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Udyr Build Guide by chrisdjudge

Udyr My way Season 4

Udyr My way Season 4

Updated on June 10, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author chrisdjudge Build Guide By chrisdjudge 27,178 Views 3 Comments
27,178 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author chrisdjudge Udyr Build Guide By chrisdjudge Updated on June 10, 2014
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Hello my name is generalcdj, I main Nasus and Udyr and recently I have been playing udyr a lot more since the spirit stone changes. The udyr right now has infinite sustain and can solo drag at as low as level 5 (Tiger stance). The best thing about udyr is that his methods arent limited. Many junglers are only good at doing one thing but udyr can actually do almost any job, he can B-door (solo turret), he can teamfight, he can be part of the cleanup crew, he can chase people down etc. Udyr's skillset is also very strong because you can choose to go tiger or phoenix. Tiger stance is a strong single target dmg that buffs yourself while phoenix is an aoe dmg dealer that contains more damage overall.
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Ok we'll go through runes one at a time.

Marks: Attack damage marks
Armor pen marks
Hybrid pen marks
Atk spd marks

Seals: Attack damage scaling seals
Health seals
Scaling health seals
Armor seals
Mana regen (solo top)

Glyphs: mr glyphs
mr scaling glyphs
cd glyphs
cd scaling glyphs

Quintessence: Lifesteal Quints
Movement Speed Quints
AD Quints
Armor pen Quints
Hybrid Quints
Attack speed quints
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Ok, I rock a 22-5-3 mastery page. We'll go through this step by step.

Offense: Tier 1: double edged sword op for all melee champs, atk spd is a must have

on udyr, cdr will go well with my runes and items(exactly 40%)
Tier 2: Bonus ad always is good, the others are all useless except maybe
that ap, sustain isn't thta great coz of ur w

Tier 3: 5 ad for free? take it, executioner is the old thing and is always
useful for tower dives. The spell waving also works like magic on
udyr because he spams abilities

Tier 4: We go for blade waving because of udyr, but we skip warlord because
we won't really be building a lot of ad on udyr

Tier 5: If you go for frenzy I won't blame you because it is alright, but
I do not actually get a lot of crit so it is your choice. The armor
and magic pen is a must have tho

Tier 6: You put over 20 points in offense to get this, take it xD

Def Tier 1: 5% armor and mr bonus isn't really good but its the best of tier 1,
we also take the -2 dmg from auto attacks because it is the 2nd best

Tier 2: We will only be putting 1 point so we put it into the 2 reduced dmg

Utility Tier 1: Movement speed is probably THE MOST important thing for udyr, it
helps with ganks, dancing at enemy turrets and getting away.
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As udyr you want to start with a machette which you will then upgrade to spirit stone so hat you can survive even without blue, blue is still good tho xD. After that you want to get boots and sheen which will increase your damage by two fold. After that you will work your way to a triforce which is probably one of the best items you can get on udyr. After that depending on the enemy team comp you may want to get zephyr or BotRK. Lastly you should work your way to the three tank items. Frozen mallet if lane phase hasn't ended, spirit visage if fed ap, randuins omen if fed ad.
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Skill Sequence

Ok, now I'm going to talk about the skill sequence for udyr.

Top: Depending on how the lane is going you may want to max W or R 1st
W if you are trading a lot and R if its someone like nasus who you
can't allow to farm (Stayed in lane for 30+ min with nasus, Nasus had
54 stacks) You will only lv q if you have pushed to the tower and are
attacking it.

Jungle: Get q at lv 1 because it goes well with hunters machette.
I max R for faster camp clearing. W next for sustain.
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Flash: A must have
Ghost: A must have
Ignite: I prefer to let the laners get it.
Exhaust: The best spell in the whole game, take this instead of flash/ghost
Barrier/Clarity: Ok..... (>_<)?
Clairvoyance:A good spell for chasing people down and counter jungling.
Smite: People tell me to take it or I'll lose buffs, when someone counter jungles
I kinda go my buff or your life, they wont get away because you have flash
and ghost.
Heal Now one of my fav coz it heals and ms boost
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So generally early game you want to farm up but if you do see enemies pushing too far its fine to gank people, just always make sure you don't waste time, if you can't gank, don't! Your early game is going to be strong because all your items are going to be cost effecient. Mid game will probably be your weakest time, with only offense items and no defense it will be too easy to die. Fortunately your late game is just so scary that you can out fight a 800 stack nasus through juking. You may be strong in an all out fight but remember, you aren't god. The only way you can fight a losing war and win is by maximizing your kit. Make sure that you use your kit to your advantage. Your support warded the whole river, bait them to the river and pick them off one at a time. Learn to play udyr correctly and he'll soon be your favourite champion.
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Creeping / Jungling

As I mentioned before you generally want to be farming a lot to gain some early levels. What you are actually waiting for is the "big switch" as I call it. This is when your top lane decides that it is time to join the fights. This is when your duties as a jungler are over. You are then free to go to top lane and farm all you want and push the enemy towers. You just stay there and push and push and push and never ever leave. The enemy then has 2 choices, they can either group and lose their top towers and maybe inhibs, or they can come up to stop you and lose the teamfight, either way as long as you don't die, you gain the upperhand.
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Team Work

Because you'll be at top all day late game, what you want to do is secure an early advantage using as little time as possible, give mid your blue, give bot your red, all these little sacrifices will make it easier for your lanes to win. What you r team then needs to do is to avoid getting caught and fighting teamfights when not under the tower, as long as they are alive you don't lose.
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Pros / Cons

Pros Cons
Fits into any team comp Has no flash like abilities
Probably one of the strongest duelists He needs a "smart" team
Quick clears and pushes Vulnerable to CC
Sustain Vulnerable to slows
Cost effecient items Weak mid game
Strong early game
Strong late game.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author chrisdjudge
chrisdjudge Udyr Guide
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Udyr My way Season 4

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