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Sejuani Build Guide by MetaSolaray

Jungle [UPDATED] MetaSolaray's Rank One Sejuani In-Depth Jungle Gui

Jungle [UPDATED] MetaSolaray's Rank One Sejuani In-Depth Jungle Gui

Updated on August 20, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MetaSolaray Build Guide By MetaSolaray 343 7 983,671 Views 6 Comments
343 7 983,671 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MetaSolaray Sejuani Build Guide By MetaSolaray Updated on August 20, 2020
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Font of Life

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role
Ranked #45 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Jungle Role Ranked #45 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
More Sejuani Runes

Hello Apprentice
Welcome to the MetaSolaray in depth Jungle Sejuani guide.

Hey there Apprentices MetaSolaray here with another guide focusing on another member of the jungle family, Sejuani the Fury of the North. Sejuani has been one of the most consistent threats in pro league that even when she’s weaker in solo que is a formidable champion in competitive play. Even during her weakest times she has been a constant source of relatablility that I can depend on during times when my main is banned out. For me the depth of options and team syngery makes Sejuani a consistent pick for anyone to put as their back up option. Let’s get started!

Sejuani? Why even pick her?

Sejuani has strong synergy with a large portion of champions that are currently strong in the meta such as Riven & Yasuo. She will consistently be a good pick in most team comps due to bringing engage that many one trick champions lack on their own, and by being a tank she allows superb control over teamfights to help allies close out the game. Maining her will always bring consistent performance regardless of meta, while having her as a backup pick will give you a flexible option that fits most comps.

FURY OF THE NORTH (Passive): After being out of combat, Sejuani gains Frost Armor which grants Armor and Magic Resist and immunity to slows. Frost Armor persists for a short time after Sejuani takes damage. Sejuani can damage a stunned enemy to shatter it, dealing massive magic damage..

Fury of the North is your raw resistances that scales greatly with Aftershock’s method of engage. This ability gives you 10 (+0.5 bonus armor) bonus armor and 10 (+0.5 bonus magic resistance) bonus magic resistance, as long as you haven’t taken damage giving you strong resistances as you engage. The 2nd innate passive of Sejuani is whenever an enemy is permafrosted from your E any ability or auto attack directed at them will do 10% of their max health as magic damage. Especially combined with a combo we’ll discuss later.

ARCTIC ASSAULT (Q): Sejuani charges forward, knocking enemies into the air. The charge stops after hitting an enemy champion Sejuani charges, dealing 80/130/180/230/280 (+0.6% Ability Power) magic damage to enemies and knocking them up. The charge ends after hitting an enemy champion.

Arctic Assault is your gap-closer ability, both providing you a reliable way to activate aftershock at the start of the fight with your passive as well as getting in range for your W and ult. This abilities high cooldown means you need to ensure your target is within range of your intended motion. Missing this ability can lead to a suboptimal postion due to the CD not having any means of bringing it down. Doubled down with your build focusing on resistances and HP for most of the build you will be lacking on CDR to bring this ability down. To make up for this ability is maxed 2nd.

WINTER'S WRATH (W): Sejuani swings her mace twice, dealing damage and applying Frost stacks.Sejuani swings her flail, dealing 20/25/30/35/40 (+0) (+0) physical damage and applying Frost to enemies hit and knocking minions and monsters back.She then lashes out with her flail, dealing 30/70/110/150/190 (+0) (+0) physical damage, applying Frost and slowing enemies hit briefly.

Winter's Wrath is your bread and butter ability, providing the ability to stack frost twice on mulitple targets and a slow that will allow you to lash out with more AA’s to stack permafrost. While the first W is weak this gives you time to aim yourself with the 2nd portion to strike for the slow and bulk of consistent damage. This ability is maxed first, and can both be used to help landing your Q, or be the follow up from a Q into an engage. Hitting this ability is critical to get the most value as while the first portion of Winter's Wrath has damage it’s low output will make it ineffective.

PERMAFROST (E): Sejuani freezes and stuns an enemy champion that has maximum Frost stacks.
Passive: Nearby melee allied champions' basic attacks apply Frost to enemy champions, large monsters, medium monsters, and large minions.
Active: Target enemy with 4 stacks of Frost takes 40/90/140/190/240 (+60% Ability Power) magic damage, is stunned for 1 second(s), and is briefly displaced. Enemy champions stunned by Sejuani cannot gain Frost for 0 seconds.

