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Vayne Build Guide by Flodgaard

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flodgaard

Vayne, The Tumbling Night Hunter (without Sheen)

Flodgaard Last updated on October 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction (read it!)

Just a quick shout out to Xiaowiriamu, for making this poster and my sig!

Hello guys and welcome to my Vayne guide. I have already played alot of games with Vayne, and now found a way to play her (the best imo). I think that the best way playing Vayne, is going full AD, with some nice attack speed and crit bonuses. Already ALL ppl seems for to play Vayne with Sheen/ Trinity Force style with her, but thats was also the main reason why i made this guide. The main reason is that i wanted to make a Vayne guide that NOBODY else would made. A Vayne guide without Sheen.

So i will kindly ask all people NOT to vote down, only because i don't have Sheen in my item build.
Thank you.

ALWAYS build her AD, and i mean ALWAYS. Just stick to this simple rule, and you are already a nice step ahead.

Anyways, feel free to comment after reading this, and vote. If your vote down, PLEASE TELL ME WHY YOUR VOTED DOWN in the comment section, thank you.

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AD = Attack Damage
ppl = people
dmg = damage
CC = Crowd Control (stuns, slows etc.)
ArP = Armor Penetration
DPS = Damage Per Second
AS = Attack Speed
mov speed = movement speed
CD = Cooldown Reduction
MF = Miss Fortune
CV = Clairvoyance
etc. = et cetera = and other things/and so forth
PD = Phantom Dancer
imo = in my opinion
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
ofc = offcourse
lvl = level
btw. = by the way
AP = Ability Power
FM = Frozen Mallet
TBH = The Black Cleaver
w8 = wait
b4 = before
HP = Hit Points (health)
'em = them

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Pros / Cons

- High dmg output
- One of the games best harrasers
- Great escaper (by using her Condemn and Tumble)
- A bit easy to play (but still wont recommend for noobs)
- Nice farming skills
- Have a very good early game and late game

- Weak
- Main target of your team when you are feed
- Will get killed in 1v1 situations against heavy melee champs
- Weak for CC's

Guide Top


Greater Mark of Desolation: I defiently think that ArP runes in Marks, is the BEST choice for any AD carry in game.

Greater Seal of Evasion: As a AD carry that mostly focus on getting DPS, you will no matter what get squishy. This rune is the most underated rune in the game. If you have this dodge + the 2% and 10% extra bonus mov speed, your will get saved more than you can count on both hands. Trust me, i tried it before. One time i had so little life agaisnt a caster, that only had to throw one auto-attack on me, and then i would be done. I tried to run but she just throw the last hit on me and turned around to back as fast as possible. She was so confident to get that kill, that she thought she just could blue pill. That attack would have got me, if not i dodged it because of my runes. Thats the reason why taking dodge runes. Remember, that you also can dodge in the middle of a fight without doing notice, which maybe would save your life later on.
Greater Seal of Attack Speed: If you know that you have a great chance to get the first kill on your lane, i would go with attack speed. It's also a very good boost to your early game farm and harras, but i dont see it very usefull late game.
Greater Seal of Vitality: My third option to Vayne in seals. I would only get this if my own team had no one to protect (tanks or supports) me when the team fights starts.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist OR Greater Clyph of Shielding: I always like to take magic rest runes when you go mid (and you go mid as Vayne), because there are so many casters there choose to go mid. But imo i dont think that should be like that. AD carry's belong to the mid, and then AP carrys on lane with a support/tank. Anyways, pick either flat magic rest or magic rest pr lvl. Your own choice. I prefer taking flat, since you will have a high magic rest counter early in the game, agaisnt the mid casters.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed: I already talked about this rune, so i dont hope that i need to explain why you could use AS.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation: I'm one of that ppl that think that mark and quints ArP runes, are the best runes you can combine for early-mid game for ANY AD champ. I read many of the top ELO players guides, and i seen some of them mention that they also stick to that attitude.
Greater Quintessence of Health: In some ranked games, i choose to take health runes instead of ArP to AD carrys, only to surive early game and stay on lane longer. Only think about taking this rune over ArP in ranked games.

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I use 21-9-0 masteries, by taking all the attack speed and CD reduction as possible in Offense, and then taking the 2% dodge and 10% mov speed in Defense.

I saw Jebus McAzn Vayne guide earlier today, and saw that he used 9-0-21 masteries. I also see that as a viable choice for ranked games, but i would recommend doing 21-9-0 in not-ranked games and low ELO ranked games.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells


I would always take flash to Vayne. Im sure on that. Flash is defiently the best allround summoner spell, because every one can use it, inclusive Vayne. This is the best supplement for your Tumble when you just not can get out of a fight with a E-Q combo. You can use it to escape ganks when getting trapped (by flashing over walls etc.) or to come out when you stand in the middle of a fight. You can also use it to catch up enemies and get kills, but i would not recommend that. Try always to save your Flash when you are playing weak carrys like Vayne.

