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Veigar Build Guide by Necromanced

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Necromanced

Veigar: Extreme nuke v1.2

Necromanced Last updated on September 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a build I've used for a long time. I find it works extremely well, but please, as with all guides, don't take it for gospel; if there's some things you prefer, then do it to fit your playstyle. Secondly, don't blame the guide because it doesn't work for you; the amount of people I've seen blame guides because they make stupid moves is incredible, so play cautiously until you have enough AP to do damage. Thirdly, keep practising, and you'll be able to take down all AP champions, and do a large amount of damage to AD champions and tank champions. It took me a while to do it but I can get in excess of 1200 AP, and it hurts, a lot.

You will see something like this in the guide:



End of Tactic

Of course, these are tactics that I use. Please note that I only use these if it is safe to do so. I don't always use them, and sometimes I never will in a match, it all depends.

Situation examples are in blue for ease of understanding.

There's proof the build works. One item away from the full build at 907AP 33 minutes into the game with 11/0/12. The opposing team was Katarina, Poppy, Garen, Yorick, and Talon.. I was taking Katarina, Yorick and Talon out with full burst, and taking Poppy and Garen down to about 1/4 health using full burst.

Another one just because I like seeing my name at the side.
I blanked the names out of courtesy for my fellow players.

And yes, I've reskinned LoL so the turrets and minions show up as Nobodies and Heartless from Kingdom Hearts

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Pros / Cons

Pros of Veigar:

EXTREMELY powerful late game.
Fun to play.
Event Horizon - Very good for team fights, and saving team mates from being chased. Very useful.
Able to take down the squishy opponents so DPS can focus on tanks.


Very squishy throughout the game.
Event Horizons cooldown is quite long (about 14 seconds I believe)
Annoying when Baleful Strike leaves a minion alive with 4hp and a friendly minion kills it. FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

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Greater Mark of Insight

Greater Seal of Clarity

Greater Glyph of Focus

Greater Quintessence of Potency

You may question the rune choice, but I use these runs to give a boost early game, especially the quints.. These quints give you a starting of 15 ability power, which doesn't sound like much, but it saves you wasting gold on a Dorans ring for a start item.
The magic penetration is good for start game since no champions have magic defense items at this point, apart from the base stats. The Seal and Glyph selections are for support throughout the match. The cooldown reduction allows you to cast Baleful Strike more often and the mana regen come in very handy mid/late game for when you will be using your burst combo a lot more.

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I take a 9-0-21 build, like most mage champions I've seen take. However, some mastery choices of mine differ, and may even contradict summoner spell choice.

The offensive masteries are self explanatory; Archmage's Savvy just for the ability power, and the crit strike just to be able to get the second tier masteries, and choosing Cripple or Plentiful Bounty is pointless since Veigar doesn't/shouldn't take Smite or Exhaust.

For the utility tree, I take 3 in Perseverence, and 1 in Good Hands.. You may ask "Why? You take Teleport but not Spatial Accuracy to compliment it?". Five seconds is nothing. You won't even notice the difference mid/late game, so I render it pointless, and being able to spawn that bit quicker means you can get back into the fights, and defend your base if it gets to that point.
Expanded Mind gives you more mana. No need to say more.

Meditation combined with Veigars passive and the rune choice, will regen your mana very nicely, enabling you to stay in lane for longer last hitting creeps with Baleful Strike.
After some quick math, I changed my mind on taking Greed over Utility Mastery. Ten gold a second at a minimum of 20 minutes is only something like 240 gold, and 480 for a 40 minute game. I decided the extra time from stolen buffs is more important than getting enough money for ten potions.
The rest of the mastery tree, you have to take, so I'm not going to explain why I take them, because you have to anyway.

Only take the Insight mastery if you decide to take Clarity instead of Teleport.