Permafrostis so critical to the identity to Sejuani it might as well have been her passive. This one point wonder is the method you activate your burst damage from your passive and is the core aspect of synergizing with fellow allied melee champions. It’s short range means you need to be directly in the middle of the fight to get the most value. Do note this ability has a short cooldown to prevent you from chain CCing an entire enemy team one after another. While this is one of your most often used abilities most of it’s value is drawn from lvl 1. While you start this ability at lvl 1 you will max this one last.

GLACIAL PRISON (R): Sejuani throws her bola that freezes and stuns the first champion hit and creates an ice storm that slows other enemies.
Sejuani throws her True Ice bola that deals 100/125/150 (+40% Ability Power) magic damage to the first enemy champion hit and stuns them for 1 second.The bola becomes more powerful as it travels, dealing 150/250/350 (+80% Ability Power) magic damage, stunning for 1.5 seconds and creating a storm that slows other enemies by 30%. After 2 seconds, the storm deals 150/250/350 (+80% Ability Power) magic damage and slows by 80% for 1 second.

Every true tank needs a form of engage and this is Sejuani, this ability provides you quick access to you passive on the target you’ve hit and an AoE slow field that can prevent slower front line champions from accessing into your back line. Often this ability is used first to open up a fight but thanks to it’s override of your permafrost passive this ability has some potential 1v1 combo potential for you.


Flexible and able to be selected into multiple team comps.
Consistent performance in multiple patches, allowing the champion to consistently perform.
Great amount of CC and scaling into mid-late game.
Strong peel or engage potential, allowing adaption to each game.
Strong single target burst, especially with double Permafrost burst.


Low consistent damage throughout teamfights
Weak 1v1’s after permafrost is down
Low carry damage potential, carries through tankiness
Vulnerable to early invades and has low counter gank potential till some levels are obtained.
High CD’s, missing Q or R make you weaker.

Aftershock stands to provide Sejuani everything she needs and scales beauitfully with her kit. As she gains a strong amount of MR and Armor from her passive in her engage this allows her to invest heavily into health first purchases allowing her runes and passive to sustain her through her innate bulk. This also gives you even more burst in the early games with the health feeding into Aftershock opening burst damage. Once you begin to build more resistances you stand only to double dip in the value as the increased resistances also scale your passive.

Demolish is a powerful rune even with the reduced value of turret plate golds. This is due to the value you can still draw for your team after a successful gank and it’s flow with Sejuani’s natural kit. As you stack health quickly and have easily near 3k health by 2 items you will get even more value out of this rune than most others.

If your team is filled with champions who AA, then consider running this rune instead. This rune allows your team to sustain more in teamfights and in ganks, and while the health ganks may seems small ten hp can be all the difference you need to prevent an enemy from getting a vital Triumph proc.

As a scaling champion this rune is the best choice compared to the others in this option. This provides you more resistances in the early mid game to enhance Fury of the North and Aftershock and give you more value for all the HP you’re stacking. This helps in late game as well once you start stacking tanky items like Gargoyle Stoneplate.

As you stack HP in the early game, this rune provides much in the way of getting Warmog's Armor to stack to it’s 3k health threshold. With this rune you only need a single ruby crystal after Warmog's Armor to obtain your 3k health threshold if you want to obtain it instantly or you can wait till your levels give you the needed base HP.

This rune helps give you even more sustain in teamfights allowing you to scale off of teamfights and can prevent a death, especially if you’re given a strong lead in the early game to prevent you losing out on your bounty.

Since your passive in the early game relies on AA’s especially in jungle clears this rune provides much in the way of value for your dueling potential. If there is enough CC on the enemy team and you really need ninja tabi’s you can exchange this for Legend: Tenacity. Otherwise this is the one you want for your personal clear and power for CC. The faster you can stack permafrost the better.

Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk > STARTING/TANK
For your base start you’re going to want to go the tank route for Stalker's Blade and Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk. Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk provides scaling for a majority of your kit and itemization. From Warmog's Armor to Gargoyle Stoneplate all of your health purchases increase in value from scaling from the % increase. While the smite is often Stalker's Blade, if you’re stuck fighting in the frontline or have dangerous duelist you can extend into Skirmisher's Sabre with Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk.