Pick one of these:

Exhuast: My 'get a easy kill' summoner spell. I often use this one in 1v1 situations in lane fights or something like that. When im in a 'last man standing' situation, i always try to put this spell when enemies have the highest DPS. I also use this one to catch up enemies when trying to harras them to death with my Tumble and Silver Bolts.

Ghost: In the champion spotlight Phreak choosed Ghost and Flash as summoner spells. I saw him using the flash spell from getting killed, but not using he's ghost. Mainly ppl uses ghost to catch up ppl (if you are playing a range AD carry), but i can't see the logic in that. When she already runs like hell with PD, passive and ulti, it's a bit ridiculous trying to run faster. The same thing with champs like MF and Rammus, where ppl often uses ghost to them, just to run faster. I think that's a bit overkill. But still, if you are a ghost freak, and sucks using exhaust, then you should go with this.

Conclusion: Most of the time i would take Exhaust over Ghost, but in specific situations, where you know which champs your enemies picked (like in ranked), try to look at there team. Do they all have CC and AP dmg? Go with Ghost. Do they have 2 (or more) champs there are AD? Go with Exhaust.

Other options:

Ignite: You might consider this summoner spell, to shut down healers and to get last hits on enemy champs.

Cleanse: Like i wrote in the Pros and Cons, Vayne is weak to CC. Cleanse is the best option to fix that problem, but i still have a feeling that says there are three (or four) better choices.

Clairvoyance: If you like to roam all over map and try to get in 1v1 situations (which is where Vayne is best), then you should stop up and think about using CV. But i still won't recommend using it.


I seen some ppl write that they need mana all the time to Vayne. I really cant see that she needs mana. She spam one spell, and thats her Q, that's only cost 35 mana. Her Silver Bolts don't uses mana and her Condemn should be used to escape or stun enemies. Ulti is a 60 second CD spell, so you cant count that in mana waist. Anyways, just keep yourself away by using clarity to Vayne, and stop listening to ppl that say she needs mana, just a waist of summoner spell imo.

In writing, there are no other summoner spells that i­ seen ppl say Vayne should use, that i disagree in. But a quick advise, is that just keep to your Flash, and try to figure out what you second summoner spell should be: Exhaust, Ghost or Ignite (i would stick to Exhaust).

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This is just a medium passive, not a bad one or good one, just medium. You can always use 40 mov speed, and to a champ like Vayne thats all about harrasing enemies, is good.

I really LOVE this spell. :) The 'harras and just run again', the 'escape and laugh at flaming enemies after', the 'tower dive and still escape', and i could just keep writing. There is one thing to say, this MAKES Vayne. It have a very high dmg output early in the game, and a SOOOOOO nice 'roll'. Always max this first ASAP. Also when this is maxed out, it have a CD on only 2 seconds (but remember to hit a enemy after you used it, or else the CD wont start)!

If i have a chance to hit your enemy three times in a row, i would always do it (except in turret range or if you are not on solo lane). Often you will experience that you only hit your enemy two times, but then i would suggest by going after that third hit, just to get that extra dmg output on your enemy.

I only use this one to stun enemy first when they try to start a fight, or to escape. But sometimes you can use this to push your enemy into your turret range, by doing what i call a 'sneak and push'. It's a bit hard to get a chance to due a sneak and push, but if you are close to your enemy, then just do following: Use your Tumble to come behind your enemy and then use Condemn to push him into your turret range (but ofc there have to be no minions in range).

First of all, i REALLY dont get the name on this summoner spell (think about it). Second at all, i LOVE this almost as high as i love Tumble. The stealth to Tumble is so good to escape, to confuse enemies or doing the sneak and push. But the double up on your passive, is also welcoming. The bonus AD just speak for it self.

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Core items:


If you know that you gonna face a champ thats really own early game (like Annie, Malzahar or LeBlanc), i would pick a Doran's Shield instead of a Doran's Blade. You could also start out with a Doran's Blade and take one more at your first blue pill, but only do this if you really getting harrased. Afterwards, just follow the core and the early game description, and then you should be fine.

You can either go with Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads. Ofc you take Berserkers for the increased AS, but also to get boots ASAP. Take Mercurys if enemies just have TO MUCH CC to handle with. But sometimes it's just a much easier buying Cloack and Dagger which gives Tenasity (CC reduction), that's works as a GREAT alternative. But i recommend looking at enemies team when you are going to buy your Boot's of Speed upgrade, and try to figure out which shoe you gonna buy depending on enemies dominace on the CC side. I recommend NOT to buy Mercury's Treads if you ALREADY bought some shoes. Then just do the Cloak and Dagger.

I take the Vampiric Scepter, because your attack speed will be a place around 1,0-1,2 (depends on lvl) after buying your Berserker's Greaves/ Mercury's Treads and Zeal, so it will be easy to shooting minions and get some lost health back quickly.