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Skill Sequence

Baleful Strike has to be one of the best abilities out there for AP champions, and Veigar has it.
You want to max this skill out as fast as you can. The reason this is, is because the amount of times I've had Baleful Strike on level one, and upgraded Dark Matter and Event Horizon when at champion level 3, and thought I could last hit a minion withBaleful Strike on level one, and the creep has the TINIEST bit of health left, it is frustrating, and also loses you bonus AP. The quicker you upgrade Baleful Strike, the less chance you have at missing out on last hitting creeps due to the increased damage it does. Also, ontop of this, maxing this skill out will also give you more AP when you kill an enemy champion; level it up slow, you miss out on the five AP you could get from maxing it out. You want this skill at level 5 when you are champion level 9.

At champion level 2, I get Event Horizon. Why not Dark Matter? Because, I've played games when I've been on stupidly low health early game, and the other champions have tried to tower dive. If they do, then you have a stun to trap them by the turret, which I find a lot more damaging than Dark Matter, and can get you a free kill. Please note, I am not condoning staying at your tower at low health. There have been times when I've been tower dived, got off Event Horizon, yet the turret still fails to aggro the enemy champion and I die for nothing. If you can go back and heal, then I recommend it. Only stay at the turret if you have to defend it from oncoming creep waves.

Dark Matter is what I take at champion level 4. I try not to use it too much early game due to how much mana it eats up, but if I need to lower creep wave health for the turret to take out quicker, ultimately giving the enemy less time to hit the turret.

You may argue about taking Event Horizon twice instead of Dark Matter. The reason I take Event Horizon at champion level 8 is because the stun lasts that little bit longer, making it easier to land all of the full burst as opposed to risking not landing a level 2 Dark Matter and not doing as much damage.

Primordial Burst. What a lovely skill. Level this at every opportunity you get. No questions.

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Summoner Spells



Flash is helpful for both defensive and offensive reasons. It can give you that extra distance between you and the enemy if you're being chased, or you can flash through walls to get away from them completely. Flash has saved me countless times, and I'm not willing to get rid of it. Flash can also close distance between you and an enemy if they are on low health, giving you a chance to pop off Event Horizon and shut them down.
Flash is also very good for surviving 1-1 fights. Using Flash to teleport behind an enemy champion when you're both on low health is useful; the enemy player will still have their cursor infront of them where you were standing. Flash behind them and they won't be able to cast any abilities on you until they realise you've moved, but by that time, you should have killed them.

Teleport is really personal preference. It takes four seconds to teleport basically anywhere on the map, given you have the vision, such as creeps, mushrooms, wards, or turrets.
It is helpful when your turret is under fire from creeps and the enemy champion for two possible outcomes. The first is obvious; teleport in, Dark Matter the creepwave and the turret is safe. Scenario two, is that the enemy champion hasn't noticed you teleporting in, pop off Event Horizon, and burst them down.

Clarity is a spell that can be taken instead of Teleport (but personal preference, given the amount of Mana+regen late game, you shouldn't need it). This only because it will give you even more laning time to last hit minions with Baleful Strike to increase your AP early game. I don't take Clarity because by the time I'm out of mana, I usually need to go back to buy items, and my mana will regen at the base anyway, along with buying extra mana potions.

Ghost is very questionable. I wouldn't take it for myself, but I suppose the one reason would be is for catching up/running away ontop of what Flash already gives you.

Exhaust is the last summoner spell I would take in placement of Teleport. The only thing I can think of to take it is to catch up to cast Event Horizon, or for running away, but if you took flash, you won't need Exhaust; you can just use Flash and then cast Event Horizon behind you to put more distance between you and whoever is chasing.

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The items!

Core Build:

Build order

I always start with a Meki Pendant and two Mana Potions. Why not a Doran's Ring?? Both give you regen but the Dorans gives bonus AP, right?
That is correct, however, the Meki Pendant is a part of a later item build, the Archangesls Staff, and I can't justify spending 475 gold on something you only get half back for, and don't really need. The mana potions are up to you; you can take Health potions or mana potions. You shouldn't need health potions if you play defensively, not pushing, fighting under your tower, you should be fine, so the mana potions I find come in more use than health potions.

