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Udyr Build Guide by Wantox

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wantox

Udyr - The HP thief

Wantox Last updated on October 14, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 6

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 3

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This is my second guide here on mobafire and I hope that I can help you.

This time I will explain a way of playing Udyr as a laner.
This build is kinda based on lifesteal and attack speed.

AD = Attack damage
AP = Ability power
AS = Attack speed
Mres = Magic resistance
DMG = Damage
DPS = Damage per second
Bear/E = Bear stance
Tiger/Q = Tiger stance
Turtle/W = Turtle stance
Phoenix/R = Phoenix stance
Exp = Experience points
ASAP = As soon as possible

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Pros / Cons

* Not squishy in early game.
* Good jungler
* Good survivability
* Huge DPS with the Tiger

* Not very good damage in early game
* Can't lane solo in early game
* Ugly Dance
* The Phoenix spell isn't very useful

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Summoner spells

I use ignite and flash because the ignite is great in early game to get some extra DPS on the enemies, and the flash is pretty awesome too, you can jump through walls, chase enemies and also run away if the enemies is chasing you.

Spells to use instead of Ignite:
Actually, ignite is the best spell, and it shouldn't be swapped against another spell.
But if you really don't like it, I'd recommend cleanse, teleport or exhaust.

Spells to use instead of Flash:
I'd recommend exhaust or cleanse.
Exhaust has about the same capacities as flash, and the cleanse saves you from CC troubles.

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I just love this spell.
It gives you attack speed with a great DPS boost, which makes Udyr a great farmer as well as a good melee DPS.

This spell can be useful when farming.
It's not a spell you should rely on too much.
It's not very useful in PvP combats.

This spell is just awesome.
It can stun and provides you with a movement speed boost right after it's acivated.
Use this to hunt and gank enemies.

I don't really use this spell at all.
It does some AoE damage on each third hit and damages enemies around you for a few secdons.
That's not all, it's an AP ability so it isn't usable on this build.

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To boost Udyr's DPS I use a lot of attack speed runes.
To be able to stay on a lane for a longer time without leaving I use some Mres runes.
You can also use armor penetration runes instead of attack speed marks to kill tanks easier.
I still prefer AS runes to really scare away the enemies.

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I use a pretty unusual mastery build when I play Udyr.
I use 21-6-3

This is to get a good offensive hero with good defense in early game and to earn some extra exp.
You can also go 21-0-9 or 21-9-0 if you prefer that.

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I always use life steal in the start to increase my chance of surviving the early game period and earn a lot of gold aswell.
That's why I always start off with a Vampiric scepter
I try to get a Bilgewater Cutlass ASAP to get some extra damage, and don't forget to use the active skill that the item brings.

Now I just keep on playing and get the items from the build.

Items that you will need in late game:

Black Cleaver
Stark's Fervor
Frozen mallet

Items you may buy instead of my recommended listed items:

The Bloodthirster may be swapped for an
infinity edge

Phantom Dancer can be swapped for Sword of the divine or Trinity Force , but i'd still recommend the Phantom Dancer to get some crits.
Boots of Swiftness may be swapped for Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads , but this will make it harder for you to escape from enemies or hunt them down.

Other items you may want:

Banshees veil is great against casters, as well as the Force of Nature .
For Udyr both is great, Force of Nature for movement and magic resist, and Banshee's for hp/mana and magic resist.
Get the one that you prefer.

If you are playing against a team with strong AD the Atma's Impaler is a great item thanks to the crit, damage and armor.
Another great item is Randuin's Omen which provides you with a lot of hp and armor, awesome right?

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Using the abilities.

Okay, before we start we need to know how to play, not only what to buy and why.
This is just a short explanation of how I do in battles.

I mainly use the Bear Bear Stance to chase enemies, gank or run away from enemies.
And the stun ability is great as well.

I use the Tiger Tiger Stance mostly for the attack speed, but the DoT it has is just awesome.

The turtle is good when you are getting low on health and need to regen some, either when in combat or when pushing a lane.

You've probably never thought of Uduyr like a ganker.
Well this is how to gank.
Start off by selecting a good bush to hide in.
By good I mean where you can reach your enemy and stun him before he runs away.

