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Urgot Build Guide by Jg_diff

ADC Ultimate BOTTOM URGOT and why to play

ADC Ultimate BOTTOM URGOT and why to play

Updated on April 19, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jg_diff Build Guide By Jg_diff 5 4 2,776 Views 0 Comments
5 4 2,776 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jg_diff Urgot Build Guide By Jg_diff Updated on April 19, 2023
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Runes: PTA basic

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating
Shield Bash

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

Ultimate BOTTOM URGOT and why to play

By Jg_diff
Attention, Summoner!
Hey, if you are looking this on your phone, turn it horizontally, or the edits are going to really be as horrible as an average Teemo enjoyer's smell. With computer everything should be just fine. Teemo enjoyers don't roll over me for that. Please. But now to the guide:
Hello, i am JG_diff, a full time bot lane troller. Ok not maybe trolling, but at least making enemies ragequit and sell their computers. In this guide i will be explaining to you the beauty of Urgot itself, it's compatibility in bottom, why should you be playing with a friend, all about life and so on. Please enjoy!
Urgot and why bot
is a nice, chill and good champ. Some people have the audacity to call him braindead, but those people are just the ones losing to him. Don't listen to them. Urgot is great, winning champ, but also really nice to play with. You don't have to make a full plan about the game to win like some other champs. Ok it's true Urgot isn't the hardest champion out there, but you still need to concentrate while playing a different lane, as the enemies can be harder to play against. Still, it's also harder for your enemies to play against you, as Urgot can be hard to counter with mostly ranged champions. Especially if you have optimal support, but more about that later. Just remember to play VERY agressive and go in for every possible trade.[*]
Passive: Echoing Flames Urgot has a cannon in each of his 6 feet. He periodically shoots from each of them while shooting or using Purge. Adds 40% - 100% more AD depending on level. Each of the feet have an unique cooldown, that comes down when you gain level.
Q: Corrosive Charge Urgot's Q is a projectile you shoot as a skillshot. It detonated 3 seconds from landing, dealing damage and slowing by 45% - 65% of the enemy champion's move speed, depending on the ability's level.
W: The Purge The purge is "the ability" of Urgot, that everything is centered around. While on, Urgot starts firing with his minigun, with increased fire rate and extra damage. At last rank, it last infinitely and can be toggled on and off without cooldowns or mana costs.
E: Disdain Urgot's E is a dash to your cursor's direction that deals damage and gives you a shield. It will also fling upcoming enemies behind him and stun them for 1.5 seconds
R: Fear Beyond Death Urgot's ultimate is a chem-drill that can be launched at any champion inside the 2500 range. If the target's health drops under 25% of their max health, you can recast the ability to pull them towards you and execute them. Execution fears everybody near.


Flash is a must-take option for all Urgot players, because of Urgot's bad mobility and movement speed. If the enemy jungler decides to pay you a visit on a bad time for you, without Flash it can be really hard to survive.
This helps with catching the enemies and winning fights, because Exhaust chomps 30% off of enemies move speed and damage. Take this as your second pick, if not really special situation.
You can take ignite, if you have discussed about it with your support, because you do need other summoner spells like Heal or Exhaust too.
A pretty basic option here, can save you especially in the early game during the laning phase. You have the power to choose between this and Exhaust, if you don't take Ignite

Press The Attack runepage

Press The Attack

Press the Attack is a very good keystone for Urgot because it gives you extra AD after 3 hits, and that scales with your W very well. Precision is very good for Urgot in general because it makes you more damaging champion, which leads to more and more enemies killed.


Triumph is the one of the best possible choices here because it makes your playmaking easier when you get in a fight, because you won't die as easily without triumph (because you get to heal 2.5% of your missing HP). You also get an amazing 20 extra gold for a takedown! Some people prefer Presence of Mind, but I see no reason to pick it for as i said, Q not being too good.

Legend: Tenacity

Legend: Tenacity grants you tenacity and legend stacks, and i see it as the best of all Legend-runes. Of course you can choose other ones, because these do not matter that much to you.

Coup de grace

Coup de Grace is the best option here, because you are going to need it in the early game for finishing the enemies. It will also be great in situations, where you just have to get the kill to not lose the fight.

Bone Plating

Bone Plating is the best possible option for Urgot as it can save your precious KDA in early game but also give you a CS advantage against your enemy, as you don't have to recall every second minute unlike your enemies. (Again a good reason to pick an off-meta champion. Second Wind is also good because the heal is very nice as your opponents can be really poking around, especially when your support is at base or at other lanes. But I prefer Bone Plating as it is altogether better than Second Wind if there is no matchups like Jhin or Caitlyn, which you should definitely ban.

