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Lissandra Build Guide by Iceyou

Middle Ultimate OTP Lissandra guide

Middle Ultimate OTP Lissandra guide

Updated on October 26, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Iceyou Build Guide By Iceyou 3,642 Views 0 Comments
3,642 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Iceyou Lissandra Build Guide By Iceyou Updated on October 26, 2023
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Runes: Vs Long range

1 2 3 4
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2
Play to win
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Ultimate OTP Lissandra guide

By Iceyou
Starting off here , Everything above should be used as a shortcut to whatever you need help with .
For in depth explanation of my thought process please read the extended guide below .

Disclaimer . is not an ideal one trick champion .
She has a lot of bad matchups and bad team synergies .
However once i decided to otp her i jumped from gold to diamond in a single split .
So not great i still have a lot to learn in the game but also some might say not terrible either .
Overall i would recommend this champion to people that enjoy midlane and would like to one trick an easy to play champion so they can focus on their gameplay and macro .

That being said , core concept of the champion is : you are laning till your limit . Once you lane against equally good players in the game you ll learn that is a terrible solo laner .
Even in her best matchups she can die 1v1 if she decides to fight .
"If she decides to fight " is the best way to explain you how to lane .
You can test the waters by throwing q from long range and poke them down but you are a champion that will pick the fights .
Unless you make a bad call you can't die 1v1 from any midlaner except .
Thats precicely one of the multiple reasons we only ban .

Moving on now you have understood the fact that learning the matchups will eventually reward you in a way where you can't die 1v1 .
Now , could you possibly die to ganks?
Well that depends on your vision gameplay and your map awareness but overall even if you are completely ignorant of what's going on right next to you , the champion offers more than one tools to help you escape from a bad spot .
That being said you can improve with a bit of practice to the point where you ll become completely unkillable .

Being unkillable is a good step .
It will provide the neccesary foundation for you to have high cs per minute and enough items to always carry the teamfights and help your team .
Is that enough ?
Well for sure you have a lot more to learn but it's enough when you decide it's enough .
Until then don't take solo queue too seriously and just enjoy the process of learning the champion and the game .

Moving forward , i will provide in the following chapters everything i know about the champion to help you even more .
Don't take me too seriously i am not a great player, always do your research if you feel like something you read here could be wrong .
Pros and cons
+ Very good team fighter
+ Easy to shut down enemy carries
+ High cc
+ High mobility
+ Great damage
+ Good waveclear
+ Easy to play - Easy to master
+ Solid playability when behind
+ Insanely good gank setup

- Very weak in 1v1
- Minimum Sustain which can be a problem in a solo lane
- Short ranged compared to other mages
- Relies on her flash too much . It can be good when you have it but it has such a long cd that i am obligated to consider that a quite significant minus .
Welcome to the hardest part of the game .
You are 1v1 against a stronger champion and you have to somehow impact the game enough to win and take them sweet lps .
How would you be able to do that ?
It's very simple .
You are THE BEST champion in ganking setup and one of the best champions in 2v2 .
In fact the more the merrier .
1v1 you are bad but 2v2 you are very good . 3v3 you are even better . 4v4 you are amazing and 5v5 you are a monster .

That being said . It's very easy for everyone to stay in a lane where the jungler doesnt gank you and complain about it .
Thats not what you should do though . wasn't a popular champion till very recently and most people don't even understand her limits .
You should consider forcing fights your most important job .
Move to bot , be aware of your jungler contesting the scuttle at 3.30 .
Ping your jungler when you freeze to alert him that he can kill in mid if he wants to path towards it .
You have to give your absolute A game for the first 15 minutes of the game and most of the times this will be either enough to win the game or the game is beyond your control .
This is the point where you need to save your mental for the next game but we ll go over this in the mentality section below .

This is the laning section and despite that we haven't talked too much about laning .
Well . Thats because we can't really say much .
To get good with in laning you have to understand how much damage you are capable of doing on every single second with every different combination of items/levels and opponent .
You have to master the trading patterns and spikes of the enemy champions and their cds .
Its a long road and you shouldn't worry too much .
The neccesary information about every matchup is above in the matchup section .
Only thing i am gonna adress here is this .
If that's your solo queue strategy you should otp .
So , for sure practice everything from the matchup section , practice keeping your and and only trade with and autos for procs so you are ungankable .
Practice poking with and extending range after last hitting minions .
Practice all ins to test your damage .
Practice dives on low hp enemies .
BUT . When the enemy laner is equally good with you in the game , this is where you will begin to understand why winning lane is not what you pick for.
Most important thing for you in teamfights is to understand what's your job . can be quite versatile when it comes to teamfighting and you need to know your options and plan ahaid what's best for your team in every situation .
If the enemy team is too tanky and you have a good adc , never engage . Peel the adc into shredding them all and winning the game .
If the enemy is squisy and stacked go in for a good AoE combo that will chunk everyone to under 50% hp , giving your team a head start.
If the enemy has a turbo hyper carry that 1v9s as their win con , well , proceed to chain cc him until he dies .

