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Yasuo Build Guide by Very Good

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Very Good

¤ Very Good's guide to Yasuo ¤

Very Good Last updated on January 19, 2015
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Hi! I'm Very Good (lol), I started playing League of Legends in season 2 but quit for a while as I had a lot of stuff going on in my life. I picked it up again around season 3 and I've been playing again ever since. Well, enough about me.

Yasuo is by far my favorite champion. He is so strong in lane once he gets a crit item and if played properly can easily get multikills in unlikely situations. He can also turn a fight around very quickly with his ult. Yasuo is my favorite champion because in all of my time of playing League, I've never played one champion that I simply did not get bored of. I can play Yasuo as much as I want and never get bored because he has so much potential to make plays and there is always a way that you can do something better and that is what makes Yasuo genuinely interesting and makes it feel like every game is a little bit different with him.

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Pros / Cons


+ Can block projectiles and turn fights around with Wind Wall

+ Steel Tempest acts a nice a poking skill in lane and has a low cooldown

+ Doesn't have a resource. One less thing to manage.

+ Sweeping Blade provides high mobility and has a 0.1 second cooldown at Rank 5.


- One mistake (such as missing your q or not getting off a good dash) could potentially lead to your death

- Hard to get used to at first

- Playing in a team where you are the only knock-up can make team fights difficult at times

- Gets countered easily and is countered most of the time.

- Has large windows of time when he is vulnerable (mainly when Wind Wall and your passive are down)

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These are the runes I am currently using for my Yasuo. It has pretty low base ad and starting with a doran's blade only gets you to about 66 ad. Even still, you can still use your E to help you last hit and whatnot.

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Personally, I always try to get Statikk Shiv first if possible because the crit + movement speed really helps you out once you get it. If you have to, you can also get berserker's greaves before it though. Once you get Statikk Shiv your damage should really start ramping up so grab an Infinity Edge to start dealing really massive damage. From there you can either grab a Ravenous Hydra or Blade of the Ruined King. Recently, I've been choosing Blade of the Ruined King over the ravenous because of the % damage which helps out more against tanks and the active also gives you a speed boost which is very helpful in some situations.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence I'm about to suggest a little bit different from the one shown above, the only difference is that you start with Sweeping Blade instead of Steel Tempest. I found that starting E against champions that are slower, have weak level 1's, or take a lot of timing such as Cho'Gath and his Rupture is effective as you can mitigate most of their damage while having a lot of mobility and also dealing a lot of damage to them.

On a side note, I would not recommend trying this if you are not yet comfortable with Yasuo as this can get you into some pretty deep ****.

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Team Work

If possible, try to get a team with at least one other champion that has displacement. Champions like Orianna or Malphite are great choices for this as they can proc his ult with their displacement and wombo combo the other team. Also, if your jungler has Vi, that would also be a great combo as her ult + your ult is automatic death for whoever is being targeted.

During teamfights, try to use your Wind Wall similarly to how you would use Vengeful Maelstrom. You want to use it where you think the most is going to happen and you also want to use it to block any major skill shots such as an Ezreal ult. Really the main point is to protect you and your team and turn the tide of the fight with a single skill.

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Farming as Yasuo should be pretty straight forward, you can use your q to poke the minions and the champion at the same time if they're melee. Sweeping Blade + Steel Tempest is always good for hitting both the champion and the minions and also closing some ground for a gank.

If you can manage to lay down some damage on the enemy champion I would recommend using q first then letting the auto attack go through because it is faster than auto --> q. Also, your q will come up sooner.

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Some Tips

Just a few tips to keep in mind while you play Yasuo:

You can dash through jungle creeps to go through walls. This can save your life and also make for some pretty flashy plays.

Putting down a Wind Wall and walking back and forth through it while fighting a ranged champion is very good when you are dueling.

Time your Sweeping Blade to evade attacks instead of going in head first to every fight.

Using the Sweeping Blade + Steel Tempest combo can turn around a lot of fights at top because a lot of champions don't have a very good way of dealing with that kind of mobility + damage.

This is not my video but it does highlight a lot of these tips so enjoy!

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Overall, I think that Yasuo is an amazing champion and is really fun to play despite what some people think about him. I feel like to really unlock Yasuo's full potential you have to be able to do more than just buy Statikk Shiv and Infinity Edge. This is my first guide and I know that it's not very pretty because I haven't added many pictures or anything and I apologize for that. Hopefully this guide has helped you in some way and has made you better in some way. XD. Thanks for reading!

P.S I also might add a section that explains lane match-ups if I have time. :)