Health, CDR, and a strong sustain tool that allows you to engage, disengage, and reengage across the map. Once you have gained access to the 3k threshold the rapid healing offered by Warmog's Armor will allow you to wait on CD’s in the middle of fights and quickly re-engage. Use this item to sustain throughout teamfights and extend your ability to maintain control on the map

Raw HP is easily countered by certain champion kits and items such as the BOTRK, once you’ve reached your threshold you need to start looking into items that extend your passive and aftershock tank stats effectively. This is when you’re going to want to begin investment into items such as Gargoyle Stoneplate. As Sejuani relies little on her damage by mid game this item will allow you to focus on being a large threat of constant CC especially if you have melee champions who would be able to assist you in chaining your CC together.

Dead Man's Plate > UTILITY/HEALTH
If looking for selfish engage power then this item is for you. This provides you a huge burst of MS to move around the map without any item active unlike Turbo Chemtank. This item provides a large amount of HP and armor that will scale with your aftershock for resistance and passive and health for Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk, Warmog's Armor and your Aftershock damage burst.

Yasuo got you down? Kai'Sa get fed yet again? Did that Ashe slow you and weaken your land with unempowered crits while her husband gently works out his right hand? Then this is the item for you! By reducing the amount of damage from crit based attacks this item provides additional peel for your team in engages and disengages. This item provides a large boost of defensive armor thanks to the recent buff. When against two or more crit champions this item can almost be mandatory to reduce the amount of damage coming your way.

Healing champions giving you a hard time? Vayne exists in your general game state? Then thornmail will counter sustain champions especially powerful to avoid people drain tanking on Blade of the Ruined King against you. If you need other items bramble vest alone will provide a huge burst of anti healing that allows you to provide the grevious wound your team needs.

Righteous Glory > ENGAGE/PEEL
Ever wanted the engage power of Dead Man’s Plate, with the peel power of Randuin’s Omen? Then here is their third child twice removed. While not providing the same amount of bulk as either of it’s parent items it gives you a large burst of MS towards the enemy team then a wide AoE slow field to slow off the front line.

Brand, Cassiopeia, Singed, Malzahar. These champions reigned destruction using the % damage elements of the realm. But this all changed when this item was released. When facing against consistent DOT damage this is the item you want to forward as quickly as possible to lower magical % damage. By lowering it with the Magic resist built into the build the passive only further enhances your durability

Soraka HEALS, TRIUMPH! This item enhances the healing from allies, while providing even more raw stats then adaptive helm. If there are not dot damage then you’re going to need to run this item if you need some selfish healing power. But sometimes the tank champion needs to be a bit more helpful to their allies. There are several items that would be of huge value to them.

This item provides a large MR boost to your stats and a helping of armor to aid in your base stats. With the large amount of HP you stack in your first two items your active shield is simply going to provide large survivability of the squishiest champions on your team. This item is best against assassins such as Zed, Kha'Zix or Akali and comps that are focused on quick rotations.

Need healing and protecting that fed Jinx? This item will provide you with sustain throughout your teamfights as your performing your job of protecting your carries. As they’re dealing damage you’re healing for the damage and if you’ve added a Spirit Visage on it you’re maintaining even more healing from carries DPS. This item is best for comps that rely on a single target to be protected.

Zeke's Convergence > ADC PROTECTION
2nd support item and best used for AD’s who have plenty of AA damage. If the support is a champion like Soraka, Janna, Yuumi or Lulu this item will give you a signifcant amount of peel with a 40% slow field around you once your field is ignited. The increase in DPS can make the difference for your adc’s to turn the fight.

This combo is a basic form of engage and the most consistent form of getting Permafrost out by yourself. This combo doesn’t rely on hitting the Arctic Assault but many champions will be able to return fire should you miss it. Practicing this combo will allow you to not only clear camps more effectively but also have more control in teamfights.

This combo is focused on middle of the teamfight dueling or whenever your target is a champion like Zac, Braum, Alistar, Wukong or Garen who is often going to be in your face. With Arctic Assault having such a large CD in fights this rotation focuses on getting as many Winter's Wrath in a team fight as possible. Landing your Winter's Wrath slow will make it much easier to get the knockup effect from your Arctic Assault.