Building intos:

I find these items the most important of the 'bigger' items of this build, because these two items matches itother so GOOD!! You will have 55% crit only for these two items (btw. i dont think that you need more than that, due to the fact that you always hit enemies more than 1 time)! That means, that combined with your 55% AS from PD, your crit dmg at 250%, you will be a KILLING MACHINE!

When late games comes:


I like to take a defensive items when all the important items is bought. Here i usally pick either Banshee's Veil or Frozen Mallet. Most of the time i take Banshees, because in most of the games, there are some AP enemies there just damage to much. But sometimes there arent that sort of enemies, and then i just pick a FM. If the game is going good and are about to end, just skip Banshee's Veil/ Frozen Mallet and go straight to the The Bloodthirster. I would always end the game with a Guardian Angel as a carry. No doubt about that...

Viable choices:

The Black Cleaver to shut down that ******* tanks and off-tanks. The item i mostly back up in buying of these options. Take this after your Phantom Dancer.

Quicksilver Sash is maybe the most underrated item in the game. Below its low cost and high magic rest, it have a very powerfull passive. This passive can remove ultis like Mordekaisers, Malzahars, Warwicks and Vladimirs. Besides that, dont forget that it can cleanse everything that can be cleansed in this game.

Cloak and Dagger for more crit and AS early game. Pick this item up after your Zeal if you REALLY are feeling confident OR if you REALLY need a item to shut down some of the CC.

Zeke's Harbinger for increased lifesteal and some nice AS. Take this after your PD if needed.

Madred's Bloodrazor for surivability late game and to shut down tanks. Take this if enemies have at least 2 champs with 3000+ health. I would pick this after Infinity Edge

Wit's End to help your casters getting easier kills. Wouldn't recommend it, but it's still a option. Pick this after Infinity Edge

Sword of the Divine increased AS early game and/or to kill that stupid tanks or Jax. Buy this item b4 Infinity Edge, but only if your can't afford/wait to buy The Black Cleaver (you will only think about taking these two items to kill tanks, not to get the AS. But stick to TBC if possible).

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Early game:
Buy your Doran's Blade and run to mid or a solo lane (if there is a jungler), and try to see who your lane enemy/enemies are. After that just w8 for minions and start farming, but try not to push minions, only last hit. When you hit lvl 2, try to punish your enemy if they go to close to you, and hit them 3 times. First 2 normal attacks and then Tumble to do the 3rd hit (visa versa). Keep farming to you have gold to at least your Boots of Speed and Zeal. A little golden rule is that, when you are blue pilling, always buy around 2-3 pots, as long you are at lane. Remember you only need to kill 2 minions, and then you have got your gold back from that health pot you bought before. A goal to set is to get minimum 50 minions, no deaths and maybe some kills/***its b4 early game is over.

Mid game:
Your mid game start when your B. F. Sword is bought. Also most of the time team fights will start around here. In team fights, always stand in the back as AD carry, and hit who else there are in range, also tanks. Remember that your W dmg % of enemies HP, so its also very usefull agaisnt tanks with high health.

Late game:
Late game will start when your Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge is done. You will be one of the four weakest champs on the map right now, so you will have to buy a defensive item now. Here i suggest Banshee's Veil, because you will get some health, magic rest (that is the most usefull late game, due to casters damaging ALOT) and a (high CD) spell shield. Try to take out as many enemies 1v1 as you can, and come to all team fights. Also go for baron with your team.
Remember, that you are a great turret pusher now, so use that to your adventage when your minions are at enemies turrets.

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The way to play Vayne

Okay, now i wanna talk a little about how i think you should play Vayne. The thing about Vayne is that she is one of the games best (or the best) harrasers in League of Legends. It's mainly her Tumble there is the main reason behind this, but also her passive and ulti. Maybe some ppl will say that Tumble isn't so good that i try to say it as, but it is. That roll is YOUR LIFE SAVER. Already after playing my first 5 games, i couldnt count on both hands how many times Tumble letted me escape from a gank or a stupid move. Often i try to escape by activating Final Hour and then using Tumble to get away. Sometimes if there are comming a enemy from behind, i try to activate ulti, and then roll right into the way they came from. It's works, i promise you.

But enough about that. If you play Vayne on a solo lane (which you should do), then i would highly recommend trying be very aggresive, and use your Silver Bolts, Tumble and Night Hunter to your adventage, by first Tumbling towards enemies, and then do 3 normal attacks.

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As it said in the Introduction, feel free to comment and vote. Espacially a vote would i appreciate. I promise that i will read all comments and try to answer 'em all. Anyways, if you vote down, i would nicely ask you to write a comment WHY your did it.

Btw. sorry for spelling errors and things like that, i try to do my best, but my english sux since is not my native language, and i haven't had the language so long time. I know my gramma sux, and that there will be some senteces thats just dont make sence. But i hope that you will take it with a smile. If you find a gramma foul, just write it in the comment section, and i will take care of it. But please don't just write that my gramma sux and nothing else, i can't use that to anything. Try to give me some constructive criticism if you wan't to, and i will do my best to redress it.

- Flodgaard