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Cho'Gath Build Guide by MultiAREE

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MultiAREE

Unstoppable Top/Mid lane Cho'Gath

MultiAREE Last updated on October 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Why this guide is the ****

Cho'gath is naturally tanky and has massive sustain. He can stay in lane and in fights for very long time without having to B for mana or health.

He also has great AP scaling ratios on his skills, as well as CC

A Cho'gath with tanky Runes and Masteries but an AP-offtank build is one scary **********er. He cannon be stopped. I repeat, he cannot be stopped. The enemy team will be afraid of you. They will learn the range of his Rupture (Q) through blood and tears.

Because you actually do damage (unlike most tanks) and a large health pool as well as armor, the enemy team will try to avoid you in teamfights. They will think that just because a champion is tanky, he/she is harmless. They will be proven wrong.

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Why Cho'gath is OP

Cho'gath is one of the strongest and most versatile champions in League of Legends

    His AP ratios are high, he has massive sustain
    His Q is a long-range AoE stun
    His W is an AoE silence
    His basic attacks do AoE magic damage based on his AP
    His ult can give him a maximum of 900 health
    His ultimate does a minimum 300 TRUE damage at level 6

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Chogath's Characteristics

Cho'gath can be played effectively three ways: Tank, AP Bruiser, and AP offtank. He has lots of sustain and CC. Cho'gath can decimate teams with his AoE CC and magic damage. He is very hard to push out of lane and procs Rylai's on his basic attacks.


knocks up his enemies in a radius. This is very useful for both chasing down and disengaging enemies. Since they can't do anything for about a second or two, you are almost guaraneed an escape.

Feral Scream-W

silences enemies in a cone while dealing damage. The more points you put into your W, the lower the cooldown becomes. This is a great skill for disrupting enemy casters.

Vorpral Spikes-E

toggle passive that does bonus magic damage to enemies and DOESN'T COST ANY MANA. It is very useful at low levels to fight duels since your skills drain a lot of mana. This skill can be taken advantage of if you buy yourself a Rylai's. This slows your enemies by 15% and allows you to stick to your enemies.


TRUE DAMAGE AP-scaling skill. Upon leveling up, Cho'gath does a minimum of 300 (assuming you have 0 AP) TRUE damage to enemies. Armor won't help your enemies, and neither will MR. You gain up to 6 Stacks and a maximum of 900 HP.

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Do I max Rupture or Feral Scream first?

If you are laning against a Caster, max your Feral Scream first. Since you are trying to prevent the caster from using his combos on you, Your Scream silences them, and if they are aggressive enough to stay far from their tower, rupture right behind them, and follow with a couple auto attacks. Your Feral Scream is not a skillshot, and therefore much easier to land than your Rupture.

If you are laning against an autoattacker, I reccomend you max out your Rupture first. Since auto attackers require themselves to physically strike a minion or a champion to damage it, you can usually see where they will stand if they wanna last-hit a minion or are trying to hit you.
Start your combo with a Q-W-E and depending on your strength and the strength of the enemy champion, auto attack them as long as it hurts them more than you.

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How to Win Your Lane

Landing your Ruptures usually decides whether you lose or win your lane.

Don't let him push your lane to the tower because your minions are very important to your success in your lane. Focus on farming more than trying to melee him to death, since you need to CS effectively to get back the mana you spend on zoning him.

If you are going against a melee champ who thinks he can kill you easily, Rupture his ***, Silence him, and walk behind your minion wave. Proceed to farm without pushing too much and punish the enemy champion whenever he tries to farm by Rupturing right infront of the minion that he's trying to last hit, silence him, maybe Auto Attack him a couple of times if you have your Vorporal Spikes, and Walk away.

If you are laning against a ranged champion who relies on his skills, I recommend you focus on farming until you are at least level 3. When you reach level 3, come up to him, silence him, and since he knows your auto attacks do way more damage. His usual reaction will be to run back behind the creep wave or the tower. Then proceed to Rupure right infront of his walking path and maybe auto attack him once more if you aren't taking damage from other sources

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How to be Effective in Teamfights

If you build the items I listed in this guide, you will indeed be an invaluable asset to your team.

Cho'gath is very versatile. His tankyness allows him to just soak all the damage thrown at him and his good AP ratios make scary as **** to fight. Since I feel like most people waste Cho's potential when playing him full Tank, I recommend throwing some AP in there.

Since you have CC, AP, and are an invaluable asset to your team. You should usually use your silence on champs who rely on their combos and skills, such as Ahri and Brand, and use your knock up on the enemy ADC. They are very squishy and need to get focused down by your team.