I always buy Sorcerer's Shoes outright. This gives you an advantage because the enemy midlaner goes from having a slow Veigar, to a Veigar who can move and has magic penetration, making you dangerous. You may want to use Lucidity boots for the cooldowns, but in all honesty, the magic penetration is a Hell of a lot better.

After the boots, I build Tear of the Goddess. This is because you can start building up the mana that it gives you from using abilities. The amount of times you should be using Baleful Strike will have you maxing the 1000 mana cap by the time you have your Archangel's Staff.

Now. This is a buy you need to think about. I, personally, always buy it, because even if you end up dying more often than you'd like, you can still get stacks back from the assists. All you really need to cast is Event Horizon for an assist stack, and if your team scores an ace, bang, that's 5 stacks already just from one cast. Even if you lose some stacks, you should be at the point in the game where you have a few more items, and can do enough damage to get them back. If you think you'll struggle, then don't buy it and hold out for the next item.

The deathcap, or as I once read someone coin the phrase, BOOMHAT! It does exactly what it should. Despite the nerf from 155AP to 140AP, it is still a strong item that Veigar shouldn't be without, and the 30% overall AP increase is just delicious. Don't try to buy it outright, as it is far too expensive. Buy the Needlessly Large Rod first, then get 2000 gold to buy the hat.

You could argue that buying the Archangel's Staff first is better, but I personally find that magic penetration is advantageous at this stage in the game because the enemy starts buying magic resist at this point, if they're clever. The magic penetration that the void staff gives is good to overcoming this magic resist.

Now, the Archangels. By the time you can build this, you should have been casting Baleful Strike enough times to have at least 500 extra mana from your Tear. I can usually get about 2.5k mana end game, and the 3% conversion of mana to AP, the Archangels gives ends up being about an extra 75AP, so 45+75 is 120AP from this little item. Along with the mana regen and 1000 potential mana, I find it to be an important item for Veigar.

I know I've listed Zhonya's Hourglass on the item build, but it is situational. If you are getting hurt mainly by AD champions, then buy zonyas. If it's AP that is hurting you, buy an Abyssal Sceptor Abyssal Sceptor.
However, I will say this about Zhonya's Hourglass. The active it gives is very useful. If you bought a Mejais, and have a large amount of stacks, the enemy will be trying to shut you down to lower your AP, so you will become a (if not the) target in team fights. If this is the case, be quick to pop the Zonya's active. It gives two seconds of invulnerability, and becoming untargetable, which can be life saving. It's your choice, though.

Other items

So, here come the replacement items incase you don't want a Mejai's Soulstealer, or want to adapt to counter the other team.

Decided to change how I worded this as it was brought to my attention that it sounds like I hate Deathfire Grasp because it has wronged me in my life. I won't personally buy Deathfire Grasp, because I find the extra 100AP nicer to look at that Mejai's Soulstealer gives. Some people will argue that Deathfire Grasp will add to the burst, but I think the 100AP that Mejai's give probably equates to similar damage that the Deathfire Grasp's active can give. The active it has is really useful against tanks, such as Rammus and Amumu beacuse they're going to have the most health, so the Deathfire Grasp will do more damage to them as opposed to someone with low health, such as Teemo or Vayne. I buy it if the other team is supremely tank heavy (three or more tank built champions), other than, I stick with Mejai's.

This will give you magic resist and ability power, as well as lowering enemy champions magic resist within a range. This is good because if you can stun multiple enemies close together, and cast Dark Matter, the AoE damage from Dark Matter will hit multiple enemies, and the Scepter reduces their magic resistance, doing even more damage, as opposed just doing damage to one enemy.

The Lich Bane is a viable item in place of Mejais. The movement speed that it gives you is helpful in running from a chase, as you will be faster than most champions, or at a similar run pace of those who have bought Force of Nature. The move speed is the only thing I can justify buying this item, though.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is an item if you need more survivability. The extra health it gives allows you to stay alive in team fights longer, and the slow can be useful, especially since the cooldown of Baleful Strike will be at about 2 seconds, so you can constantly cast this to keep them slowed, and burst them down.

