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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NukeDuke

Vayne the bloody carry

NukeDuke Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone and welcome too my first mobafire champion item build.
My ingame name is "NukeDuke" or u can just call me "Nuke" or "Duke" or what ever u want.
( exscuse me for my bad english its not my Lokal-language). Anyway i've been playing Vayne since release i think shes a bit fun too play i cuz i rather not play ranged DPS so so its a bit different for me. Anyway

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For Marks i take 9x Greater Mark of Desolation i allways use tease on all my AD champs, i think they are the best way for Vayne as well.

For seals i take 9x Greater Seal of Replenishment. Yes i know i know. a bit waste cuz her Q only cost 35 mana..but they work great anyway..after i've ganked mid with spamming my Q 2-4 times E once and my ulti..i will run low with mana..but it takes about 4minutes or something like that and it's back up again great ain't it? so i find them very handy.

For Glyph's i take . Extra attackspeed is allways nice on Vayne cuz of her W passive so i think thats the best way. (If u want too u can change The seals into attackspeed aswell or something more deffy. Quintess is the same as the marks.

As Quintessence i take x3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation

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In Masteries i take 21/8/1 image here: I got no speciall reason why i took those more then...21 in off cuz of more damage and 8 in def cuz of..well more def and last one in ghost

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Ahhh finally the item section well i start off with Blood Thirster (BF sword first) After that i move on too and last but not least Something For AD champs OR For Mages.

Forgott too tell you. My starting item is And Works very well as last item. Extra damage extra armor and crit chance?! woot nerf this item please. trololol

Possible alternatives. If u dont like my other "HP items" this should work aswell combined with . It will give you a a good health pool and more damage. AND VS Malzhar you SHOULD buy . I bought on and that made us win that round.

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Skill Sequence

Sorry it's my first time i suck i know. But i take level1 Q level2 W level3 Q level4 E then just max Q up too 9 then u max W untill level 13 then max E up too 18.

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Summoner Spells

I take and it works great! good escape and gank abillity and pwnage with her passive. second i take also good gank spell if u are VS another AD and even burst mage's like LB and can be used as escape aswell. if u dont wanna take that kind of summoner spell i would take and ..if u are VS Hmm?

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Pros / Cons

very nice ganker can sneak too another lane and gank very easly

Very Good 1v1 champion if you got some sort of grip on your champion

High damage

looks like my mother on christams morning

Nice Burst damage with trinity force W+Q+crit

Awsome Mana Pool

Very low Health

can be ganked easly vs a smart team

some what hard too play vs a smart and good team (Advanced team, like EX HoN DotA players that actully know how too play this game)

Thornmail CRUSH YOU

Twisted Fate+Shen will brutally rape ur rectum till it bleeds

Burst champions like leblanc malzhar kassadin and so on can be a problem for you.

EXTREAMLY fragile VS ANY disables exept silence lategame.

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Team Work

Got nothing too say here more then..STAY behind your tank when it's a teamfight or do like i prefere too do. Come 4-7 seconds later then your team so u don't become the target.

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Chapter 9


You can see my Pentakill On one match

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Laneing / Jungleing

When u play vayne for the first time i might think "Hmm what lane should i take?" well, because of your manaregen runes u can take what lane u want.

Vayne is great if you have someone that jungles in your team, and if u got a jungler. I would suggest that u take bot lane it can easly lead for you too having dubble kill and a fed Vayne is NOT nice.

"Laning phase"

Last hit so maby creeps as possible untill level 8-11 then go back and buy and if possible Blood Thirster or just the boots and BF sword. (DO NOT TRY TOO 1v1 BEFORE YOUR BLOOD THIRSTER) if your not somehow fed! that includes *u gone mid and are 1-3 levels above your enemy team champions, more farm and lots of CC in your own team.

BEAWARE of all the miss!! tell your team too PLING the map everytime it's a miss somewhere. (last night i dident notice the "miss bot" cuz of the chatt became inviss after a short time) so i got ganked 4 times. One thing more. DO NOT even THINK about 1v1 without BT and PD u will do more damage too yourself then too him.

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Vayne VS.

Okey This chapter i will talk about wich of the most played champions u can kill in lane.

Vayne VS Jax: It can be easy it can be hard. Depending on how good / smart jax is and his team mate. for example Jax and Ashe (same lane).

Just start of with autohitting on jax everytime he tryes too get minion kills (dont forgett your own creeps tho) untill lvl 3.

after reach lvl 3 do this: 1 autohit (maby 2) make him back a bit then use TUMBLE too hit Ashe. Try to atleast get 2 hits on her (tumble shot + autohit tumble back and shoot her again).

Vayne VS Mordekaiser. Try too keep him away from creeps, if thats not possible. Wait untill his sheild is low ( ) Then u use Condemn shoot him out of range of the creeps (try too stun him into a wall) use TUMBLE shoot im once then one more time then tumble out and shoot him again yes it's alot of things too do at once but it works, gave me a dubble kill. But its fairly safe too attack him when his sheild is up anyway beacuse of u are ranged and his melee.

Vayne VS brand (MID)

I made the misstakes too tumble forward and shoot him. Then he just mark me with stun me with and burn the *** of me with . Thats not the right way too do it.

The best way i found too her*** him was wait untill he do "Pillar of Flame" then u TUMBLE out of it shoot him and knock him back cuz he WILL do more damage too you then you do too him.

after u have backed and bought your Boots go around him and flank him from the brush with Ultimate + Tumble (try too shoot him into tower with condemn.

Thats all for now i'll come back and update it later.

Vayne VS Alistar. Tank alistar SURE just give him your best.
AP alistar, No no..NO NO NO bad VAYNE dont even try! he will kill you even BEFORE u can do something. He stuns u and that makes u imspossible for regen your health with Blood Thirster it's nearly impossible too kill him if u dont have Quick silver sash cleans or someone else too stun HIM back or heal u somehow. So dont even THINK about killing him.

And btw DONT even thinking of killing jax 1v1 lategame either. ONLY if u got if u got <--- then u just "pull down your skirt leave the glasses on and yell "BRING IT ON BIAAAA*CH!!!!"