Shield bash

Shield Bash is the best choice here for Urgot because you have a great shield, and this gives you extra AD and a stronger shield. It is my personal favorite pick, but of course Demolish is also very strong, as it marks the enemy for 4 seconds when impairing their movement that helps you to hit all of the hits of your W. Still, its not so great that it would be my first pick.

Tank Build runepage

Grasp of the undying

Grasp of the Undying is a great option for you to take, as it can be sometimes hard to play against several matchups, like Jhin and Caitlyn, which you should be again banning. But in most cases you really want to be a hard carry, and i'm afraid this doesn't provide you the damage needed fo it.

Shield Bash

Shield Bash is a great rune for Urgot because it scales with your E, which gives you a shield. This option was included even in the first runepage, as it makes your shield stronger and better, and it also gives you a little bit of extra AD.

Bone Plating

Bone Plating is probably the best pick for Urgot here because it shields from 30-60 HP from upcoming abilities from champions that already have damaged you. This works very well in the early game, but stops working during the mid- and late game. Winning the early game is the most important milestone for you, or the game can get really hard for you. Luckily it's easy for you to win early.


Revitalize is one of the best picks here. Some people also like Overgrowth and some people even prefer Unflinching but i like to use Revitalize as it buffs your shield very well, and that can come handy especially in the early game.


Triumph is the best option for Urgot here. It helps in all team fights, because scoring takedowns grants 2.5% heal of your missing health. It also helps in early game, because as you can expect, you are going to leave every fight ignited. So, Triumph can really save your precious KDA.

Legend: Tenacity

Legend: Tenacity is a great option here and my personal favorite. All legend-runes are great whatsoever, but this works probably the best with Urgot. This also makes sure that your late game does work out well too.

Damage Runepage


Electrocute is the best option for you here if you pick the damage runepage. That is also depending on situation, should you even pick it, as the normal PTA can be better in many situations. Some people like here also Hail of Blades, but i prefer Electrocute as it provides extra AD after 3 hits, which happens in a second with your W. With Domination runes you should also concider picking items like Duskblade of Draktharr

Sudden Impact

Sudden Impact is the best pick here, as it grants you extra AD after dashing, which means your E in this case. You can also pick Cheap Shot here, but that means you should also take the W -> Q -> E - ability pick order. I don't personally like that, as your E is more worth it than your Q, especially in bottom lane, where you have preferably an engaging support which basically grants you the kill.

Eyeball Collection

Eyeball Collection is the only option that truly works here, as you don't really need Ghost Poro or Zombie Ward because they do not affect your game or provide you anything really cool. Eyeball Collection is stacking rune, which also helps in the late game.

Ultimate Hunter

Ultimate Hunter makes your mighty ultimate's cooldown drop down temporarily every time you score a takedown. So it remains the best pick here, because you don't really need any "extra gold" runes or anything like that, because they will be pretty useless if you can't finish half of the enemies. Don't take me wrong, Urgot is capable of winning and taking down enemies even without his ultimate, it just comes in handy.

Bone Plating

Bone Plating as already said, is a great pick for Urgot because early game win is the milestone for every game played. Bone Plating provides 30-60 HP shielding from upcoming abilities from enemies that have already damaged you. That helps really winning the early game, but sadly doesn't really work out later in the game. Luckily, in that point you have porbably about 4000 HP plus additional extra HP from Sterak's Gage.


Revitalize buffs your E's shield, which is just generally good as it can save you many times from dying. Sometimes it can be also a great choice to pick Overgrowth, but usually in normal matchups this works just fine.

