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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Udyr Build Guide by jungle everywhere

Tank udyr in-depth guide

Tank udyr in-depth guide

Updated on May 23, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jungle everywhere Build Guide By jungle everywhere 21,300 Views 4 Comments
21,300 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jungle everywhere Udyr Build Guide By jungle everywhere Updated on May 23, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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About me

Hello folks! My name is Vít Matějíček, summoners witekmat and nick on mobafire jungle everywhere (yes I am from Czech Republic, your browser or web may change some letters of my name...). I am a player (mainly jungler) not reached lvl. 30 yet :-(. I play Udyr since lvl. 3 as the third champion I've bought and play him almost all the time. I have met only 2 lads playing Udyr. I began to play during season 4 when Udyr was FTP and Udyr bots were everywhere. I just like this strange champion though some say he has not a "strong" ability like ultimate... He doesn't need ultimate
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This guide is not done yet (this means that I would appreciate zou to cast zour downvotes after the disappear of this text)! Udyr is almost unplayable after the update, though still very durable champ like Rammus or Shen (one of the unkillables), in general needs tank items based on health (that's also what is suggested in tips). He is one of the best junglers but also a good tank. You can play him tiger or phoenix with turtle or full ad skill. You can use more temporary effects at time, so try to chase down the enemy with Bear Stance, start with Phoenix Stance and quickly Tiger Stance, because the first effect last for about same time as second so you'll have two damaging effects at a time. If the enemy tries to get out, chase him down with bear. Or try to start with bear, switch to Turtle Stance, let the enemy use their abilities on the shield and then continue as in the first case. Though tiger stance can do amazingly high damage when AD, build HP. Mana is really not needed, low mana cost and no mana hunger even if changing as mad. You may lack mana only early game, after level 6 almost never. You can easily superior other champs in tankiness. Champs having CC or dealing percentual damage are threat, try to evade these.
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Pros / Cons

+ high tankiness
+ also a high sustained damage
+ no mana need
+ very good farm
+ have you ever catched this guy?

- vulnerable to CC and percentual damage
- first target in teamfights
- less effective against ranged champs (especially Ashe and Zyra)
- almost unplayable as jungler after the update
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You don't really need boots due to bear and amazing passive that grants you attack speed and movement on switch. So keep switching! But if you want some get Ninja Tabi when need more armor, Mobility Boots when jungling and Mercury's Treads are the last good option. You can also get Berserker's Greaves if you want but I think these are better. Start with Health Potion is a must wherever you go. Though wards are discussed topic, I prefer Greater Stealth Totem. Keep warding key locations to prevent ganking and stealing your buffs (even on the enemy side) and dragon / baron nashor


Until this moment I was only commanding. Now I wish to explain why it's good.

ranger's trailblazer - juggernaut Fast clear and with Enchantment: Juggernaut nice HP along with tenacity. If you are going for Zephyr late game this is pretty useless - get Enchantment: Devourer instead.

The second jungle item. Gets you good slow, some AD

The base item for Udyr. You are going to change stances a lot so this will enhance your damage output a big deal.

Why I think it's better than Frozen Heart?
Hey, it gives HP. It has lower amounts of armor, but it has HP. The AS reducer is same. Wait, there's another thing? CD. Yeah. But you have 20% CDR from this build and you are going to have blue buff a lot.

Pick this after Randuin's Omen if the enemy is mostly AD or when you die to AD's a lot. You have another " Sunfire Aegis" in your ult so when the team is mixed or you die to hybrids it's better to take Spirit Visage.

Around and around, this is probably the best pick against mixed or AP teams. It leaves you vulnerable to CC, though.

The second best Counter-AP item. If you are facing many hard CC enemies or CC initiators, this will get you rid if getting stunned before landing something.

Your main damage item. With nice AS you are going to proc your ult and this a lot, and Spirit Visage increases the LS. Needs this further explanation?

Alternative to BotRK. With this you get AoE AA. It gets more AD but less AS and overall, this gets less damage but the AoE. Check the Abilities section.

I just like this item. It gives you AD, AS, tenacity and movement. In jungle, you can skip boots and pick Zephyr when you will pick boots. You have 5% movement from Trinity Force and another 5% from Zephyr. That's +33 movement, which is little less than boots. Along with Bear Stance, you will have enough mobility to escape most champions.