Banshee's Veil is good if the enemy team is heavy AP, and especially useful if there is another Veigar involved. The shield can stop one negative spell every 45 seconds. Admittedly, the only time I deviate from the build I have described is when Karthus is on the opposing team. The Veil has saved me numerous times from his damn ultimate.

End game, you should have enough money to buy potions. Invest in all of them if you can. If not, Brilliance first, Agility second, Fortitude third.

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This is where it all happens.
A few things before we get started:

I use the terms 'turret' and 'tower' interchangeably in my guide. To avoid confusion, turrets and towers are the same thing.

I find it easiest to use Veigars burst with Smart Casting. This enables you to cast spells only by hovering over the target minion/champion, and then pressing the hotkey that is bound to the skill (defaults being Q, W, E and R). This makes it a lot faster to pop off his burst without wasting precious casting time having to click your mouse furiously fast on the target. The options to set-up smart casting can only be done ingame as far as I'm aware by going to Key Bindings and scrolling down.

About the use of Event Horizon. If you are happy enough to use Smart Casting for Event Horizon, then fair enough, but I personally use normal casting it so I can see the outline of where it will be cast before I cast it. This is because I don't like to risk missing the champion I'm trying to stun.
For example:
If it misses and they're on the outside of the cage, they can simply run away. If the stun misses and they are on the inside of the cage, they can run in circles and you will most likely miss with Dark Matter
So, try to cast Event Horizon so that the edge of the cage lands on the champion you are trying to stun.

To clarify what I mean by "burst". It is very quick succession of casting Dark Matter, then Baleful Strike, and then Primordial Burst, and if you can, another Baleful Strike. The idea is to cast Dark Matter first, and whilst it is casting, that you pop off Baleful Strike and Primordial burst before Dark Matter actually lands. So you have approximately 1.2 seconds to spam Q and R as quick as you can so each skill lands.(which is why smart casting helps a lot with this to save mouse clicking). Bear in mind the best way to do this is to stun the enemy first with Event Horizon, then nuke down with the burst combo.

As you are in the midlane, you must be map aware. The amount of players I've seen try to blame their death on someone not calling miss is incredible. They over-extended, the enemy notices, and will take the chance to kill you. This is why map awareness for mid is important as you can get blindsided by both top and bottom lanes. If you can't see two enemy players in each lane, then don't go too far in midland incase there is a gank waiting for you in the brush.

Veigar is primarily a midlaner. You will get people in the pregame Lobby arguing over who goes mid (mainly Malzahar and Karthus players, no offence). The argument I use is that Veigars Baleful Strike is invaluable, and Veigar struggles to last hit in top or bottom lanes when both players are wanting cashflow, especially if Veigar is laned with another ranged champion.

So, for now, I will focus on mid laning.
Let's get started!

Start/Early game

As a rule, I never try to harass the enemy until Veigar at least champion level nine. This is because I've come across more than enough players who won't harass you back if you don't harass them. This doesn't go for ALL players; there are some who will think you're too scared to harass, so they will jump right in, especially when laning against Vladimir or Le Blanc. However, this can put them at a disadvantage. If they have this mentality, then they will try to harass you at the tower, which, explained earlier, where Event Horizon comes into play. Think smart, though. Most players will flee when they see the last minion being attacked by the tower. When you see this happen, use Event Horizon. This will stun them within range of the tower. The tower will still be focussed on the minion for the last hit, but when the minion dies, the aggro will transfer to the enemy champion. It won't kill them, unless they're on low health, but a tower hit at level 3 is very painful.
Up until champion level 9, just try to last hit minions with Baleful Strike to increase your AP. Try not to push, either.


You can stay within range of minions without attacking with use of the S key. You can be stood right next to a minion, press S (the default key) and Veigar will stop moving and auto-attacking. This is useful, I find, because you can be within range of minions to cast Baleful Strike and not push at the same time with auto attacks.
Do note, however, that if you do this against champions with skill shots, such as Ezreal's Essence Flux, Lux's Light Binding or Karthus' Lay Waste, try to stay out of range (I find skill shots have a larger range that those skills that home in), run in, last hit with Baleful Strike, and run back out of range again.

