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Varus Build Guide by bibberhug

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bibberhug

Varus Hybrid Destroyer (Tested in Twisted Treeline)

bibberhug Last updated on May 12, 2012
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Hello there,

my ingame-name is Rykoha and i wanted to give you a bit different guide on the new champ Varus.
Notice that this guide only has been tested in the Twisted Treeline (3v3). For 5v5 i recommend the standard AD Carry Build.

The Reason why I don't go the AD Carry build in 3v3 with Varus is, cause he has two abilities which deal magic damage, his ult and his W. In 3v3 People easily can stack armor (also all 3 of them), and if you only have, let's say one AP guy, you deal not much damage. So i like to go hybrid damage in 3v3 to avoid that problem. The people can't really build good defense. In combine with Wit's End your W also gives a good shred damage.

If you are new to Varus, please do not go in game, loose, and then go downvote this guide. I will explain his skills and how to use them later on in this guide. Try Varus in 3v3, do it as I say, until you land your skillshots etc.

So who is Varus?

Varus is an AD Carry with 2 AP skills. You can play him very well on only AD or with mixed damage. I would not recommend only AP items, cause your W doesn't scale that well and the other AP skill is your ult.

When do I pick Varus?

You only should pick Varus if your Team is tanky enough, because he is naturally weak and needs to be defended well if you don't wanna die in teamfights.

Varus Pro's and Con's:

+ His abilities are cool
+ His Q has just a great range and can finish people off, which are escaping
+ His W passive, played with some AP deals much damage
+ His R is a good CC for all situations

- He is really weak. Low health, low damage in early game
- He has no escaping abilities, excepting his ult
- He is just and easy target to kill if you can chase him

How does Varus deal with Harass?

Honestly, not well. You should watch your moves and don't get caught or something. You should always grab some potions if you're going back to base. And you should go back if you're low. Varus has low health and no escaping abilities.

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The reason i went flat attack damage reds is, because Varus don't have good damage early and i want it to boost a little.

The reason i went flat armor seals is, because Varus is very weak and i wanted to give him more defensive.


This might be look weird, but flat AP glyphs give him some basic AP and I think they are the most viable glyphs. He don't need attackspeed, he don't need the low damage glyphs, no cooldowns, no MR, and the AP glyphs just got buffed, so i went them. You can do it different if you want to.

The reason i went 2x 1.5% movement speed and 1x flat attack damage is, cause he is weak and i do much better with more speed, so i can run away easier and it's not that dangerous early on. The flat damage is just do give him a bit more.

With the runes he has:

+11 attack damage
+11 ability power
+3% movement speed (he gains 5% with the mastery)
+13 armor

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I did 1 point in Summoner's Wrath for Exhaust or Ignite.
I will explain it later on in chapter Summoner Spells.

I did 3 points in attack damage and ability power to set it even. I went the attack speed with armorpen and cdr with magicpen cause i play him hybrid...

I did 4 points in more attack damage cause i focus on ad while getting ap, too.

And finally i got the most important skill in the Offense tree.


I did 1 point in Summoner's Insight to lower the cooldown of my flash.

I did 3 points in more mana, cause it's much more easier to lane with these 3 points. You don't run out of mana this fast.

And finally 4 points in more movement speed, so i have with my runes 5% more speed, which is a great amount for escaping early on.

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Early Game:

Always start Boots of Speed + 3x Health Potion

Then first try to complete your Guinsoo's Rageblade. The reason why i buy this item is, because it gives you some ap and attackspeed early on and is good combined with your W

After this upgrade your boots. You have 3 choices:

Get Mercury's Treads if the enemy team has a lot of CC.
Get Berserker's Greaves otherwise, for more attackspeed early.
Get Sorcerer's Shoes later on, if you think your magic damage is too low cause of the enemys magic resistance

After you upgraded your boots and you have your rageblade, start building a Hextech Gunblade. Start with Bilgewater Cutlass and then Hextech Revolver and finish it.
This item is good, cause it gives you the needed lifesteal and also spellvamp for your magic damage, which are you dealing with auto attacks, too. Also it has a cooldown slow and instant damage.

Midgame to Lategame:

For a good amount of life by auto attacking some attackspeed is missing. So now start buying a Zeal and upgrade it into a Phantom Dancer.
For more crit buy a Infinity Edge.
Now you should do some nice mixed damage and with your Hextech Gunblade you gain a good amount of life when you're auto attacking.

For the last itemslot you can buy a Guardian Angel. This item is really good for lategame fights, cause you just stand up again and it gives you a bit defensive stats.
Otherwise, if you think you need more damage instead of defense you can also buy Wit's End for incredible magic shred damage.

If you're feeling that the enemy deals too much magic damage, but you could win fights if you just had a little more MR, then go buy Wit's End after Guinsoo's Rageblade.

Some last tips:

If the enemy is stacking armor build a Last Whisper instead of Guardian Angelto deal more damage, cause you only have the 10% armorpen from masteries.

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PASSIVE: Living Vengeance
His passive is really nice to last hit, but also good to harass or open a fight, if you just kill a creep, gain more attack speed and then attack your enemy. But generally I use it to last hit.

Q: Piercing Arrow
Quite OP. The range is just awesome. You can easily chase enemys and kill them even if they are miles away. Also, if you can fully charge this spell it does a ****load of normal damage. Combined with Blighted Quiver you will do much instant damage. Cause of it's high damage i max it over W.

NOTE: If you are close to your enemy and he can attack you often while you are charging Q it's better to not full charge it.

W: Blighted Quiver
This Skill has 2 passives, the first one is the extra magic damage on every auto attack, which is not that high and scales only 0.25 with AP. You can increase this magic damage much more with Wit's End. The second passive is the better one, with every auto attack, the target gains a debuff, which stacks up to 3 times. And now, for every stack, it's dealing on rank 5, 5% of the targets maximum health as instant magic damage.

Combo this spell with your Q. First stack it up 3 times. Then aim and shred in the enemy's face with a fully charged Q. It just bursts, even more with the extra AP we will get, and gains you great life by your increased lifesteal and spellvamp.

E: Hail of Arrows
The reason i max this spell last is, because the effect range on ground is not that high. Also i prefer damage over slow, cause i can chase my enemy with my Q. The little slow helps in a few situations and the healing reduction is at all ranks the same.

NOTE: Use the healing reduction to lower the lifesteal of an enemy carry or whole team in fights.

R: Chain of Corruption
With a range of 1075 it's easy to land it over walls or something. You just catch them for 2 seconds and can easily land you combo (W+Q), be sure you can kill the enemy if you use it to initiate, otherwise use it at last if the enemy is escaping.

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Summoner Spells

- Exhaust: Good for chasing and keeping the damage of auto attacking champs like Varus low.
- Ignite: Good for finishing off people. Take it if you are with a tanky team.
- Cleanse: If you know your enemy team has a lot of CC. You're much saver with it as Varus.
- Flash: Good for Varus to escape, he neeeeeeeeeeeeds it.

- Heal: Is a good spell, but got nerfed too much.

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Match History

I cut them out, cause i played different champs in between. These are just a few wins.
Generally i won 70% of the games with Varus.

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At last,

I want to thank you for looking at this guide. It is my first one =)

If you're having trouble with this guide, don't just downvote it, pls comment, or PM me and maybe i see your problem or i did a mistake and i will change it. Cause nobody is perfect man :)

I want to thank all people who will upvote this guide, have a nice day in and out of League of Legends :)