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Urgot Build Guide by AlanVenator

Top Urgot Detailed Guide + Itemisation

By AlanVenator | Updated on June 20, 2020
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Runes: PTA

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked #8 in
Top Lane
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

Urgot Detailed Guide + Itemisation

By AlanVenator
Why Urgot?
Urgot is a decent pick at the moment. He was a really good pick throughout season 9, but conqueror nerfs hit him pretty hard. I'm still trying out different runes setup and I will keep the guide updated once I have more experience with other runes.
He is a fairly easy to play champion, not microintensive. He can do well in teamfights as well as split pushing. He does really well in tight space skirmishes so he is especially punishing in low elo, when most players get caught out. Urgot also has the most satisfying/coolest ultimate in the game. I cannot express what you feel when you literally eat alive the enemy Yasuo (or just change Yasuo to your most hated champion in league of legends).

I will try to keep this guide as updated as possible, some matchups are still unavailable as I need to play them a few more times and gather information.
Pros/Cons Back to Top
  • Fairly easy to play
  • Ranged champion
  • Doesn't require a lot of microplay, allowing you to focus on macro.
  • Not a very popular champ, very underestimated.
  • Destroys mid game teamfights
  • Coolest ultimate in the game

  • Mana hungry early game
  • Low mobility / Slow
  • Needs items really bad.
  • Ultimate is a skillshot (I miss a lot of skillshots)
Urgot's abilities Back to Top


So you basically have a shotgun in each of your six legs, sounds crazy right?

Tips and tricks
  • The reload time is 30/20/10/5/2.5 seconds at levels 1/6/9/11/13
  • When you have your shotgun reloaded, try to hit the enemy laner, if you can't, at least hit a minion in front of him as it will do damage in a cone.
  • When you activate your W you get an indicator of the shotguns that you have available.
  • If you want to farm something quickly (let's say you want to back), try to move in circles around monsters to fire all your shotguns.


A small AOE skillshot that does damage and slows enemies

Tips and tricks
  • High mana cost, don't spam this ability during laning phase.
  • Slow can be used for chasing targets as well as for escaping from an enemy.
  • You can use this ability immediately after you stun an enemy with you E as it is a guaranteed hit.
  • I like to put two levels into this ability (or 3 against ranged champions). I wouldn't recommend more than 3 points as we want to have our W at max rank as soon as possible(level 9-10).


RATATATATATATA, you have a machine gun attached to your arm.

Tips and tricks
  • At max rank this ability costs no mana and the duration is inifinite, instead of 4 seconds.(It becomes a toggle ability)
  • This ability automatically focuses the nearest enemy (enemy minions too). In order to hit a champion you have to mark them first with your other abilities.
  • You can clear wards/Teemo's mushrooms very quickly by using this ability.
  • Decrease in Movement speed only ocurrs if you are attacking a target.
  • Be carefull if you have this ability on while going through the jungle, as it also targets plants such as the Honeyfruit, Scryer's Bloom and Blast cone.


A slow dash that shields you. If you catch an enemy you fling him over and stun him for 0.75 seconds.

Tips and tricks
  • This is your only source of mobility, use it wisely.
  • You can use it to push the wave quickly when you want to recall.
  • You can flash + E to catch enemies by surprise. Only do this if you are sure the enemy can't escape as this is combo is dodgeable.
  • You can use this ability to shield an enemy's damage combo.
  • You can't dash through walls.


So this is why I began to play Urgot. You throw a chain to an enemy and if they are low enough you eat them alive.

Tips and tricks
  • Don't be afraid to setup a gank by using your ultimate, as you will slow them(up to 75% based on target's missing health). You will then have 3 seconds to burst the enemy down to 25% HP to secure an execution.
  • In a teamfight, if you get an execution, try to get close to as many enemies as possible, as you will apply a 1.5 fear. You can even flash to the backline, making the enemies move toward your allies.
  • If you are low on health and want to get a guaranteed execution (remember that it can only be interrupted by Urgot's death), you can ult someone and shortly after use a stopwatch. The execution will automatically cast(after 3 seconds if target is below the threshold) even while being under the effect of stopwatch.
Skill order Back to Top
So what skill do you level up first as Urgot?
You want to prioritise W as once you max this ability you will most likely win extended trades.

You then max Q , the damage you get increases a lot with levels.

You max E last, although you can max it second.