Auto Attack
Glacial Prison
Auto Attack
Adding in your Glacial Prison to the end of any of the above combos will DOUBLE your damage output from your passive Fury of the North. This is due to the first Permafrost adding your first %max health burst damage then the 2nd burst from your Glacial Prison will allow you to forcefully reapply your passive %max health damage. This can lead up to a total 20% on a single target which is a crazy amount of magical % damage and can make even squishy champions flush in anger at how much you can bring. This combo is best used for dueling as your focus with this champion is not to rely solely on your damage to carry a fight. Do not depend on this combo to win teamfights but instead be an option you keep in mind when possible.

If out of range, you’ll want to gap close with your Arctic Assault and then use your Winter's Wrath to lash out and apply a slow to try to force your stacks of Permafrost.

Skill Order --> Permafrost-> Winter's Wrath-> Arctic Assault
Maxing Order --> Permafrost-> Winter's Wrath-> Arctic Assault--> Glacial Prison
Item Priority --> Hunter's Talisman-> Refillable Potion-> Control Ward

For your first clear you’re going to want to plan around the best route to use your skillset. Red > Krugs > Raptors gives you the quickest lvl 3 clear. The most optimal is to AA > Winter's Wrath > AA > Permafrost as often as possible as this prevents you from hitting any frost marks while they are maxed out. With this opening clear is quite common this is meant to begin resetting the krug camp to optimize your xp. With jungle clearing your aim is to focus on optimal clears that route towards your next goal and focus on sustaining yourself through the early game.

As a mid game jungler your at your weakest in this stage where you lack the items and rune power to truly begin your carrying, however your Permafrost is your make or break success story. 10% max health magic damage is extremely powerful and added with your aftershock you carry a surprising amount of burst in ganks. While as any jungler you should focus on finding good optimal gank routes towards players playing champions who can carry games (IE: Ganking for a Pantheon over ganking for a Jinx) Sejuani is especially stronger in ganks with another melee champion. With the syngery with her Permafrost the ganks will be easier to pull off with hard CC.

Your focus is to try to find a lane that you can punish with a snowball potential, champions like Pantheon, Yasuo, Zed, Lucian are great options as these champions can take an early lead and turn it into a swift win. Running Demolish will aid in your snowball especially if you’re confident in your choices. Objective wise you will need an ally, as your champion is subpar in soloing objectives. While there is no CD on your Permafrost on monsters your overall damage DPS and sustain against monsters will be poor.

Ensure to only use Arctic Assault for farming when you’re focused on clearing, if you believe a fight may start soon save your Arctic Assault. It’s extreme cooldown at this point of the game means once used you’re unable to respond effectively to ongoing situations. Try to secure the Rift Herald especially as this single objective used on a successful gank lane between 10-14:00 will secure you 2-3 plates and possibly even snag first blood tower from the enemy. Due to the changes to rift herald the earlier the better as this will allow you a 2nd Rift herald to strengthen your snowball potential. A single rift can open an inhib turret with a single clean dash.

Dragons are similar and should be prioritized especially after a successful double kill bot lane. Securing dragons prevents your allies from losing the same objective moments later should the situation arise for the enemy jungler. The best way to prevent throws is to reduce your foes chances to come back in the game. To aid in securing objectives make sure to swap to a sweeper sometime during your third or fourth back. Even if the dragon is not vital on your team the threat of dragon soul in the mid to late game cannot be underestimated.

Item Priority --> Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk-> Warmog's Armor

At this point of the game you should aim to have at least secure one dragon, if running Demolish aim for at least three plates a game to gain a sufficient lead into the mid game. You should be able to better identify win conditions at this point of the game as both teams have been able to begin stretching into their main comp. With Sejuani you’re greatest strengths is forcing 5v5 teamfights, looking for engages and picks with your ultimate. While the combo for highest DPS requires a delay it’s very often that this won’t be a viable strategy to secure a win.

At this point you need to ensure you’re picked up your sweeper so you can begin denying enemy vision as much as possible. Try to remain on the same side of the map as your carry, and directing your allies into the direction you need THEM to be. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of lower elo junglers make at this point is as follows:

★Auto Pilot
★Surrendering control to ‘random chance’.

In your average league of legends game you will have five players with seven different ideas of how to win at any given point. You can only control yourself, so your first duty is to try to carol your allies around your ideas. You want to contest dragon? Ping it and tell them. Want to give it up? Call a secondary plan in the mean time. Don’t allow yourself to idle around waiting for things to happen, make decisions and calls and know it’s OKAY to be wrong sometimes. You can’t learn if you don’t make some mistakes so be decisive and learn and improve.

