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Udyr Build Guide by timian

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League of Legends Build Guide Author timian

Udyr - The top lane king, turtle style!

timian Last updated on February 20, 2012
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Hello, and welcome to my Udyr top lane guide. I will show you how to win your top lane, with the most op top lane champ.

Before we begin, there is a couple of things that is needed to be said.

    Udyr is one of the best solo top in the game, if not the best
    Udyr is one of the best duelist now that jax got changed
    Udyr is not as item dependable as many other champions

Hope you will like my guide! (remember to vote) :)

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    Top lane specialist
    Amazing single target damage
    Unreal sustain with turtle stance
    Stuns like a maniac


    No real gap closer
    high skill demand for mastering

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I have chosen a really high dmg build for Udyr, because i play very aggressive. So therefore if you chose this build you will have to play aggressive, against all enemies.

With this rune build you will have a high dmg output, but have to offer some surviveability for the high dmg. this usually gives you a higher dmg output than your opponent, so that you can easily overpower your lopponent.

i choose Greater Glyph of Attack Speed Because it's the best choice for an all out dmg build for udyr. the other option would be Greater Glyph of Attack Damage which really doesn't change any stat, what so ever. Since this guide is made for an aggressive form top lane udyr, i choose to use Greater Glyph of Attack Speed because it gives more stats!

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Many people have asked my why i choose to have both Weapon Expertise and Arcane Knowledge .
The answer to the riddle is quite simple. Because the main damage you are going to reduce the opponents health with is the bleed effect from Tiger Stance Which is a physical attack, and the bleed effect damage scales on physical damage. But the damage is magical! That is why that talent is needed!

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Skill Sequence

Monkey's Agility This is a really sweet passive, and does always help since you will be spamming your abilities through the game. Many udyr players tend to forget about the amazing little buff, but if you keep track of it, it will help greatly when you need to kill a tower, that you start on three stacks of [[Monkey's Agility] instead of none.

Tiger Stance This ability is your main source of dmg on your opponent. The best way to make use of this ability is not to have it activated all the time, this ability is OP because of the bleed effect. If you can land a bleed effect on a opponent its gonna hit hard, so the best use of Tiger Stance is to use it for the bleed effect, not for the attack speed!

Turtle Stance Udyr is one of the best solo top, because of this spell. This is on of the best spells, for sustain in the game. When you lane this is the spell that you will have on most of the time! it restores mana and HP, but the only down side is makes your attack immune to crit.

Bear Stance A now brainer, activate this before you engage an opponent. The best way to make use of this spell, is to activate it, and hit when your global cooldown is off. then you can quickly change to Tiger Stance and hit them for the bleed effect.

Phoenix Stance This spell should be maxed last, since it has no great use. Its good for farming, and late game for a little extra damage. but nothing ells.

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Starter item:

This item should allways be your starter item, unless you are against a AP top lane. Great sustain, and a really good item through the game.

If you face a AP top lane you should choose

Mid Game:


Late game: The last item, is optional, here is some of the options.

Is really good if you are against a team full of ap heroes. the 8% movement speed is really good, and the 0,35% hp regeneration is also good, because you are sitting on about 2700hp

Is also a good item, against a heavy AD team. The extra hp doesn't hurt, extra armor and slows the opponents if the hit you, but the best thing about this item, is that it has a gap closer which udyr needs.

Atma's is also good, if your not target as much, and your against a AD team. This makes a good use since your at a good amount health. But i prefer Randiun's Omen

I do not recommend this item, but is an option, if they got a team full of heavy tanks. this means that you need to stay close to your opponents to attack, which means that you will be an easy target.

Last item:

This should be your last item, you should sell your Wriggle's Lantern and buy a The Bloodthirster instead for the better dmg, and more lifesteal.

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The agressive top lane

How can a udyr who rushes for maxing Turtle Stance be aggressive in his top lane?

As i explained earlier in the guide, Turtle Stance Is the main spell you want to have activated. But that doesn't mean that you have to play defensive. What is meant by that, is that when you have Turtle Stance activated you regenerate mana and HP which makes you have a lot of mana throughout your lane period.

We sacrificed a lot of the survive ability when we went with a massive dmg build in the rune section. This means if you want a successful lane, you have to overpower your opponent.

Tiger Stance is your main ability, but is not the priority when it comes to the skill sequence. Because when you play your top lane, you priority is to get more creep kills than the opponent. a successful way to this is to scare the opponent away with your bleed effect from Tiger Stance and return to Turtle Stance to regenerate the lost mana, return the lost health. Udyrs Turtle Stance is amazing for regenerating, so as long as you can attack creeps nothing bad will come out of any situation, since you can regenerate all the lost health back.

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Thanks for reading my guide, if you see any mistakes please PM me and i will change it.
Please rate and comment! :)