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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chrooom

Very in depth season 5 Vi jungle guide [Diamond] [4.21] [Ad

chrooom Last updated on February 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys,
i am chrooom, a diamond player on EUW. i am not a native english speaker and this is my first guide on mobafire. Vi is one my favorite champions atm and i feel like she is one of the strongest junglers in the current patch. However, i see her played wrong in many instances such as build path and ingame combos. With this guide i want to help junglers across all elos with understanding the champ better and kicking *** with her in ranked.
I would really appreciate some feedback both positive or negative and im looking to update this guide on a regular basis.
I will add jungle match-ups to this guide very soon.

edit: kinda fcked up my placements, thats why im just plat atm :D

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- extremely versatile ad bruiser, can be played damage heavy as well as full tank
- easy first clear with Denting Blows and Excessive Force
- good clear speed at all stages
- good at scermishing
- constant power curve, strong at all stages of the game
- not that hard to learn but no low skill cap at the same time (space to improve)
- HUGE dmg output with low amount of dmg items
- great snowball potential
- one of the best initations in the game, epic lockdown
- auto attack reset with Excessive Force
- ...


- not that good when playing from behind
- skillshot reliant ganks with her Q
- enemies might flash during her ulti what can make her find herself in akward postions (e.g. under a tower)
- can be hard to play correctly at the beginning

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21/9 for early damage in general. Sorcery cause we take 3 attack speed quints and vi has high base cooldowns. However, we just take 3 points in there so we can put one in Dangerous Game which is imo one of the best masteries. Double-Edged Sword is worth taking for sure. Butcher and Feast are great for jungle speed and sustain. the rest is basically standard for ad junglers.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Vi´s abilities have great ad scalings but a high cd, thats why i take ad marks for upfront damage but attackspeed quints for better jungle clear. armor yellows are standard on junglers. i take 6 cdr blues in order to get 5% at level one along with some magic resist.

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Obviously start Hunter's Machete along with 2 pots.
I recommend starting Warding Totem for early scouting, but you should switch to Sweeping Lens quite early for easier ganks.
On your first back you want to complete your Stalker's Blade and get one Long Sword atleast. If you have more gold to spent just get two and maybe even Boots of Speed. You want to complete your Stalker's Blade - Warrior as early as possible.
Grab a Vision Ward and some Stealth Ward whenever u have a little bit gold too spent.

Your midgame damage core item is Trinity Force, nothing else. No Ravenous Hydra, no Blade of the Ruined King. Vi can utilize all the stats which Trinity Force offers and she can proc the passive frequently with her Excessive Force. Get Phage first, then Sheen and then finish your Trinity Force. Clearing one or two extra camps in order to have enough gold for Phage over Zeal is well worth it.

If you feel like you are too squishy in ganks or you are struggeling you should get a Giant's Belt before your Trinity Force.

More often then not i get Mercury's Treads for the mr and tenacity. You obviously get Ninja Tabi against full ad teams, if you are doing very well and you feel like you are the only hope for your team get Boots of Mobility.

You want to build tanky after your Trinity Force as you will most likely be the initiator in your team. 4 times out of 5 you want to get Randuin's Omen first, if their adc is behind and they are very magic damage heavy get Banshee's Veil earlier, you want to have both though.

Your sixth item is very situational. If you are doing well you can get The Black Cleaver for more armor shred on top of your Denting Blows or Maw of Malmortius if their team is magic damage heavy. You also can get Warmog's Armor for hp and health regen. Frozen Heart (against fed adc), Spirit Visage (against heavy ap), Thornmail (versus full ad) Iceborn Gauntlet and Guardian Angel are decent options as well.

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First clear route

Start bottom side at your krugs/gromp and ask for a good leash from your botlane (remember that taking Denting Blows level 1 is really important even when invading). Always smite early in order to have your smite back up asap. Make sure you get the solo xp from the camp. Then we wanna skill our Excessive Force and take the first buff. We want to autoattack it first and then use Excessive Force to reset the aa timer. always use your e like this (also when scermishing), it increases your damage output immensely.

After the first buff you should find yourself with more or less 300 hp. You can take your potions now and directly go to the second buff. Activate your passive as often as possible.

You should have your level 3 and your double buff at around . Now you should still be healthy enough to go for a gank. Remember: Most other junglers have a more difficult first clear, many recall after camp-> buff -> camp. So dont be in fear of being counter ganked bye a full hp level 3 enemy jungler at this time.

