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League of Legends Build Guide Author Periphetes

Urgot - Butcher of Souls - Patch 110

Periphetes Last updated on February 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Veteran's Scars

Defense: 8

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 1

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I don't want to bore you with details, but if you don't read this guide and go straight into using the build you will NOT do well. Please try this build and rate and comment, even if you think it is bad before trying it.

The basic idea of this build is to farm your behind off, whilst supporting your team and gaining a huge KDA, but without being "that guy" who is always starting the fights. Your role as Urgot is mostly to mop up messes and shut down carries, but also be superman from nowhere for those fights that your opponents incorrectly assumed were 4v5 (hide and pop out when engaged). The movespeed stacking allows you to farm between fights much more easily as well as land outrageous combos during the "pace and wait" standoffs. You will also notice massive mp5, which allows you to never stop harassing, and in many cases barely grant you the mana for kills at level 5-9. TL;DR: Anti-carry on wheels.

I have played Urgot for over 100 ranked matches, most of which were before the big buff he was given. That said, I have always used a build similar to this one.

Original elo upon completing this build: 1270
My current elo: 1358
My max elo: 1358

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Pros / Cons

-Heavy DPS
-Extremely easy last hitting with
-Tons of mana
-Can wipe out entire teamfights when fed
-Not farm dependant after brutalizer
-Great at assisting bad lanes with sight ward and ganks
-High mobility
-Disables enemy carries if they position wrong for your hyper-kinetic position reverse
-Usually shuts down the enemy mid carry's early farm

-Slightly squishy early game
-Extremely high skill requirement
-Ganked easily if you inexperienced with positioning
-Ranked teams will often call you a bad noob before the game starts, and usually troll you hard if you have a bad game

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DISCLAIMER: This build requires you to play well. If you are not very good at hitting shots, pick up Tear of the Goddess first.




(if you really need to take out some tanks, you must have skipped Ruby Crystal previously)

OR (countering item you chose)


If the enemy team has at least 3 players with more than 2.5k health (or 200 armor), and those same people have less than 60 MR, replace your with at far endgame (this will happen often).

If in any case you feel that you really need a specific item, you will usually substitute . If this isn't an option (armor heavy), you can substitute once you finish AD items and have enough levels for mp5 runes to cover you.

If the enemy team is MAGIC HEAVY, get instead of , and instead of .

If the enemy team is PHYSICAL HEAVY, get a in place of the . Also want get a instead of (dont upgrade , instead sell it and buy immediately after , regardless of when you chose to get ).

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Go mid. Mid is what makes this work. You play aggressive and make your enemy either back or die by never missing Acid Hunter combos, but only after you pick up The Brutalizer. You might rarely kill them before this if they are very bad. This can work on 1v1 outer lane, or 1v2 (you're the 1) as well, but not quite as effectively. If your team is trying to force you into a 2v2 lane, refuse. Stay on a solo lane such as mid and make it 2v1; make it clear to them you will not let them drag you down. Doing this has a second advantage, it ruins an enemy carry's farm, even if you don't get your farm. Out-harass or kill them until the teamfight phase, being sure to completely deny them experience and gold. To deny, chase them away from minions and don't auto-attack minions, let them push away from the enemy tower. If your early game is not working, just be patient and farm up to Manamune before killing things.

Once you get Manamune, you are in midgame. Run around ganking lanes asap (dont bother if they are being defensive). If your lanes are dominating, continue to farm mid. Throughout the game, if you are not killing champions you should be farming either a lane or jungle.

During teamfights, try hard to get Noxian Corrosive Charge on all the enemies, then aim for the squishy. Use only Acid Hunter if you have to keep your distance (important!), otherwise run in and autoattack while spamming Acid Hunter. hyper-kinetic position reverse is best used to stop runners rather than initiate teamfights. However, if the enemy has a very fed physical attacker feel free to swap them into your team, disabling the enemy dps and getting a kill simultaneously. Don't be afraid to harass tanks too. In a full large-scale battle, only hyper-kinetic position reverse if someone is more fed than you, or you are interrupting a strong ult, or else you will waste your ult and get focused down.

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- on the ground gives you sight for a short time, use it to preclear bushes.


- can lock on through fog of war and bushes if your mouse is over them.

- range (even through fog) is about equal to kog'maw's rank 2 ultimate, if you can lock on.

-Don't chase for early kills (-9) unless it's a sure thing.

