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Veigar Build Guide by diako93

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author diako93

Veigarium Leviosa [MID-PWNAGE]

diako93 Last updated on May 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Update log


    - Inserted a new chapter about "Skills" and what they do.
    - Fixed some minor grammar errors etc.

    - After some time discussing with people and tried some few builds out, i've decided
    to replace the "Dorans ring" at start for a "Meki pendant" and 2 health potions.
    - Switched summoner spells after some testing
    - Wrote some new stuff and rewrote some other stuff just because i felt like it. :)

    -Rewrote some valuable stuff after much needed feedbacks.
    -Changed the item sequence after weeks of testing.
    -Changed the masteries after some testing and after some feedbacks aswell.
    -Chose other skill level sequences after some feedbacks, now W is more active in mid game than before.

    -Wrote a new chapter about "Smartcasting"

    -Wrote a new chapter about "Situational items"
    -Made some minor improvements on the guide

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Greetings summoners!
First of all I would like to thank you for at least checking this build out, and I hope you enjoy reading and trying it out.

Veigar is an extremely fun character to play, but can also be really hard to master completely.
I know some of you wont like the guide so im not afraid of a little constructive criticism, but since this build has really boosted up my wins extremely, I feel that most of you will enjoy playing with it.
Btw, english is not my main language so please dont eat me up if i've spelled something wrong. :)

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Pros / Cons


    -One of the best nukers in LoL
    -Has a stun that can affect an entire team
    -His passive makes him stay longer in mid
    -Can check bushes with his Dark Matter(W)
    -Low cooldowns on his spells later on
    -Deathfire's Grasp is like an additional spell for Veigar
    -Awesome skins
    -Sexy staff

    -Extremely squishy early on and will be kinda squishy throughout the entire game
    -If hes being chased then only Event Horizon(E) will give him more time to escape
    -Squeaky voice
    -Is an easy target since he is outrun by many assassins
    -CC is a major issue with Veigar if you dont have Banshee's Veil
    -Usually gets targeted first since he is so damn squishy but PWNAGE

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: This passive is probably one of the best passives for a caster.
I mean 0.75% mana regen when u have lost a mere 1% of your total mana is sick.
Lets do some math: Lets say we have 50% mana left, then only your passive regenerates 0.75 * 50 = 37,5% extra mana regeneration of your current mana regeneration (regenerationception)!
Combined with runes and items you will get some sick regen late game.

: This will be your bread and butter of course throughout the entire game. When you kill a unit with this spell you get 1 ap, that is an extreme advantage if your gonna farm alot, which I hope you're going to.

: High damage, 1 sec delay. Early game it's really not that wise to use it all the time for minion waves, i prefer to use my Q one by one so i get as much ap as possible. But when late game arrives, thats the time to unleash your W.

: Your survivor spell! Use this for escapes and for the initiation of solo rapes and teamfights. Try to snare the carrys or the ap chars of their team, the one with the most ap will eventually take the most damage of your ultimate.

: One of the sickest damaging spells versus AP champions.
I mean it takes 80% of their AP and turn it into damage, like if 500(+120% of AP) wasn't enough :P

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Skill Sequence (COMBO MOVE)

Well, the only thing I can think of that your wondering about the skill sequence(ranks) is why I chose to level up Event Horizon(E) before Dark Matter(W).
The reason is simple, with Dark Matter(W) you only get some increased damage and also a chunk of increased mana cost which is not that particularly good for Veigar early game.
But with Event Horizon(E) you get cooldown reduction with every rank + an increased stun which will allow you to land all of your combo moves and finish the sucker off.

Okay this is one of the most important parts of this guide, the combo move!
This will take a while to learn in entirely so don't worry if you do something wrong, the important thing is that the enemy is defeated.

First of all the combo move needs the item Deathfire Grasp so i would recommend you to wait for the item before you begin the mayhem.
And one more thing, it is essential that you land your Event Horizon before it all starts, because chances are the dude will escape somehow and you will not be able to slaughter him.
Remember to have your Event Horizon on rank 2 or 3 too increase the chance of you landing everything!

Event Horizon - Dark Matter - Deathfire Grasp - Baleful Strike - Primordial Burst

In other words: E - W - 1(i usually set my Deathfire Grasp on 1) - Q - R

If the combo move doesn't kill your opponent, then the enemy is either extremely fed or your extremely under-leveled due to AFK or something else(i think.. :P).

