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Tryndamere Build Guide by ScottyChaos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScottyChaos


ScottyChaos Last updated on May 18, 2014
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Welcome Everyone!
Hey guys! Welcome to my first ever guide! :D This is for my all time favorite champ Tryndamere. He was one of the first champs I've mastered and I'm happy to share with you guys the build that I use for him.

If anyone is wondering, yes, my build is based off of mariopwns' Tryndaboss Guide. This guide is still going to be under construction.

Also I add everyone. So if you wanna add me to play, my summoner name is ScottyChaos.

For me, this Tryn is an All-Or-Nothing "Glass Cannon" build. It's made for optimal damage using Spinning Slash. You have to be careful though, because it's not sustain friendly like mariopwns' Tryndaboss Guide. If you want a sustain Tryn then visit his build page.

Still here? Alright, away we go!

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Pros / Cons


  • Crit Friendly
  • Great Build For Spinning Slash Utilization
  • Build Also Good For Bloodlust
  • Great Attack Speed To Build Up Crits
  • Depending On Item Build Can Have Good Sustain
  • Mocking Shout is great for slowing down enemies so you can rack up kills. ;D
  • Tryn's Passive, Battle Fury is what makes this champ so great. It Maxes out crit at 35% when he reaches max fury.
  • His Undying Rage speaks for itself. THIS MOFO BECOMES HECK INCARNATE. 5 second god mode may not seem much, but it helps in life or death situations; and 35% crit? FORGET ABOUT IT.

  • Being stunned is a pain in the ***. Characters like Lux or Taric can easily change the tide in a duel.
  • Anyone with great sustain like Warwick can easily step toe to toe with Tryn and outlast him. NEVER FACE WARWICK ALONE.
  • Burst champs like Annie, Veigar, Xerath, or LeBlanc can easily overcome Tryn if you're not careful.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is every damage dealer's bread and butter. Not only can it help you catch up to fleeing opponents, but it can also help you out of a tight spot, from escaping tower fire to jumping through jungle walls to escape death's clutches.

Heal speaks for itself. It restores a portion of the user's health which can also help in a tight spot.

Possible Replacements:

Ignite is my single most favorite summoner spell. It's helped me kill fleeing champs more often than my skills/auto attack have. If you're too far away for melee attacks to hit then using Ignite can finish off any dying champ unless they have Heal or they are using champs like Taric, Janna, or Sona.

Ghost Is also a handy spell due to the ability to pass through enemy minions. I've often beaten people senseless with my keyboard due to not catching up to champs in time because a horde of minions got in my way. NOT COOL MINIONS, NOT COOL.

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Attack Speed is what makes Trynd so OP. Paired with his passive (which gives 35% crit chance) and any other crit you may pick up with items, you can't really go wrong.

Armor is necessary for any champ's survival. Even though it's an All-Or-Nothing build, having some measure of survivability does help.

Ability Power is the center of our build. It's what gives us extra heal when using Bloodlust and gives us that extra kick with Spinning Slash

Ability Power is the center of our build. It's what gives us extra heal when using Bloodlust and gives us that extra kick with Spinning Slash

Life Steal helps (obviously) with staying alive throughout the game, especially early game when you're most vulnerable. It also helps when you've gotten your crit and attack speed going.

Possible Replacements

Use this to replace the ability power quints for extra damage early game. This is usually for people who want more attack damage at the expense of more damage with Spinning Slash.

Even though my Trynd is more focused on Ability Power, having more crit can help with Spinning Slash's cooldown. This paired with his attack speed will leave you with multiple uses of it in a row.

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Watch out for this annoying pissant. His steady stream of health regen from Sadism can be a pain in the *** when solo dueling him. Also, his Burning Agony causes a torrent of damage if you stand too close to him (which is what Tryn needs to do in order to damage him).

As I've stated before, DO NOT TRY AND DUEL WARWICK. Early game, even though he is just as vulnerable, he has a higher chance of being able to outlast you 1v1. He has a lot more sustain due to any lifesteal runes and items and his passive Eternal Thirst.

A tank/gank nightmare. His Pulverize/ Headbutt combo will **** you up if he lanes with any type of carry. If played right he can easily tank you until his carries arrive to finish you off.

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Spinning Slash has quite a few uses. My personal favorite is it's range: since it's a single line attack it basically launches you from one spot to another a short distance away. It's useful for escaping tight spots. I've also gotten lucky using it since Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Lux's Final Spark likes to come out of ****ing nowhere.