Procs slow even with your ult's passive. Another mobility for you along with AD and TONS of HP. You can change with def item when fed or with offensive when you need yourself more tanky.
Gets you armor and blocks AA, pick against AD and when ganking
Good option against heavy CC
Nice when jungling and help ganking
Last viable option, gets you AS but not too much mobility
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Creeping / Jungling

Keep in the jungle even if not jungling, surprise the enemy! Jungle. Udyr gets levels faster than other junglers. Start with buff solo. Solo the dragon at level 6 and then every time available when they don't need you on lane. But start with tiger and then phoenix when attacking multiple minions, reverse when single target but start with bear each time since you have it. Udyr can be surprisingly combo champ and the order MATTERS. You can solo the dragon late game without taking more than 1/4 damage.Gank. Gank when they need you, when easy kill available... When ganking, stay on lane and farm around 3 waves to don't lose the farm you could get in jungle
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With phoenix, more at jungling, same for lane minions. Phoenix is farming fast course. Easy and rewarding very powerful farm. Still need more levels? Go and farm about 3 waves and at least level and plenty of gold guaranteed (I earn more gold in jungle or clearing waves than those with 30 kills a game even when I have 10 kills - I usually get more kills...)
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Skill Sequence

FULL AD - NO TURTLE (jungle best)

> > >
This gives you good damage and mobility but less protection. You are going to use this when jungling. Alternative is Tiger Stance instead of Phoenix Stance.


= > =
max phoenix or tiger taking turns with turtle, then the thing you have not chosen as first taking turns with bear.

First picks


Pretty sure you will win your lane/no ranged harassment? Phoenix Stance is the key.
Hard time on your lane? Turtle Stance.
Need bigger damage rather than farm? Tiger Stance.

Jungling sequence

Solo/no help first? Go with Tiger Stance on frog, then blue, red, smaller camp, back.
Comrades going to help you? Pick Phoenix Stance and go red.
In jungle always pick Bear Stance second, no matter what you picked first.
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Team Work

You are very strong 1v1 but easy to get down in teamfights due to multiple area control effects and ultimates. They will focus you down early as you are stronger as there is less enemies. Even allowing you to survive to the end can be a threat. But still it's better than Xv1, though you may have advantage vs. some couples of champions. Gank. Try to gank when champs are weakened, when team needs it or when a champ is retreating. You can catch anyone fleeing with E and passive, when laning with flash (YES PICK Flash EVERY TIME). Stay on lane and farm some minions so you don't lose available jungle farm and it gives your mminions and lane a large advantage (you may find yourself winning a lane even without having a champion there - when the enemy does not have aoe ability - champions like Akali or Gangplank may have issues dealing with 4 or 5 waves...). Push th lane to the enemy's first undestroyed turret, destroy it if possible, farm another three waves and go jungle or elsewhere. It will help a lot
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Unique Skills


Every one of them is needed. They're parts of a bigger whole. FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS, SUMMONER! Stun, begin a long time effect like poison [R], do most damage available with Q, let the enemy spam their abilities while shielded, Ignite and chase with bear anyone who is trying to flee!

P: Gets you AS and movement when you switch. Also helps when chasing, gets you additional movement to bear

Q: Tiger. Does most damage to a single target, its passive pretty useless for Udyr after the temporary effect has passed, useless on minions or multiple weak targets. Some build tiger main, it's useful on champions and epic. I prefer phoenix, but build this as second instead of turtle.

W: Turtle. Shields you for some damage and, more importantly on lower stages, life steal. Some build it as main defence when getting more damage. I rely on items for defence, but switching Q,R and W can defend strong monster attacks and get you a little health. Good timing can turn Nashor's stronger attacks useless. Also good when farming or to deflect ultimates.

E: Stun and movement packed to one ability. What else?

R: Very strong against multiple targets, primary used to continually deal dmg to champions and to farm as many minions as a little more than its reach. Base sustain and farm, built-in Sunfire Aegis
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Thanks to you all!

Please vote! Comment what you liked about that or what you lacked/hated, need your feedback to improve!

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