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Rengar Build Guide by Theknight31

Top [Updated 10.22] Top bruiser/assassin OTP rengar guide

By Theknight31 | Updated on November 2, 2020
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Runes: Classic runes

1 2 3
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Win 43%
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Champion Build Guide

[Updated 10.22] Top bruiser/assassin OTP rengar guide

By Theknight31
Early game
In early you are very strong you can jump on your ennemy and dont let him farm your level 6 is useless in trade save it for dive or roam. With if the ennemy jungler gank you can maybe 2v1 if they are not level 6 and dont have some big cc like or . To do big damage in lane use your and abuse of your spells. After a trade use your w for regen 50% of the hp you loose in the trade
Mid game Back to Top
You are very op in mid game abuse of the roaming. To roam you need damage but dont worry if you had a good early you can oneshot at level 9 by > > > > > . If its not enough with you can auto attack for finish. You need your draktharr to oneshot (the combo dont kill if u are bruiser so use your q as an auto reset) If you winned your lane with the bruiser build abuse of teamfight and end fast.
Late game Back to Top
In the late game there is some much teamfights. Split push because you are not very useful in teamfight but you can oneshot the adc from behind and back for split push or continue the fight with your team but the most important is split pushing. If u are bruiser u can be rly useful in teamfights.
Situational items Back to Top
When you take the bruiser build if the ennemy adc (or mid) is feed you can take a draktharr with an ie . When the ennemies have too much heal you can take the mortal reminder . When the ennemies have too much cc you can the mercurial scimitar . If the ennemies have too much armor you can take a black cleaver with the assassin build and a dominik . If you are very feed you can take a youmuu .
Roaming Back to Top
When you are level 6 you can roam on the midlane (you can also bot) with your ult to secure a kill if the ennemy laner push. When you are on your lane keep pressure and farm. Abuse of your ult for roam.
Pros and cons Back to Top
PROS: 1- good burst 2- good pressure in lane 3- very good early and mid game 4- can roam very easily 5- very good regen 6- can split push Cons: 1- ult almost useless in lane 2- bad late game 3- no bush no escape 4- the zhonya is a counter 5- hard to kill tanks.
Abilities Back to Top
While in brush, Rengar leaps at his target with his basic attack. Rengar's abilities build Ferocity. Upon reaching full Ferocity, his next ability becomes empowered and grants him Movement Speed on cast, but he instantly loses all Ferocity if he leaves combat. Killing enemy champions awards trophies on Rengar's Bonetooth Necklace, permanently increasing his Attack Damage.
Rengar's next attack brutally stabs his target for bonus damage. Ferocity effect: deals increased damage and grants Attack Speed.
Rengar lets out a battle roar, damaging enemies and healing for some of the recent damage he has taken. Ferocity effect: additionally breaks crowd control effects.
Rengar throws a bola, slowing the first target hit for a short duration. Ferocity effect: roots the target.
Rengar's predatory instincts take over, Camouflaging him and revealing the nearest enemy champion in a large radius around him. During Thrill of the Hunt, Rengar gains Movement Speed and he can leap to the tracked enemy without being in brush, reducing their armor.
Combos Back to Top
First make sure to fight with bushs to do combos
1 Oneshot q>jump>e and tiamat mid air>w>empowered q
2 Variant with auto resets jump>auto>q>e>w>auto>empowered q>tiamat
3 The triple q(u need 4 stacks) empowered q>jump>e>w>auto>q>tiamat>empowered q
League of Legends Build Guide Author Theknight31
Theknight31 Rengar Guide
[Updated 10.22] Top bruiser/assassin OTP rengar guide
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