable items section as well!

_______ _______
Atma's Impaler goes exceptionally well with Frozen Mallet. Not only does it make you tanky, but it increases your AD by 1.5% of your max HP. You should get around 40 AD from this.

Guardian Angel is an EXTREMELY strong item. It is very often seen in pro League of Legends games because it offers great defenses and an extremely strong passive that can change the tides of a team fight.

These two items were chosen as my favorite items to end the build because it adds great survivability and damage.

Viable items

_______ _______

Last Whisper can easily replace Guardian Angel if the enemy carries are becoming armor heavy.

Maw of Malmortius can replace Atma's Impaler. A great shield as well as MR and damage combined with the passive makes this an awesome item if the enemy AP carry is doing very well. Also exceptionally good at making enemy Garen's mad.

Trinity Force is a great alternative to Frozen Mallet if you are wanting more damage and mobility. The 150% base damage on next attack effect adds to your burst (works well with Unseen Threat.)

Black Cleaver is an extremely strong now with the S3 update. This item is AMAZING for assassins, offering a range of stats that will benefit you all game. This is an excellent finishing item.

Infinity Edge can be built if you are dominating, trolling or if they have absolutely no armor.

Blade of the Ruined King is another great finishing item for Kha'Zix. Who doesn't want more lifesteal and more slows?

Mercurial Scimitar is excellent if you are getting focused by that Morgana or Skarner. Nice stats, and upgrades from Quicksilver Sash.
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Hall of Fame

Send me your scores and I will put them in the hall of fame!

My scores

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Thank you

Thanks for checking out my build!

I will certainly be adding more as I get feedback and as I play Kha'Zix more.

Thanks again to jhoihoi for the awesome dividers!

Please leave a comment and a rating!

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