End of Tactic

Let the minions kill each other, and then last hit with Baleful Strike when you see one at low enough health. If the enemy midlaner wants to push, let them; fighting under your tower is incredibly advantageous to you, being as squishy as Veigar is. Remember to level Baleful Strike at every chance you get.

Early/Mid game

When you hit level nine, you have one of two choices. You can stay in your lane, and start to harass your laning enemy for a kill, or you can go to one of the other lanes to help with ganking.
I choose, usually, to stay in midlane to get the kill and the bonus AP from it, as well as being able to take down the tower bit by bit. There is a way to do this. Instead of trying to burst them down in one (it never really works if they're on full health), harass with Baleful Strike, or do half bursts (Event Horizon, Dark Matter, Baleful Strike). When the enemy is on about half health, this is when you can crack out the full burst, because nine times out of ten, they will die (this is assuming it is a ranged champion, not someone like Mord or Alistar who can go mid, as they will need more health taking off than 50% before you can nuke them down). If when you do the full burst, and they get away with minimal health, never fear! YOU HAVE FLASH! Be sensible with it; don't flash into the turret with no minions and die. If you are fighting under your tower, and you burst them down to minimal health, flash in over the minions, and use Baleful Strike. It should be off cooldown by this time if you have levelled it up as often as possible.
If you are a little further out in midlane, then think before you act, but think quickly. If you want to try and get the kill, then by all means attempt it, but do think how close it will leave you to their tower, and how much distance/time you have to run away from the turret. Sometimes letting them go can be the better option instead of giving them the kill because of the tower.


Flash can be fun to use at this point in time. As said earlier, when harassing the enemy midlaner using half bursts, this is all the enemy (most of the time) thinks you are capable of doing. Some enemy champions sometimes stay in midlane when they've got less than half health but think they have enough to stay, due to you only being able to do half bursts, or so they think. If this is the case, and you are not positioned too close to the tower, then simply flash in, ignore casting Event Horizon, and spam Baleful Strike and Primorial Burst.
I won't lie; this is risky in terms of not doing that bit of damage that an auto-attack could take care of, but it does work, especially if the enemy midlaner thinks you are too low on mana to cast full burst, but ignoring Event Horizon and Dark Matter, saves you about 150+ mana, and can still get you that kill.

End of Tactic

I only venture to the other lanes if they ask for the help, or if my midlane enemy is missing/in other lanes. Ganking has a tactic to it. If there are two friendly champions in the lane you are venturing to, then wonder down the river in Summoners rift, and hide in the brush near the opening, and try to cast Event Horizon infront of there they are running. Make sure you give some space for them to run into it, otherwise you risk missing and having them run around in the middle. This is advisable if the friendly champions have enough health to survive the fight. If they don't, then you can still try this gank, though it might not work as well as you'd like it to. If both friendly champions are on low health, or there is only one champion defending the tower, then I would say run through the jungle to get to the tower instead of trying to gank. The idea is to protect the tower, not have a hope of getting two kills when the chances are higher for the enemy team to get the kills instead.
Once the turret is safe, venture back to midlane and keep hammering down the mid tower until it has been destroyed. Once the midlane tower has been destroed, only venture back to midlane if it is being pushed. Otherwise, stay in bottom/top lane and help them push, or gank if you have the upper hand.
By this point, your Baleful Strike should be able to one-hit caster minions. Do not ignore this as this is when your AP really starts to move up in numbers.

