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Urgot Build Guide by Brb3535

Top Urgod's BEST constant build for Urgot

Top Urgod's BEST constant build for Urgot

Updated on September 27, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brb3535 Build Guide By Brb3535 1,316 Views 0 Comments
1,316 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Brb3535 Urgot Build Guide By Brb3535 Updated on September 27, 2023
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Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Urgod's BEST constant build for Urgot

By Brb3535
youtube channel
my yt channel for cool gameplay content .
Hi, my name is Brb35 I'm from EUNE and i love playing urgot top. I am emerald rank going to diamond and i want to help u too reach it. I know all urgot secrets and how to play it so follow me for content if u also want to see plays on my youtube channel Urgod - and link :
This is a new channel and i will make a lot of work for it for you guys to enjoy. I have 9 videos prepared and i already posted 2 . But i created the yt channel on 14 september so it needs a lot of work, thumbnails profile pic etc . But the plays are clean lit with high carry score and victory and recent videos from this patch. So subscribe and enjoy friends .
Why i made this guide ?
Lol is an easy game and once u learnt a champion, there is only one important thing left to learn: what to build. What you buy is very important and it can make the difference. But sometimes you find in a position where u don t know what to buy or what last item after core should be or the build should vary from game to game ? Well, here is the answer, if u take these runes and make this same build every game you are all covered. These are the best runes and build for urgot , and they are constant, u can take them every game . Read every note if u don t trust me. And if u trust your urgot plays with this build u should do very ok . If u want to see my plays i have a yt channel and u can come and see for yourself.
Why these runes?
The only and best rune page. Precision with press the attack triumph and legend tenacity is just obvious and u need it. From coup de grace and last stand, trust me , these are some numbers that don t matter in the early game and in the early game only u need to grow to win the late game and the game. So u take last stand for late game because could help more than coup de grace. For the second path i tried every single path and rune. Scaling is the biggest joke on urgot. Scaling is for late game and u can t scale in early game and only in early game u need to do things to win. Resolve is the biggest joke. Bone plating has a joke of a cd and even in meele matchup u take it down and attack when is on cd or even the numbers don t help that much. Overgrowth is a late scale rune and u get like 150-300 more health and is not a big dif u already have dmg hp and sustain. All other resolve runes just give low stats and numbers. Domination and sorcery as well. So from the inspiration rune we take magical footwear which is op in my opinion because 1. u save 300 gold WHICH is crucial on urgot because he depends on the gold and items SO MUCH 2. not only that u save gold but u can rush the black cleaver item which is the best option u can do on urgot and 3. u get with 10 more ms. trust me , i analyzed very much, first of all urgot base movement speed is 330 and every other top laner have with 10 more and it really helps, MS on urgot is CRUCIAL to do things (kills and plays) and i can t stress this enough. So in order not to be forced to buy boots of swiftness which is cheaper than merc and plated but doesn t give u sustain from the mr or armor , u need the extra 10 ms and i can t play anymore without it because i can feel it and it helps. urgot is a slow and telegraphed hero based on a single combo strategy . the biggest lol players play heroes that u can perform tricks and plays based on the hero skills and speed options. and because of them u can get outplayed. so ms is crucial on urgot . so that s why second is approach velocity. i can t play with anything else scale runes or any other rune because i can feel the speed from it . if u don t understand it i tell u what it does with urgot. every time u hit with a q u gain a short ms i don t know the exact numbers maybe between 20-50 , but they are higher than when u e and last a lil longer. that time is right for u to approach the enemy or just chase and close to e . i literally played a game vs sion with it and without. the end result experiment is without it he hit me with all his q (stuns) after he e and slows me and i can t even jump with e to cancel the stun , worse my e get canceled and i can t stun or deal dmg. also i can t chase and loose the game. with approach velocity i can approach or evade his q i can e and cancel his q i can faster proc the shotguns from p . each q or e u get ms. not only that are good runes for early game and that they feel since minute 0 but late game u really can t reach the enemy ranged champions adc or other roles u can chase u can e and r and kill . This is the best second path options. Then i take 2 dmg 18 adaptive force and armor (because minions deal ad dmg too) . i take magic resistance if the enemy top and jungle (and maybe mid) are ap dealers
How to play urgot?
Agressive. Urgot falls behind if he does not make items and obtain gold. The only answer is to play aggresive. U have ignite, u have runes that help u reach with e enemy ranged or meele champs and chase them to proc even more q and then e . I say again 13 cs and first blood is caulfield hammer and 52 cs and 2 kills is black cleaver (if u buy long sword and refil pot at the start of the game) . U need to secure every kill with e flash r . I think I rarely use flash to escape a situation. Late game u have to e flash r the enemy adc or mid laner to secure kill and fear the others. After u get black cleaver u get powerspike btw. At lv 6 and 9 u also get powerspikes. Kills are more important because after u can take cs. Trade and poke and when enemy hero is far u can take the farm but before that just poke u win most 1v1 even if enemy start attacking u as well for the whole duration of the fight.
Every mathcup
At threats i will try to include all possible heroes u can see on top lane. Is still in progress. The most of them u can win and will be at minor and tiny threats.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brb3535
Brb3535 Urgot Guide
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Urgod's BEST constant build for Urgot

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