How about level 1?
  • Level up Q first if you need to play safe at level 1 and came late into lane.
  • Level up W first if you have to leash for your jungler.
  • Level up E first in most matchups, this will make you very scary lvl 1.
Runes/Summoner's spells Back to Top


Urgot is a ranged champion and nerfs hit him pretty hard. So PTA is the best option most of the time. I recommend going Conqueror if the enemy team has at least 3 melee champions. I'm still trying out other rune setups such as and .

For secondary runes, resolve is the best option. I usually go demolish into winning matchups + second wind or bone plating , as it helps with trades during laning phase. Into losing matchups I go overgrowth as I will just try to scale and can't threaten any turret plates.

Another viable option is to go inspiration secondary, with biscuit delivery and time warp tonic . Magical footwear can also be considered as it helps you scale easier and provides you with a much needed extra movement speed. Approach velocity can be good too. It can be activated with your Q or R to chase enemies.

Summoner spells

Teleport and flash is the way to go. I will never consider going ignite since Urgot's early game is kind of weak and you don't have enough kill pressure.
Itemisation Back to Top

When and why should I build these items?


I buy this as starting item as it helps with mana regen. When taking an extended trade drink a potion as you are under Touch of corruption(your spells and attacks burn champions over 3 seconds)


Great item if you get a kill and you think you can snowball your lead. It can also be a good item to abuse certain winning matchups.


Provides sustain in lane, after completing the quest you come out with a 180 gold profit. You can buy this if you died early and/or you want to play a passive lane. This item's passive synergises well with Urgot's W.


Always buy one if you have 75 spare gold, ward bushes/river during laning phase and important objectives during mid/late game.


I buy this as first item 99% of the time, as it provides Urgot with almost every stat he needs.


Great item for Urgot, gives a lot of AD and 10% CDR, the lifesteal + the item's passive make urgot a little bit more tanky.


I would buy this item if my team lacks initiation. Which unfortunately is very often. Furthermore, having this item allows you to chase down squishy targets, securing an easy kill.


You should buy this if you are facing enemies with AP damage, especially if they have a burst combo. I would recommend finishing this item once you have your other core items completed.


Great item against enemies with low mobility/no escape, as once you apply the slow they either flash or they are dead.


This item's passive reduces incoming magic damage from the same ability overtime, so it is especially good against teemo's and Cassiopeia's venom.


For only 800 gold you can reduce by a fair amount enemy healing. You should only complete this item in late game. Can be great in certain matchups and/or team compositions: Vladimir, Nasus, Sylas, Aatrox, Dr.Mundo, Maokai, the list goes on...


Buy this item against a heavy AD Team, especially if they can heal, as this item's passive applies grievous wounds if they auto attack you.


This item provides some attack damage and armour. I would recommend buying this item if you are far ahead as you can go all in without the risk of dying and giving away a big shutdown. Since you are fed, you will hopefully have done a lot of damage and your team will be able to finish the enemies. It is also a really good item in late game.


This item is highly recommended if you don't have a main frontline in your team. In this case, you should go for a more utility/tanky build and tank for your team. You can use this item's active to survive for longer in the fight. During that time your damage will be decreased but you can still provide utility for your team by using your E on someone or using your ultimate.


Buy this item if the enemy team has a lot of tanks and you feel like you are not doing any damage to them.
Urgot's R Interactions Back to Top
This is a list of all things and champions that counter Urgot's ultimate:
(Not finished yet)
  • If you die before you eat the target, they will survive
  • Olaf: He is unstoppable during his ult (ignoring 2nd cast).
  • Tryndamere: He will not die from the execute and you cannot choose when to use your second cast. You will automatically drag him if he is 1hp.
  • Yasuo: Windwall can block 1st cast.
  • Zac: Revives if his passive is up.
  • Zilean: Can revive team mates.
Skin Tier List Back to Top
I always play without skin, but in my opinion the Skins tier list goes as follow:
  1. Battlecast Urgot
  2. High Noon Urgot
  3. Pajama Guardian Cosplay
  4. Giant Enemy Crabgot
  5. Butcher Urgot (Legacy content)
The end Back to Top
Thanks for reading this guide, if you liked and/or found it useful please consider giving a thumbs up so more people can see. Have fun playing Urgot on Summoner's Rift.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AlanVenator
AlanVenator Urgot Guide
Urgot Detailed Guide + Itemisation