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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlueInSane

Vayne The Tanky/DPS Tank Destroyer

BlueInSane Last updated on May 18, 2011
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Hey Guys,

this is my first guide I ever wrote, so pls be kind ;D. Anyway, I am here to show u how I am playing Vayne. Vayne is the newest champ of League of Legends and is to my opinion well balanced. Due to her W-Spell she was meant to counter tanky teams (best example in my last game) so why shouldnt we build her like that?! In this guide I will intruduce u into the tanky/DPS tank destroying Vayne (quite hilarious, counter tanky teams with a tanky championbuild). Furthermore she has a nice escape/chaseing skill, which allows her to keep distance and get out of difficult situations. Not only her Q makes her so good to chase down enemies, her passive combined with her Ulti his so ridicules.

Not full finished yet, will Edit it tomorrow.

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Hmm what shell i say?!

Armor Penetration ( Greater Mark Of Insight and Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation) on a total AD Champ is a must have. Because we are going to build arround Madreds and Silver Bolts I used to get more Attack Speed ( Greater Seal of Alacrity). For the Glyphs I chose Cooldown Reduction ( Greater Glyph of Celerity) because i like to spam Tumble in the late game.

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I put all in Attackspeed, Armor Penetration, Cooldown Reduction etc.
Furthermore, i used to put some points into Defense because Vayne is really squishie,
so it will help you a lot in the laneing phase.

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Summonor Spells

As Summoner Spells I chose and . Flash is areally nice escape skill when u get ganked or when uwant to chase down someone. Ignite helps u to get kills as well as to reduce the heal of Chapions like , and .

Other options are and as well as .

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Skill Sequence

I put the first point into because of its great harrasing. I also put one point into cause of the stun and the escape method. After that I chose between and . Tumble is really good for harrasing in the early game and with you can do a lot of damage.

The priority should be like that:

> > >

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Ok here comes the main part, the items:

Our first Item is . It gives you 10 AD, 100 life and 3 lifesteal. Its a amaizing item for its cost. Sometimes I even stack it up to three. The next item is . It gives a good Attack Speed and is really recommended for any DPS-Champion. Then we begin to build our . Here we start with , which gives you an amazing burstdamage with your . Now that we do pretty good damage we need some survivability. Thats why we go for . It offers you some life and attackdamage. After that we finish our Trinity Force. Then I usually grap in order to stay longer in teamfights and to get some buffs. Now we begin to build our item which makes Vayne so dangerous against any champ, its Madreds Bloodrazor. Combined with your it gives you a damage of 12 % of the enemies life every third attack. Every enemie wont do a 1on1 against you. You have just to stun him and he is dead. Now you have a really good damageoutput. Because u need some time to do ur huge damage you need more survivability. Therefore I grap . This item offers a very nice HP-Pool as well as a moderate damage and an OP slow. Now nobody can escape from you anymore and when I say nobody, I mean nobody. Furthermore you can keep your enemies at distance because the cant come so close due to your slow. At this time you will dominate the game. You are not squishie anymore and noone can nuke u down, your damage output is really huge and nobody can escape from you. Now we still have our which we can upgrade to . Farm it up and you will do a lot of damage. After that I go for . It gives you more attack speed and nice damage as well as armor reduction. You can also grap because it gives you and amazing attackspeed and 100 magic damage every 4th attack. Your last Item is in fact up to you. Just take what you need.

Main item build:

(up to u)

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Situational Items

Coming soon

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Pros / Cons

Coming soon

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Team Work

Coming soon

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