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League of Legends Build Guide Author kless

Vayne the Pain Train! AS Guide Faster Than Everyone

kless Last updated on May 14, 2011
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This is my personal Vayne Build. I apologize because my english isnt really good at all.
This build shows awesome attackspeed damage increased with your silver bolts. In my opinion if you want high dps try this build. First time i make a Campion Guide. Hope you like it enjoy :)


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Pro and Contra


- awesome DPS all over the game because of your true and % dmg
- 1 on 1 strong
- can be really fast because of your passiv and ulty
- can destroy tanks really fast
- escape ability , hit jump, hit jump
- vanish , flash , gank, gg
- surprise effect
- no mana problems


- not much live
- will be focused in teamfights
- no AOE Dmg
- squishy
- has ulgy skins
- everbody calls you noob because you are like batman
- full attackspeed guide with not much defensive

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I use deffensive tree because of live and much more attackspeed. You will do great damage without your offensive tree and at the same time you have much more survivability. But if you like it you can still go on 21/0/9 or 21/9/0.

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Runes you should use

Greater Mark of Desolation because youre standart attacks do even without your great dmg. That means Ap will scale nice with your autoattack damage.

because more attackspeed = more true and % damage and tanks will cry!

same goes for this runes.

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Summary Spells

this is nice if you want to gank. use your ulty, tumble and vanish,flash and go for them.

you are fast but with ghost you will be faster than everyone

nice dps push, if enemys are low on health and try to escape hit them hard.

if you want to play on the save side than try this. if you are focused it will help you a lot

this is also nice for vayne, if you go for kills and play aggressive than you need a nice slow.

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Skill onetwo

I max out and first because you try to kill them with your autoattacks. has a big CD and you will just use it to stun or to escape.

Use it to last hit. Or try to attack the enemy 3 times. Autoattack, , Autoattack or . Great damage true story. Also nice to escape.
For excample you see big red ulty around you use and and everything is fine.

: you have to hit one TARGET 3 times. Does not stack if you hit an other enemy.

You have to learn how to use it. If used wrong you can help your enemy team to escape. If used right you can stun and kill them or escape with your combo. Just remember you have to hit something with to use it soon again.

Youre Passive will also increase you movement speed by 40. BUT only if you run to the enemy. If you run away you will NOT get 40 movement speed increased. But with this Passive you can often hit 3 times or last hit them with your

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Well this is just a full dps AS build.
If you have problems against an AP Team you can still change some items and buy or buy .
Qiucksilver Sash helps you a lot against a heavy CC Team.

is a nice DPS / Magic Resist Item and gives you much more Damage with this Build.

Against an AD Deam i would prefer or .

You can also play AS with more AD.
This would also work really nice.

gives you nice Hp and a good slow.

I would only buy or or if you try an AD build. With your AS Build the most time you will not need this because of your true and % damage output.

In every Build i would always use it scales nice with

only use it if you are sure you can stack it.

is a new Item works fine with Vayne and helps you against a Teamfight with a lot CC

works also nice with this AS Build. Its up to you which items you like more!

well if you really have enough money at the end of the game than you should buy it! Everything it can do you can need it.

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Team Work

Try not to start Teamfights. You can be an easy target. In early game if you have a good laning partner with CC you can try to play aggressive and get your first kills. Last hit minions.
If you reached lvl 6 you can try to gank. Try to become red buff. Go into bushes, use your ulty, tumble , flash , hit them back from the tower or stun them, kill gj. You can help your team with you Conemen to escape if sombody goes low. Since you are a good singeltarget nuker try to hit the best badass enemy in the other team. Try to stay behind and dont go in meele range they will kill you fast.
Just remember to buy Wards. Really important you dont have much live!