Once you can define your job in every situation and understand that you excel at teamfights you will very fast get the grasp of the champion .

Other than that, what you would need to know in terms of team fights is which lane to choose so you can farm and gain xp without missing the action , especially when you play or your is on cooldown .
Well for that purpose midlane is the best lane to chill and farm but usually bot will be there so pick the side closest to the relevant objective .
If dragon is up and its gonna be soul for a team be botside . If baron is up push topside and be prepared to join the action .

Be Carefull of extremely Dangerous Zoning abilities . Caitlyn traps and soraka e on your will destroy you .
Timed crowed control skill shots like xerath e and elise cocoons will be a pain .
If the enemy team has some of those dangerous scenarios where you inside them and you instantly die , play around those cds .
Track the abilities and go in after they use them .
Split pushing
If you read through here this might get a bit weird .
Why would such a strong teamfighter split push .
Well if you play with top she wants to be afk sidelane and you are 4v5 on the rest of the map .

You are still very good dont worry .
With a bit of macro you ll figure this all out .
If the enemy team rushes something important like your base by threatening inhibitors or baron you can defend 4v5 as .
Inside small chockes you can even win 4v5 if you are ahead .
In case the enemy team can't force anything then they absolutely need to defend your splitpusher .
Dont go there . Go on the other sidelane .
Propably your splitpusher will have and he wont die anytime soon .
Recognise the situation early enough and go on the opposite side .
This will lead to mirror pushing equall both sides which is hard to defend for the enemy team + a lot of xp and gold for you .

Other than that you wouldn't like to find your self away from action , especially without . Stay mid or if your adc wants to kill the turret go in the side that the next objective will spawn .
Playing from Behind
is not the worst champion playing from behind . Her abilities still have the same cc duration and most of the times that's all you need .
If there is just not enough damage , well aside from the fact that no one is perfect and you propably could have played it better here and there this is a team outcome and not your sole responsibility .
You picked a utility mage primarily so yeah sure you can have tons of damage when ahaid but being the dps carry of your team is not your identity or your responsibility .
Mid / Jungle Duo
As you propably already understood your job in lane . Freeze to create insane gank threat pressure on your enemies or shove and roam .
Well that's exactly what you are doing .

As the jungler check the synergies above and pick a relatively good synergy for your midlaner .
You want to play aggro , when lissandra freezes gank her before you path to river .
When lissandra pushes invade the enemy jungle or start herald .
Combos / Trading patterns
1.Master range without extended range after impact
2.Master range extended after impact
3.Master your dmg outputs so you are aware when you can - - - -all your buttons and kill
4.Master range so you can max range auto and get good poke chunks with minimum retaliation from melee champions .
5.Master . It has great depth for a basic ability . it can go on top of walls and after you take it get past the wall . It can be taken earlier or later paired with to go to unexpected position at unexpected time so they can't time cc skillshots on you . It can be used as a bluff to take from laners thinking they are getting ganked . It can be used as a bluff to take from junglers chasing you thinking that you are gonna take your but instead you are not . Play around it and learn to position it properly when your jungler ganks cause thats the key to guarantee kills .
6.Master . It can be used offensively defensively or mixed (dealing damage by self casting ) . Every situation is different and you ll have to use all 3 eventually at some point . Be carefull of a cringe interaction . The game unfortunately doesn't offer the setting to self cast PURELY IF YOU HOLD ALT KEY . That being said you can take your and find your self literally on top of the enemy and instead of cast on them , selfcast . Its a very thin window where you just might mouseover both champs or slight more yourself. It will happen . One simple trick when you have the benefit of time and you are not near death is to first . then step back to create a slight gap so you can't mouseover yourself by mistake and cast then .
7.Master CC chains . The longer the better . Dont into instantly wait a little bit throw a and one auto then . Dont instantly while the opponent is stunned in just give him some time with some autos and another then . You get the idea .
8.Master combos .
8.1 - - - -SelfCast
8.2 - - - - -SelfCast
8.3 - - -SelfCast
8.4 - - - -SelfCast
8.5 all of the above but with regular instead of self cast .
8.6 - - . if you do and second press very fast your will travel from your original location damaging the enemy from a mile away .
8.7 - -SelfCast . Vs annie combo . Their whole mentality is to play braindead champion and they became that irl . The minute they see you take your they go boom . Happens in diamond too . Suddenly you skipped the part of the combo and timbers just wasted her stun and missed the burst dmg while you damage both annie and him while invulnerable .
8.8 - - - - -Auto- . This one is for the fallen heroes that couldnt survive laning against you . Congratulations you poked them enough and you are now able to dive them . stun into throwing your behind the wall aiming the back of the enemy wolf camp . Throw all your buttons and one auto if needed and take your to immediately skip the turret aggro .
8.9 - - - - -Auto-SelfCast . Dive combo for when your opponent will for sure die after you hit him with everything . Gap close with and stop the turret aggro with SelfCast killing him simultaneously . This will lead to you coming out of with no turret threat .

you got the concept of the champion by now . Feel free to play around your abilities in any way they are usefull outside of patterns that are easily recognizable . If someone is not in range or range he might be into range so start with that . If he is in range feel free to end the cc chain with denying him the opportunity to away . You ll eventually master the buttons they are easy and highly reliable .