Importance of support
It is REALLY important to have a good support with you, because: Tadaa, you guessed what i'm going to say; You are off meta champion. Playing as melee with non-engaging, bad or even both of those - support can be challenging or even outrighteous outraging. You also want to prefer having a support you can communicate with, in a Discord call, party voice chat or something similar to those. That is because you will preferably have an engaging support that gets an enemy close to you and maybe also stuns it. Those kind of supports are the only supports you want to play with. Like Pyke, Thresh, Nautilus, Blitscrank, maybe even ashe etc.
Here we will have our lovely engage supports listed on.
Pyke is an amazing support and even more amazing in helping you out on getting kills. He hooks, stuns and finishes the enemy while granting you money and S+ tier win. He though has high ban and counter pick rate, so your support better have another choice like Pyke to pick in case anybody bans him
Hooks and grants you an easy kill, even has him thrown closer to you and locks them in a cage. Just remember to click the lantern, for it gives you a shield and teleports you to thresh, but mainly because otherwise Thresh players shout, ping, rage, ragequit and then come to your house if you don't click the lantern. My personal pick to go with
He goes in, tanks, stuns 2 times, slows, throws up and only lives to serve you. Is one of the best supports for you.
Gets enemies to you. Only thing you need and he offers you it.
Roots enemies and gives a shield for you. Tier 4 support
Gives you a shield and roots. Tier 4 support
Zeri is fast mf that goes around poking you, if your mighty support isn't around. Can kill.
Doesn't like you in her farming area and you shouldn't be liking her either. Has far too long range for you to win too easily. Of course you will win, but it won't be easy
Jumps around with his E. He also can deal a lot of damage if he gets any feed. Be aware of his ultimate with no range
Does have too big range for you to survive easily, especially without your support helping you out.
Stuns you annoyingly, also pokes you around
Like lux, roots and pokes around
Can't killean the Zilean. Sadly, makes your efforts worthless and makes even making those efforts very annoying and hard. Your support should ban him or morgana
Teemo is basically just annoying. And intimidating. And outraging. He blinds you, runs around and makes you concider selling your PC and moving to Laos to gain own peace without seeing anybody playing Teemo again.
Trinkets and ward map for early game
Trinkets and ward map for late game
Black Cleaver with it's Carve and basic damage dealing is a big powerspike for you, and basically means easier kills and faster damage for you.
Titanic hydra allows you to move more freely through the map without your support and constant fear of getting jumped by five angry enemies that all want your shut down bounty's. You will gain HP and Titanic's passive is kind of great, especially in farming or teamfights
Buy boots as your second item if possible, because Urgot is well known for his really bad mobility. So, you might want to concider giving that snail a bit extra movement speed along armor, don't you?
Makes you more tanky. After all, you're Urgot, you're supposed to be a big boy and tank the enemy damage. Nicely, you also deal it quite a lot.
As i said, you are going to have a lot of HP. You are going to still be fed, don't be scared about your KDA.
You are going to be fed, tanky and the hard carry of the game at this point. This grants you the possibility to save your beautiful KDA even if the whole enemy team targeted you.
First of all, you really do need a support you can communicate with. I made a whole chapter about that, you just couldn't miss that, right? Well, here we go. You know champions in bottom are not really early game champions at all. Low HP, low damage, bad cs and so on. This is why you do need the engaging support. He tells you he is going in, you get ready, they hook the enemy, you get a kill. Now you are thinking, where is the catch? Well, there is no such one. You have a great cs, HP and damage early in game, so that is why you will fight as much as possible to get kills and keep the cs up. Early in game, first level, you will CHEESE. I will explain that in the next chapter. Then you will farm and fight until laning phase is over. Then the battle is centered in one lane, usually mid and sometimes bottom. There you will be getting a lot of kills and tanking the enemy towers and enemies. Then you go destroy the Nexus if they didn't surrender yet.
CHEESE is the greatest thing known to mankind. You will take as much damage dealing starters as possible, then you will head to enemy side lane bush without getting seen. If you are at blue side, the river bush might be even better choice. When the enemies come to your lane, your support hooks or stuns the enemy in any way. After that, you will go in with your E, stunning the enemy again. You will get a kill, maybe even 2. And probably nearly all summoner spells. AND free farming time as they have to recall if thy didn't die in the fight. So as sum up, CHEESE means a first level assasination on the enemy duo. That isn't possible on every champion though, as i said already most of the bottom champions don't deal enough damage for them to be capable to CHEESE. Usually, if you don't deal enough damage, you won't get any kills, so this might just not work on other champion combos than some off-meta picks and then some other picks that i'm not going to list here.
You will want to start with Doran's Blade start only in special occations, otherwise maximise the damage in Cheese and take 3 Health Potion and a Long Sword. After CHEESE, you will have a lot of time to farm the wanted CS lead. When the enemies come back to the lane, let them push forward a bit, then let your support hook them, go in with your E and W, maybe even use the exhaust at this point if you didn't use it in CHEESE. You might just get another kill, and after this you have won the game. 3/0 Urgot with a great support is hard to win, so expect them going to be faming under the turret until the laning phase is over.
As i said earlier, Urgot isn't the hardest champion out there. That is why there is only one combo i really see, and that isn't a hard one. First, when your support lands his hook, go for E dash, stunning the enemies. If minions are in range of your W, use also Q now on your enemy for the W to target him. That's basically it. No sweat about that.


  • Very good damage
  • Good early game
  • A lot of HP
  • Easy to play on other lanes
  • Hard matchup for enemies
  • Good CS


  • Bad movement speed and mobility
  • No range, winning on lane also depends a lot on support
  • Doesn't deal enough damage later in game if you completely fail early game
  • Your support might leave if you don't play with your friend
  • Others blame you if you don't win because of the off-meta pick
The End
If you liked this guide, go check out my other guides too, leave a comment and vote this. I appreciate you for reading this guide and maybe even playing Urgot bottom because of this. Thanks for being here, have a nice day :)

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