-Use and to open, then hit with a few and if possible auto attack. Getting the down is slightly difficult. Once you can chain 4 you will hurt a LOT. (normally you can only get 3, but with this build's CDR you can get 4!)

- slows activate upon HITS. This means you can activate it while a missile is midair to add a slow.

-If you need to spam dps, just keep hitting and auto attacking. Use other skills if they are up and you have the mana.

-You can use hyper-kinetic position reverse to catch runners.

-Shoot at minions while killing turrets to take advantage of the damage.

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Skill Sequence

Max then max , but one early point in .

The reason I prefer Noxian Corrosive Charge ranks over Terror Capacitor ranks is that you typically get more net worth from the Noxian Corrosive Charge damage. Oftentimes it seals kills, plus it helps push lanes by damaging minions. I used Terror Capacitor ranks for a long time, and while it seems appealing in theory, you lose a lot of probable kills, minion kils, and teamfight damage.


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The general idea behind the whole build is to get CDR high enough that you can spam without running out too often. The speed BETWEEN also brings up the dps. Rushing nearly always lands me 3-4 kills before level 10. Movement from / enables landing hyper-kinetic position reverse and harassment easier, while keeps you alive. helps turret pushing and killing squishies.

: Rushing this lets you get more last hits at low levels with , but that's not the main reason to rush it. The real reason is that this item is so efficient on urgot, double mana regen or easier escapes with boots doesn't even compare.

: Infinite mana and 74 ad for 300 more gold than a ? Yes please!


: Mostly for turret pushing, but helps a little in teamfights. Early cdr from is the main reason to get this.

: The burst is very valuable before you get your bonus ad much higher.

: This item really puts the "got" in "urgot". Everything about this item is great once you already ad stacked into oblivion (the more ad you have the less each point is worth, so grab other stats).

: Makes you legendary, makes you not get focused, makes you never die, and makes you a black man in lincoln park.

: Should be an obvious choice, this item makes it possible for you to harm tanks in any way at all.

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Now that we know how to play Urgot, here's HOW TO ESCAPE ELO HELL!

So you're tired of playing with scrubs eh?

Think you're better than these noobs who don't ward?

Tired of overpushing nabs?

Here is your guide to escape.

Rule number one: It is always your fault when an ally dies. ALWAYS. Did your bottom lane get double killed by jungle Shaco? That's because you didn't deliver them a river bush sight ward on a silver platter. Janna died at enemy ? That's because you didn't tell her to back. Vladimir just barely lost a 1v1 fight with the enemy top carry? You should have been there making it a 2v1. Adopting this attitude is the primary key to success.

Rule number two
: If isn't warded, you should lose. End of story. is the best spot for a ward and failing to ward this spot 100% of the time will severely handicap your team. This applies to Baron Nashor to a lesser degree at mid-end game, and becomes invalid when dragon becomes soloable.

Rule number three: Mid is not the 'farming' lane, mid is the 'leave constantly and gank people' lane. You should hardly be killing minions at all when a gank is available post- Manamune. While you won't always have gank opportunities, take advantage of every single one that becomes available.

Rule number four
: Do not troll or rage at your team. This is a one-way ticket to elo-hell, as bad players tend to do worse when they are validated in their failure by you.

For example, instead of saying "Janna you feeding **** get behind the ****ing turret!", you should either ping the turret and say "Janna defend please", or say nothing at all. People tend to rebel against good advice given by good players who they see as their troll enemy.

Giving good advice in an optimistic way will make your team play better.

Basic gameplay strategy which most people don't know about:
-Towers are worth global exp and gold, inhibitors are not. Unless the inhibitor is going to die fast, you should be swapping or trying to push 2 lanes at once for the bonuses.

-Warding Dragon and ganking Warwick and his Sion buddy is worth more gold than trashing dragon when they aren't looking.

-You can do Baron easily around level 13 as a full team. You SHOULD be doing this immediately if the enemy team either 1. hasn't warded or 2. is dead/busy.

-If another lane is getting ganked and you can't stop them, push your lane fast and make a possible turret trade for their scallywag gankery.

-You should be buying at least 2 wards per base trip once you have your core items. (In this case, all we need for high dps is + + ).

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Changed the early game build order, masteries, and runes, to a new setup which strengthens early game tremendously at very little price. Also changed some chapter's layout to be more readable.

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