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Kennen Build Guide by Troy Sin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Troy Sin


Troy Sin Last updated on January 2, 2014
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I have put this build together after the latest patch, and I reckon hybrid builds has been made better with new masteries. So hybrid Ken was my thought :)

This build or something like it, makes Kennen real strong all game long!

U got great adjustability, sustain, positioning and most off all stuns!

Early game play:

The main thing playing Kennen solo top is using basic attacks for more than just farming.
My thought is flipping the spell sequence. I lvl. up (W) and not (Q).
(Q) is pretty much reduced to being a "second basic attack" using (Q) just after basic attack. Also used for engage and brush checking.
So you need to spam that (W) and always be ready to stun!
This suggest offensive play ofc. whitch is reflected in the Runes and Masteries chosen.
But at the same time playing safe.
By this I mean using brush as cover from champs, aswell as minion retaliation early game.
Basicly its all about using Doran's passive and just farming while hitting enemy with (W).

EXAMPLE: Pulling minions by getting a (W) passive hit on champ - then using (E) for position and dodge, meanwhile hitting as many minions as possible - Use (W) active- use (Q) or basic attacks.
But always be carefull after using (E)!
Never using flash or barrier unless absolutely neccesary. (CERTAIN kill mostly with assistance, or an escape)
I will usually push with this build, so buying wards is neccesary! And keeping an eye out on MM after junglers.

Late Game play:

With this build, Kennen isnt useless after using (R)!
with Zhonyas and trinity force + Hextech/Guinsoo's. You have some strong basic attack with good heal after your (R)!

So I reckon with some practise u will be able to get farm while doing easy stuns and escapes.
A good jungler makes Ken real strong since he has an easy double - and with this build -triple stun attack at higher lvls.


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I do know that my runes look silly :)

And they need an explenation:

Mostly the CDR runes i guess! (might be a bit technical) And this is optional, flat AP runes in Glyphs is good.
But after playing lots of kennen games I am always sad that the timeframe u have to use W a second time (having lvl. 5 W)is only 0.5 sec. With my ca. 11% CDR, I have about 2 seconds! (see Spells)
This advantage, always suprises my opponent and gives me easy autoattacks + great positioning. Nice for any "ADC", which kennen kinda gets to be if he gets this full build.

Quints: the 1 MS is simply to give a small boost to Kens 335 start MS. And so i dont have to buy boots. (see Items)
The 2 DMG quints, is to get 13 bonus attack dmg combined with Marks. ( gives easy farm and again (W) passive)

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The new Hybrid masteries are lovely! and is the base of this guide.

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My build is a "hybrid build" but mostly AP.
The thing is just to adapt which must be the hybrids real strenght. So i will buy AD if they get MR and AP if they get armor. Zhonyas is ofc a core items since the ulti combo is just great.

Dorans at lvl 1 and wait so i can get 2 HP and then lvl up E to make it just in time! Unless i need to help with jungle. Totem Trinket is great for vision, when u push or at the dangerous minutes. :)

First shop depends alot on how lane time has been going, and your opponent!

But mostly i wont get boots (vs. Teemo boots at lvl.1!). Because of my Movement Speed boost 2.5% (Quints and masteries)I dont really need them.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is easy. This build is all about (W). (E) must be lvl 2 also atleast at lvl 12.

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I use flash and barrier mostly for escape reasons.
Kennen is quite vounerable to ganks so the barrier can save me from dives and might give a double kill. Atleast at lvl 6.
U could use ignite but since i rush Hextech i already got a easy hit skill.
and the barrier is just nice since i dont rush zhonyas.

and ofc the flash-(R) or flash-(E) musnt go unmentioned!

Flash-R-Zhonyas is just classic, u can stun their whole team and do good dmg to all.

Flash E is great for engage in laning phase. getting an easy mark on target with passive W. then using W active or Q, then E - flash to land third mark.

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Pros / Cons

Good fun!
plenty stun mobility and range.

Only cons are a lack of Energy as I see it.
except for the obvious that is. Disables can ruin any champ and untargetable can be a real *****.

A both pro and con, are the fact that u must play offensive while playing safe. U must have patience and not go all in at every turn. keep them low with W and find a good moment to flash-ulti and u are almost certain to kill. And thats without taking much dmg.

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Unique Skills

Ken is unique with his energy and lots of good ranged spells.
You can spam ur enemy hard and forcing them to spend all their mana abilities on farming.
This is while u can still do high dmg to them every fifth basic attack. That W is just gold, at W lvl 5 u can use it twice (with my CDR) on the same first mark because of the low CD.

Which is both suprising to the enemy and does very nice dmg.

Also Kens (E) is great in laning phase, an example (ur at lvl 3 atleast):

"U get a few basic attacks in on the front minions, try hitting enemy with Q, then get W passive rdy. go for a basic attack, u hit them while they run ( if u cant catch them try again next wave). Then E, hitting atleast 1 minion on the way, using W active and Q at the same time. if u land the stun do some basic attacks and mb get a new W in."

Well ofc. its hard to explain, but something like that.

The real strenght of playing Kennen top is that u can most likely keep ur opponent away from exp. and farm by always have a stun at close hand.

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I love Kennen, but i was getting tired of full AP because he is weak after using zhonya ulti.
But not with this build ! some AS gives me and extra stun and the (W) passive (AD increase %) does work quite well if not because of lifesteal. This build makes Kennen a fine solo top champ, who is strong all game long.

I have won almost every lane phase with this build and the once i havent has been me not playing too well.