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Ganking pre 6

Vi has a strong pre 6 gank, but it´s all about you hitting your Vault Breaker. Remember that it does more damage when it is fully charged and hitted from max range. If you manage to hit it you want to autoattack the target once and then use your Excessive Force. Repeat this when you have 2 stacks on it. Use your chilling smite early when available.
With this combo you will dash out tons of damage. If you meet the enemy jungler and long range q-> auto-> e him you will win the scermish more often then not.

A great tool for your ganks is your Vault Breaker + Flash. With this you can gank from a higher distance and maybe even the fog of war. You want to acticate your Q and wait until its fully charged. Then you press flash and release your Vault Breaker.

You can gank a lot pre 6 but make sure you dont fall too far behind the enemy jungler. If your ganks are succesful you obviously can continue ganking but you aren´t allowed to fck up much more then lets say 3 ganks before your buffs respawn. You should not be too far away from your level 6 after you take your first respawned buff. If it takes you one or two camps more this is fine.
This is just for your orientation and by no means a scale for how good or bad you are doing. If u stand 0/0/3 at the time of your first buff respawn and you are still level 4 this is obviously perfectly fine as you helped out your laners.

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Where to gank?

This chapter is less about Vi then about jungling in general, but it might be one of the most important parts in this guide. The following thought you should keep in mind when ganking:

Where do you and your laner have kill pressure?

This is a huge point and there are some things that are important regarding this question:
- What damage do I have?
- What damage does my laner have?
- Which summoner spells do the laners have?
- Are some of them on cooldown?
- Who is pushing/ will push the lane?
- How likely is it that my gank path is warded?
- What mobility spells does the enemy laner have? Might he use it offensively like for example Distortion?

What would happen if I run into a counter gank? How strong am I and my allies in a 2v2 (top, mid) or 3v3 (bot)?

Which of my lane match-ups have the biggest snowball potential??

E.g.: Zed vs. Ahri is more gank worthy then it is Dr. Mundo vs. Garen as your Dr. Mundo probably wont be able to snoball his lead bye solo killing the Garen or impacting other lanes like Zed might be able to.

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Ganking combos post 6

Vault Breaker --> Assault and Battery --> aa + Excessive Force

Use your Q to get in range for your ulti.

Assault and Battery--> Vault Breaker--> aa + Excessive Force

If you dont need your Q to get in range for your ulti just use Assault and Battery straight away. You then can follow with the q for even more lockdown. However, if the enemy uses a mobility spell after your ulti you might have a hard time hitting your Vault Breaker.

Flash+ Vault Breaker --> Assault and Battery --> aa + Excessive Force

This is the combo which provides the most cc/dmg. Use it against high mobility champions like Ahri. If executed correctly the enemy won´t have a chance to escape even with their mobility spells up.
You wanna hit your flash q for the knock-back and immidiatly follow with Assault and Battery. Like this you can follow the enemy if he uses e.g. Flash. If you manage to land your Vault Breaker this combo should always result in a kill.

Always use your E as an auto-attack reset.

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Mid/late game, teamfights

When you have your Core Items completed ( Trinity Force, Stalker's Blade - Warrior and some tank stats) you can 1v1 most champions. Use this for trying to make picks for example in their jungle.

In the teamfights youwill most likely have to initiate for your team. Look for a good target for your Assault and Battery. Prioritize the damage threads like adc and midlaner, but look at their defensive items. Think twice about ulting a guy with Zhonya's Hourglass, also you dont always have to use it on a carry.

If a squishy support like Sona or Nami is a littlebit out of position you can pick him up as well.

When engaging you have to make sure that your team can follow your engage. If you for example Vault Breaker --> Flash --> Assault and Battery you will most likely be able to ult a good target because you can close even huge gaps between you and your target. But remember that you will find yourself way in front of your team as you just used three mobility spells. The enemy team might just focus you and you are dead before your team arrives. I see many people doing this who then say: ""gg they focus tank and we still lose". This is obviously not true because in fact they didnt focus you, they just picked you up.

The longer the game is going on you have to stay closer to your team, because even when you build tanky you will only survive a couple of seconds when a five man team piles on you. Keep that in mind! Sometimes its better to let the other team engage and then use Assault and Battery as soon as a priority target steps too far forward

When your adc is really far ahead you can also peel for him. Use your armor shred with Denting Blows and maybe The Black Cleaver and your cc with Vault Breaker and Assault and Battery to help him kill the opposing frontline.

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That´t it, thanks for reading my Vi guide. If you have questions feel free to leave them here. As i said in the beginning i would really appreciate some feedback from you guys or when you upvote the guide if you think it was helpful.
I hope you learned some new stuff, have fun playing Vi in ranked :)


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