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Smartcasting is something that makes you do an ability when you press the button instantly, and then meanwhile have your mouse cursor on the target.
It's a little faster than pressing a button and then click on the target, and it could be a matter of life and death.

When performing these combo moves it's essential if you use smartcasting.
I've recently discovered this and it's the best way to play Veigar.
To use smartcasting you start a game and then press ESC, from there you click on "Key bindings", and then you click on the smartcast buttons. Originally they are set to [Shift] Q, W,E and so on. You change those to Q, W and R.
Don't change E because you want to see where you place your stun.
And scroll down a bit more until you reach "Smartcast Item". Just change the first one to 1 and your all set.

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As u know, everytime Mr. Veigar kills a minion with his Baleful Strike(Q) he recieves 1 ability power.
That is your main objective in the beginning since you are very squishy and want to stay back and pick up some AP before hell breaks loose later on.
(Tip: Caster minions have lower hp which increases your chance to pick up a minion kill, focus on them before focusing on the warrior minions).

Later on you can use your Dark Matter(W) to blast the caster minions for some quick XP/GOLD.
This also works on the wolfs, golems(little later) and the wraiths.

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Summoner Spells

My two favorite summoner spells are:
Flash: I've dodged so many potential killing attempts with this spell. Just keep one thing in mind, and that is that I prefer using this as a defensive spell (escapes etc..).
Teleport: I chose this as my second summoner spell just because of the extra MID PWNAGE.
You really have to stay in lane as much as possible to farm you Q, so this is the ultimate spell to stay in lane with.

Alternate summmoner spells:
Ghost: This has also saved my butt millions of times when im oom, ganked, stunned etc.
Ignite: I've seen alot of Veigar players getting loads of kills with this spell, if you prefer this spell - use it!
Exhaust: Not my favorite one with Veigar, but if your a master in the arts of Exhaust, then by all means - use it!
Clarity: More mana = stay in lane longer and kick more ***. That may not always be the case but this spell can sometimes be good for the little evil warlock.

The rest of the summoner spells doesn't match Veigar's playstyle.

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The items I have chosen has been decided after more than 50+ games with Veigar.
I have tried alot of builds and gone with some crazy builds, some of them good, some of them not that good.
My point is that these items that I have chosen have been the best set so far for me, and since i have alot of experience with Veigar i decided to share this build with you guys in hope that you become better Veigar players.

These are the chosen ones(for me):

I find these items fun to play with since they give alot of AP and MP and i especially like Zhonya's active which makes u invulnerable for 2 seconds (much like Kayle's ultimate but with less time), it's very useful for teamfights when they target you, and trust me they will.

But here are the CORE items that is a must for this build (the rest is up to you):

There are some compromises you can do to perhaps counter-attack the team you are facing.
If for instance I encounter a heavy AP team i usually go for Banshee's Veil because of the magic resistance and the kickass passive. This also works if the enemy team have heavy CC.

If I want to go a little bit more AP to really nuke those bastards i go with another Archangel's Staff to really stick it to them.

So you see, I don't ALWAYS take the original build but I do however use it in 85% of all my games with Veigar.

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Situational items

After some requests i've inserted this chapter which will be about situational items.
Of course there is the original build which is for facing a balanced team with both AP and AD.
But there are times when i've seen teams with only AP or AD, and that is just better for you since you can stack armor or magic resistance.
Remember, the items buying orders are entirely up to you. So you really don't need to follow the exact item order purchase.
For example: You are facing a tough AP champ in mid and he is kicking your ***. So instead of just going with it and continuing buying AP stuff, try to counter him with some magic resistance so he has more trouble beating you. Always think SMART!

This is typically my build for countering a heavy AD team:

Why? Because Frozen heart and Zhonya's gives you a total of 150 armor together which is enough armor.
But it's the passives that are great. I wrote about Zhonya's passive in the "items" chapter so i don't need to write about it again, and the Frozen heart gives you 500 mana (+15 AP for Archangel's staff), 20% CD reduction and reduces enemies that are in a range of 1000 with 20% of their attack speed so they won't go crazy on your a**.
One thing that has great synergy with Frozen heart is .
If you are willing to sacrifice either Zhonya's or Frozen heart to this badboy then be my guest, because both works awesome.