Mid/Late game

By this point, I'd be surprised if you didn't have AP above 500. By the time the game is over, I've recorded AP numbers of in excess of 1200. Just because you have high AP, this is no reason not to still be casting Baleful Strike! At this point you should be able to one shot all of the lane creeps, with a two/three second cooldown on the spell, so you should be farming like a boss, forever increasing that AP of yours.
Since there is no midtower, you should be focussing on pushing the other lanes. Most of the time, when any lane takes out the first tower, both parties will move to another lane until they see their original lane being pushed back. Only return to midlane if you see it being pushed after you've destroyed the enemy turret. You don't want to keep pushing midlane by yourself after destroying the first mid turret, as it will make you extremely vulnerable to ganking from either side, or even behind you.
You do not want to be wandering around the map by yourself, as this is about the time you will be a threat, and the enemy team will want to shut you down, especially if you have Mejai's Soulstealer. The most annoying thing will be enemy teams camping in the brush for ten minutes at a time just to wait for you to wander off and then slay you like a small dog in an abattoir. Because of this, spell checking the brush becomes in handy. If you are unsure of where the enemy is, Dark MAtter can give short periods of vision in Fog of War, much like Orianna's ball or Caitlyn's yordle traps. The minimum amount of people you should aim to walk around with is two. The optimal would be the entire team, of course.
For late game team fights, Veigar is crucial. His Event Horizon is invaluable. Though, do take precautions in using it. If there is someone else on the team who can stun, look out for their use of stun; if you stun them when they use theirs, then you've wasted it. If you use it after they do, then you can successfully hold them in place for up to four seconds, and that is more than enough time to blast them down.

For example:
Sona is on your team. Her ultimate Crescendo, is technically a stun (a very fun one to watch, at that). A team fight is taking place in midlane, and you want to stun someone, but Sona uses Crescendo and stuns the enemy. Wait two seconds before casting Event Horizon. This way you can stun people for up to a whopping five seconds, more than enough time to take down even the most healthy of champions.

Just because Veigar is powerful, this is no reason to think you should go after the stronger enemy champions; Always go for the enemy player with the least health.
This is because you can usually save Primordial Burst for the stronger players, as well as increasing the chances of winning the team fight. Stunning a squishy enemy, using dark matter and two baleful strikes usually does it for me (against players like Teemo, Vayne, Twitch, Fiddlesticks, Annie, you get the idea) so being able to two shot champions is very useful. Keeping your ultimate for the stronger enemy players can change a team fight. The amount of damage you do with full burst against even the strongest opponents can usually kill them if other people are helping, and put them way below a third of their health if you are the only one attacking said enemy.
This can lead to a lot of aces, enabling you to push heavily with your team.


If you chance seeing a squishy player close by, or unaware of your presence, this is where Flash becomes very fun to use. Given you have high AP (which you should do by now) you can Flash in, and throw Baleful Strike, Primordial Burst, and another Baleful Strike again if need be, and they're dead. Easy stacks for Mejais, and it puts the enemy team down to four so if team fights happen, your team has the player advantage.
I will add that you don't wander off by yourself just to do this and get a kill, as it can backfire and you get killed instead.

End of Tactic

When you are at the base taking down the Nexus turrets, you can get involved, but I find the primary use of Veigar here is to take out the minions using Dark Matter so the friendly minions can take the turret aggro, and fending off the freshly spawning enemy champions so the DPS can take down the turrets and the Nexus.


I sometimes stand in such a position that if we have scored an ace, but there is an enemy champion close to spawning (say about three seconds), it is an idea to get within platform range to cast Event Horizon just after they have spawned. This way it keeps them in place, or forces them to walk around it, or even wait for it to disappear, giving valuable seconds to take down the enemy Nexus.

End of Tactic

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That's the guide. Bear in mind this is a nuke build, so it takes some cautious playing to survive, but once you get the hang of it, Veigar is very dangerous.

Special thanks to Shadow Palm and Warlock Hastur for curing my noob coding.
I will update this when I can, or if I discover new tactics/ideas.

Either the Rune section is bugged or my computer doesn't like loading, but for some reason the rune icon/info won't show up on my screen. If this is the same for other people, please let me know.

Thanks for reading, and I hope it helps you in the future with Veigar.

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1.2 changes:

Added more information in Gameplay section.
Added in 'tactics' in Gameplay section.
Added Situation examples in Gameplay section.
Added in clarification for terms in Gameplay section.
Used the term "Like a boss" in Gameplay section.