Okay, now as you are standing in the bush and the enemy is in a good position, check where the rest of his teammates are.

OK, you are fine to go.
Activate the E spell, chase up your enemy and stun him.
Now as he is stunned, activate the Q spell ASAP.
The DoT is hurting him a lot.
In most cases this is where the enemies is running away, if he does, just chase him with the bear, but be sure to look for his teammates so they aren't planning a gank on you.
If he thinks that he can kill you, and he is doing too well, use the W and keep attacking him.
When the enemy has less than 40-50% HP activate the tiger and finish him.

I will update more later, don't have time right now.

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Early Game

To success as well as possible in the early game you should lane together with a champion who has a good damage output early.

First of all you should learn the bear form, just to play safer, because some players just loves to hide in the bushes, and then just flash right you and then BAM! You're dead.
If you play pretty careful you can learn the turtle stance first, or maybe the tiger.
Well this is kinda your choice and it also depends on who the enemies are.
If it is Tryndamere and Xin Zhao for example, I would prefer the bear.

In the beginning of a game you should buy a Vampiric scepter .
Now you will be able to stay on the lane a while before you have to return home, but this also depends on your enemies.
You should never lane solo with Udyr if you lane against 2 foes or a ranged foe.
If you and your "lanemate" lanes against 2 ranged enemies who can hunt you down too easy, ask someone to change lane with you.

You should try to kill a lot of creeps in the early game, but I know how hard this can be if you have too aggressive enemies.
If this is the case, ask your teammate if it's okay that you go jungle.
Just make sure that you are level 3+ and have learned the Q, W and E-spells.
If it is, start off by killing the two golems in the corner of the jungle (left bottom corner for blue, right top corner for purple).
After this, get the ghosts/mages or whatever you wanna call the creeps next to the mid lane.
Now as they are dead, kill the wolves.

By now you should be level 4-5 and have the tiger spell at level 2, maybe even three.
Now go to the big golem to get the blue buff.

To kill him you should begin by attacking with the bear spell, to stun him, after that, use the Tiger to burst him down.
If you need, use Ignite and the turtle.
When you have the buffs, kill the lizards next to the golem.

Now you maybe have about 1375 gold, or 975, if you have you should go back and get the Bilgewater Cutlass .

Now you need to go back to the lane and help your teammate and farm minions.
If the enemies still tries to kill you, use the active spell of your Bilgewater Cutlass and then use the E-->Q combination to kill an enemy.

Now get the Boots of Swiftness ASAP.

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Mid Game

Now you should have the boots of swiftness and maybe a few kills on the scoreboard as well.
Try to kill the enemies by ganking them with your bear spell.
If your ganks are successful push the enemies turret on your lane.
With 2 kills / assists and a destroyed turret and a lot of minion kills, you should have enough gold to get an Emblem of Valour or maybe Stark's fervor .
If you don't have enough gold, just try to collect a lot of last hits on creeps, and jungle when you have some time left.
Keep doing this and also kill some enemies, 'cause you will need The Bloodthirster before the late game begins.

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Late Game

The late game is where Udyr really becomes a legendary champ.
With 60-80% lifesteal and 280+ damage you are a nightmare for your enemies.

You should absolutely try to get the Phantom Dancer now, and help your teammates in combats by stunning the primary target and use the tiger DPS on him.
When you have won a teamfight you are one of the main pushers because of your AD.
As soon as you have the Phantom Dancer and the Frozen Mallet you should try to push a lane solo, you will be able to kill almost any champ in a 1on1 fight if you play correctly.
Note that you can't kill a full-built Tryndamere or a perfect built Master Yi.

If you see an enemie champion who's alone, use the Bear to engage him from behind (running from the enemies side against your side) by using the bear spell, and when he is stunned, activate the tiger spell to DPS the enemies, remember that he shouldn't be able to kill you thanks to your 80% lifesteal and huge attack damage.
In some cases you get CC'ed.
If so, use the turtle and try to regen some HP by hitting the enemy.

Don't forget to sell the Bilgewater Cutlass and buy a Black Cleaver as soon as you have enough gold.

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I really hope that this guide helped you and if you liked this, rate and comment.