Now lets go over to my counter heavy AP items:

As you can see I have chosen and for my counter heavy AP items. The reason why is because they both synergize very well with Veigar. Banshee's passive is like a "get out of jail card" every 45 seconds which can save your a** countless of times. And the Abyssal scepter really gives you everything you need, a chunk of AP, a chunk of magic resistance, and of course -20 magic resistance to any enemy nearby.
If your really in to stacking MR then you can also switch your to a . But i would not recommend you to do that, simply because you need the MP before the MR.

So thats some info about countering heavy AP & AD, but as a little bonus for my dear readers that have come this far, I will list a couple of more situational items and type what they do and how good they are.

: Nice item which synergyze well with Veigar's passive and gives a nice 30 MR and an extra 7.5 MP5. Early game item.

: Nice defensive item with kicka** passive (Zilean's ulti but on you all the time when its active). Great armor stats and MR stats aswell. The only downside is that the CD on the passive is 5 min.

Meh, I personally don't rely on this item at all, and the reason is pretty simple. If I am doing bad at early game then im really not going to make any progress at all with this item, but if im doing good I will probably own the entire game.
So it's not my cup of tea, but if you want to risk your game, go for it. If I would pick this, I would pick it over the Void Staff.

: Good item with some nice stats. But it's really not my cup of tea. The passive is also on the Frozen Heart but it has more defensive items instead.
I do not use this item.

: Early game item with good sustainability and decent AP. Good if your having trouble with someone bursting you kinda hard at start. I've chosen it once and i did not like it since it messes with your overall purchases.

: Once again nice chunk of HP together with 80 AP is not bad at all, and the passive is excellent for catching up with enemies you weren't able to kill.
But if you didn't kill your opponent in your gigantic burst then you shouldn't be focusing on this item. You already have your stun for the burst so you really dont need that slow.

: Well 80 AP and 25% spellvamp equals alot of healing done in a short time because of your super burst and constant farming of minions. But I feel that Veigar doesn't need to sacrifice AP for spellvamp since he focuses primarily on doing DAMAGE.

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I'll keep this one plain and simple.
These are the runes that im using and that works really well with Veigar:

9x 9xGreater seal of replenishment 9x 3x

The magic penetration really gives Veigar that little extra pwnage power late game together with Sorcerer's Shoes and Void Staff if your going with the original build.

The mana per 5 is really good for staying more in your lane and it also stacks with your passive which is just awesome.

And finally that extra 15 ap which gives Veigar a nice advantage early game and really gives you those extra minion kills which you would not be able to get without these runes.

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Team Work

When you are in mid you should constantly look at the other two lanes.
Never go too far in mid if you see that 1 or 2 enemy champions are missing from the other lanes.
Be particularly careful if there's a jungler in their team, then you should stick near your turret at all times since veigar is the number 1 ganking victim for junglers.

Ganking is an important part of playing mid Veigar and you should always look for opportunities to strike another lane.
For example, the enemy players have pushed the lane and is attacking the turret, then that is the time to strike! Just ping to your allied champions so they get a heads up and then nuke the **** out of the enemy players, when it is done you either go back to mid or you B for a fast recovery so your mid opponent doesn't get any free xp.
Make sure this happens after you have killed your mid opponent and you have enough hp/mana for a gank.

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Late game buffs

At about lvl 15-16 your going to want to get the blue buff which is a major boost for Veigar.
The blue buff has everything Veigar needs:

    -Super mana regeneration so he can spam abilities like crazy and still have enough mana to do it over and over again.
    -25% cooldown which is extremely sick.

So if you see that the blue buff is available, don't hesitate to get it - because it's only benefiting Veigar!
Naturally the blue buff is for Veigar since he is the ap carry in the game, so if anyone steals it from you, then you have unfortunately joined a noob team (happened to me a couple of times).

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Now that you have hopefully finished the guide you feel excited to try Veigar out since he's such an amazing champion to play.
If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment and i'll do my best to improve this guide even more!!!
And please go easy on me since this is my first guide and I have still alot to learn about creating guides.
And once again i apologize for my english, if you see any minor grammar errors or stuff like that, don't hesitate to PM me and i'll try to fix it ASAP!

BTW, more stuff to come in the future if I get enough requests!

I don't think I have anything left to say but GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN!!!