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Vel'Koz Build Guide by SkollArt

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkollArt

Vel'Tank for Nina

SkollArt Last updated on March 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is just a little guide for a friend, who will kill me after seeing this cause she pretty much told me not do it. Like there was no point. So. I have a deathwish. So ignore it.

So don't mind it, I'll work on it, in order for her to kill me. Like violently.

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Team Work

Ashe's one of the best champion Vel'Koz can get along cause of their CC. Ashe's can slow and so also Vel. Which adds the stun with WW as Ashe can land her ulti, which follows with Vel's ulti. You'll see yourself rocking botlane.

Jinx's pretty easy as well, cause of her W and E allows you to land your skills much better. With some nice teamwork you can own the lane with no issue.

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Yes, you are right. Everyone will go WTF. They have, I've tested. In ranked, and I shouldn't had. I know. :x But it works. Midlane didn't go so well as the other lanes were failing, but support Vel works pretty well. People hated me, more than Teemo, first game had a Teemo in our team, and they didn't complained about him, but me. Second game they had a Teemo support with Tristana, and crushed botlane so bad.

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Record so far

Vel'Koz now has sustain, and is able to actually help to take down enemies in teamfights. And save some people's butt.

Last test of the night
In this game I went against Akali, I got first blood. Seems all I need to do is to build mana regen early game and get the coin for that amazing health regen and you can sustain yourself in the lane forever. Akali kept trying to kill me, but I was healing too fast and getting mana regen with such low cooldowns. 0 AP still and got first blood, that passive. I got AP after midgame. Later on I was just the bruiser with the ulti, got around 2/3 of their health down on a team fight, final, and we just pushed and won. They were upset cause of my build and my team was screaming: "WTF!? Noob VELKOZ" and also "Build more AP!" Yet didn't build a lot of it. Probably around 250 AP or less. I had 20 CDR and that was pretty decent actually. Maybe you won't need 40% unless you really wanna spam your ulti.

Had another match and had to say just cause you are Vel'Koz they will target you, however it is not that easy to kill you now, since you just deal nuts of true damage with slow and stuns. Just build speed and kiting is easy. Your poke in team fights, able to use your passive can easily take down a good chunk of their health by a good distance.

Saving team mates with your E and Q and W. And W again, it can turn the fight around for them and get a kill. I did that a lot of times, it was silly. I've been using Flash and Ghost a lot lately. It is actually fun. You can also secure a kill by slowing them after chasing them.

Though a suggestion, never try to land your E on Master Yi, Ezreal, Kata, Fiora cause they might wait to get in reach to flash around you. Wait until they are done, then set your E and have fun making them cry.