Once you’ve picked up Warmog's Armor you can start going more conventional options that should allow you to pick more frequent fights. Taking poke is no longer something you should fear as a quick dip away from the frontlines will restore your health quickly. Remember you need to have broken 3k health for this passive to reactivate otherwise it’s just a stat stick of health with some CDR thrown in out of pity.

If your allies will not listen to your strategies then start looking to follow their plans. Sometimes the right plan is not always the best plan. Your best option in this case is to try to make the best of their own situation and if possible try to push allies towards objectives if possible. Pings and Control Ward are vital here to help control the flow of the game.

At this point of the game, the decision of the game falls towards key objectives baron nashor or elder dragon . With death timers being in the upper 50’s a single mistake can turn a 0 objective taken by a team to a destroyed nexus so great care is vital here. Save your CC either as an engage for your team if your strongest carries are in position for damage to follow up your CC. Remember if your allies cannot play off your engage, then that engage was poor regardless of how it was the right play or not.

If you’re unable to force your way into a decisive play then consider the success of your team comp against the enemies. With Sejuani you will always have strong pick potential especially with a Arctic Assault engage into Winter's Wrath with Permafrost. The sight of a boar appearing from nowhere is enough to get even the most confident of players into a slight panic.

Vital areas of success are near baron nashor pit, using your sweeper you can deny enemy vision and force someone into a facecheck. Early game dragons will lead to the dragon soul which is a huge game changing for your team. Try to set up vision around dragons if you’re unable to threaten for baron due to team comps as dragons are quicker to ease. Once Dragon soul is on the map your team will be able to threaten both objectives at the same time.

The addition of elemental rifts, side lanes, and more make some key things YOU can abuse to get a powerful headstart for your team. I’ve separated them out of the primary guide for your ease.

Map differences

Early game - Use the new side additions to each lane to force sudden surprise on enemy laners. While a laner is resetting the wave you can slip into the fog of war, waiting behind the opening for a chance to force a suddenly Q from the fog of war. This reduces the amount of room foes have to see you coming and you can avoid a lot of commonly placed tri-bush & river wards that would have spotted you if you come through lane.

Mid Game & Late Game - Inferno map means less room for you to abuse your AoE, focus your fights in the key areas in river to avoid to much mobility from your combo. Mountain map gives you new angles to surprise foes with a Fog of war ult, use the new terrtain to avoid foes and lock them down with CC. Ocean dragon adds additional bushes so make sure any dragon control wards are set in the new dragon bush, avoid control wards in new enhanced locations but instead have support place stealth wards if possible Cloud dragon look for more flanks.

Camp Respawns & Scuttles

Early Game - Focus on effective clearing due to Sejuani’s lackluster early game, unlike last season you don’t need to int for scuttle if the enemy jungler has lane priority and will kill you. Reset and head back to Krugs as the 20 second faster respawn means you can clear more efficiently than ever before. If the enemy jungler is an invader make sure to set up defensive control wards to avoid being cleaned out the entire game.

Mid Game & Late Game - Ensure dragon is never not warded, this is to avoid the enemy stacking two dragons and force your team into dangerous situations. Leaving camps uncleaned for extended time will cause you to fall behind in base stats which will make reaching your 3k gold health zone harder and more difficult for you to tank in teamfights.

Preseason Meta

The game is currently favoring junglers with strong ganks and effective clear such as Olaf, Elise and Lee Sin. If you are looking for a ban focus olaf if he appears frequently in your server & elo. Unlike the later two you have zero ways to deal with olaf come mid game should he gain a lead. From here set up vision around their red side and track their movements while alerting your teammates. Your ganks while having potential at level 3 will lose in a direct 2v2 so avoid trying to pick those with these strong champion picks. Your teamfighting deals with them in spades if you can set up your team with well aimed ults.

While the enemy may be frozen solid I hope the light has shine through enough to give you the information you need to excell with sejuani. If there is something that you’d like more information feel free to leave a comment in the guide and I’ll be glad to work on it during my next update!

Make sure to follow me on twitch at and my youtube at

May the sun be with you!~

League of Legends Build Guide Author MetaSolaray
MetaSolaray Sejuani Guide
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[UPDATED] MetaSolaray's Rank One Sejuani In-Depth Jungle Gui

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