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Veigar Build Guide by VeigarGod

Middle Unimaginable Power - The Best Veigar Guide EVER

By VeigarGod | Updated on May 13, 2018

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Welcome to my Veigar guide! Veigar is, in my humble opinion, the most powerful champion in the League of Legends right now. With infinite AP scaling potential, a massive AOE stun, and 3 giant damage spells, he is ridiculously over-powered, if played correctly. This build provides 45% CDR, which works well with stacking your passive and providing massive sustained damage throughout a team-fight.
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Nothing cosmic about the starting items, Sapphire Crystal and Health Potion gets you through the first 6 levels or so while you farm and start saving for Archangel's Staff. Try to get at least a tear on your first back so you can start stacking for your Seraph's Embrace.

Archangel's Staff- This is a must on Veigar. It provides you with great mana sustain and 20% CDR. Not to mention a handy shield once you get it stacked.

Sorcerer's Shoes- The only other boots that might be okay on Veigar would be Ionian Boots of Lucidity, but this build has plenty of CDR so there is no need.

Rabadon's Deathcap- This is the most powerful item on Veigar. It scales up his already overpowered passive and every other AP item you build. You hit a massive power-spike when you finish this item.

Lich Bane- This is my favorite item on Veigar. I will probably get alot of hate for it, but hear me out: Assuming you have half a brain and you have done atleast decent with farming your Q/passive stacks, you will have about 1000 AP by the time you build this item (even more as the game goes on). Assuming you have 1000AP and 95 AD, your lich bane procs will be doing about 665 damage PER AUTO ATTACK (even more if you are attacking turrets). Your auto attacks have essentially become a 5th ability (non-skill shot) in your kit. This damage also applies to towers. Late game I generally 3 shot towers with lich bane procs. At this point in the build you will typically delete squishies with a EWQ combo, but assuming they somehow survived, a quick aa will finish the job with ease. For tanks this is a great tool to chip them down to 33% hp, which gives you the maximum damage from your ultimate. This also serves as a great siege tool. Cast your E around the enemy tower to push them back and score a quick aa on the tower, and watch the tower's hp get chunked by about 30%. If you manage to stun an enemy, drop a quick WQR to finish them off and score an easy kill too. Oh and the insane damage to towers means you are now a huge backdoor/split-push threat (note:if you do splitpush, be sure to ward and be aware of where the enemy is. This should be standard practice for any champion, but Veigar doesn't have great escape potential, other than stunning and nuking a would-be assassin.)

Tanky Route:
Sunfire Cape- I usually like to build 2 tank items on top of my core build. You will already be 2 shotting squishies late game, so the tankiness just gives you survivability as you will surely be focused in fights. This gives good armor and health stats

Abyssal Mask- Another tank item for MR and HP. Not to mention a cool passive that increases your damage. If the biggest threat on the enemy team is AD, build Sunfire as your #5 item, if the biggest threat is an AP champion, build this #5 and then sunfire last.

Glass Cannon Route:
Void Staff- No doubt your cowering enemies have started stacking MR to counter you at this point (assuming the game hasn't ended). Void staff is the great equalizer. A few quick combos with lich bane auto attacks will bring them down with ease. Once again save your ultimate for when they are at 33% HP or lower.

Luden's Echo- This is a great item on Veigar since the rework, and with the extra mana it pairs well with Seraph's Embrace.


Zhonya's Hourglass- Good for those AD assassin matchups (ie. zed, talon, yas)

Banshee's Veil- If they have a big AP threat that is fed or targeting you.
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How to Play

Early game: Focus on farming with your q. Try to get 2 minions with each q if possible, but don't miss cs over it. Stay safe and be passive until level 6. Let them push and wait for a gank.

Middle game: Continue farming your passive (you should never stop until one of the nexus' explode). There are multiple ways to gain stacks on your passive, but the bulk of your passive stacks will come from farming with your Q. By mid game you will be able to delete squishies with a full combo and have a large impact on fights.

Late game: This is where Veigar truly shines. You will have well over 1000 AP and you will be able to kill most champions with a single combo (in some cases just WQ). Your lich bane will decimate towers so use it on them liberally.

Some notes:
-Farm, farm, farm. Veigar's passive is insanely overpowered. Exploit this and get tons of free AP. Try to have atleast 250 stacks by 30 minutes. I have had over 400 stacks on my passive before and the damage is ungodly.

- Veigar is extremely vulnerable when his stun is on cooldown. So when you use it, execute a quick combo and get to safety quickly.

- Save your R for an execute, its damage scales on the target's missing HP.

- There is a delay on your E, it takes a moment to activate. Use brush, walls, and wards to your advantage and land a stun on an unsuspecting enemy, then unleash the power of Veigar.

- Try to save your R if possible. Late game you can kill any squishy with a EWQ auto attack combo. Your R is a tank killer. That doesnt mean you cant QR an ADC for a quick/low-risk kill late game. Just be aware of which player on the enemy team is going to be a threat and try to save your R for them if possible.

- Veigar doesn't really have an escape in his kit, besides dropping his E and running. This makes him vulnerable to high-mobility assassins. Keep this in mind and play around it. If you play safe early game and make it to late game, you WILL have a huge impact on fights.

- Veigar's W and Q both do insane damage. Try to steal baron/dragons from the other side of the wall by casting your W and then time your Q to hit at the same time. This will generally do about 1000 damage mid-game and about 1600 damage late-game, so you can literally out damage a smite.

-Teleport is another good option on Veigar. Especially with the lich bane in the build. Ive ended many games with a quick teleport backdoor. Weigh how confident you feel against your lane opponent and decide if you want barrier or TP more.

- Always ban fizz
League of Legends Build Guide Author VeigarGod
VeigarGod Veigar Guide

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Unimaginable Power - The Best Veigar Guide EVER
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