One last tip . People dont understand exactly how works but selfcasting is faster. Not animation wise but just because you get the benefit of prediction . If you see kata jumping on you and you have a few ticks of her R to die you can cancel her entire R by predicting the jump or wait for her to come in range and get a couple ticks till your goes off which might lead to a death . A lot of the times they will ask you why self cast the kata R but in 1v1 situation when its close to die its propably the best choice cause you ll dodge more of her damage and come out healthier . Yes if you cant die from just a few ticks of dmg feel free to her and kill her there .

Additional combos not very usefull compared to what i already explained but they might come in handy here and there .

- : Giving your opponent less time to dodge the

- - -auto- : When you get engaged by high mobile champions throw your behind retaliate and leave the trade after proc .
: Always Its the most important ability paired with the rest of our kit.
/ : Matchup specific . Check the matchups above for a better idea but usually vs good matchups take and vs bad ones take
Go to. Highest all in damage / Stronger trades
Pick that with domination primary or secondary . Situational with ToB since they are in the same row . When you lane vs short range go for ToB sustain . When you are vs Long range you will usually just fight him with your jungler so go for maximum all in damage with CS instead .
Already Explained when to pick this one . Read section .
Go to option for when we play domination primary .
Go to option for domination primary and secondary .

Good rune overall but sadly not worth imo to pay the price of for it .
Go to option vs long ranged with sorcery secondary . Always take with sorcery primary.
Go to option pretty much always . Consider against exotic picks like mid.
Go to option vs short range with sorcery primary or secondary . Vs long range pick MB and Tran. instead on sorcery secondary or with sorcery primary .
Read section .

Extremely safe unkillable option . If you feel like it go for the primary resolve tankiness and test both domination and sorcery as secondary to see what fits .

Side note on runes . If you queue mid/supp and you otp go always. You can follow itemization from other guides i don't have too many games as support to form an opinion .
Go to option unless they have too much cc and you wont get your combo out in teamfights .
Overall just usefull in extreme scenarios where cc is too much.
Best mythic to play aggresive and try carrying the game.
Best mythic to play utility or when you are behind .
Best mythic in terms of damage output vs tanky comps although you can burst bruisers when ahaid with anyway .
For me it's up to your mythic. If you are not turbosmurfing and you decided to go just keep your at 10 stacks. If you thought your matchup is too bad to get ahaid so you build but now you are ahaid and you need to carry go for it as 2nd immediately after .
Insanely strong item with very good build path . Gives you extra pen and it's amazing against shield heavy comps . Propably best option to finish your core build when you are even or behind . Insanely ahaid with you should consider before this one to protect your bounty and stacks .
Well if you dont fear dying and not too much will happen after one death of yours , you should go first .
There is the incredible power of - - . However this spike is glass cannon and while your playstyle is go all in it can lead to you giving your shutdown and losing your stacks on . I would suggest more often than not to buy it after or even after if the enemy team is stacking MR .
If they stack MR great duo with go for it with and any combination of mythic + boots . It will pay off. Otherwise prio Dcap over this one and build this last .
Extremely niche most of the times you skip heal cut cause its a terrible item . Have someone else in the team deal with that . In specific matchups i advice you to go for it in the matchup section .
I never do that but vs long range high poke comps it 's solid option since those comps are squishy enough and you will have enough damage to one shot them with any chance you get either way .
1.Jungle tracking
2.Know your junglers position
3.Make plays and force fights roams dives objectives
4.Dont die 1v1
5.Dont get ganked and die often
6.Teamfight for the win con . CC Chain their carry or peel your adc or do max dps . Identify whats your job and do it .
7.If not enough go next . you can't win them all even if you play perfectly . Don't get mad its not always up to you .

You can become as harsh as you like against yourself but overall there is a handfull of things you can deal with in a single game and you can't blame yourself for everything or get your ego hurt for things you literally dont control. Build your habbits with the champion . Build your strategy . Judge your self based on your habits and your strategy . If you are happy with the exectuion of your initial plan the outcome is irrelevant go next game .
Version 1.0
Patch 13.21
First guide attempt , If people appreciate it i will try to keep it updated :)
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