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Nasus Build Guide by VexXel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VexXel

VexXel First guide: Super Nasus~

VexXel Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Nasus what many define as a tank or ad well this is a slight mixture of both and this slight guide well show you why a few quick things though-

    1.please try the build in game first before trying to down and or insult it,it helps to get other peoples info to try and improve it for the better

    2. I like reccemendations for howto improve the build and the play style

    3. don't troll.... that's my job :D

Enjoy ^-^!

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For Marks I choose these for surviveability it is always key to staying in lane and holding your own against your foe. These give you +o.91 armor that totals up to at level 1 with all 9 runes a bonus beginning of +8.1 combined with your beginning item of Doran's Shield that's +18.1 bonus armor at level 1.

For Seals I highly recemend these they matter all throughout the game especially early game, if you over push yourself and get OOM these well be your life saver with 0.065 mana regeneration per 5 seconds per level 1.17 each at level 18 their use is quite amazing. At level 1 alone your at a total of 0.585 at level 1 which is quite allot of regeneration at level 1 totaling up to +10.53 mana regeneration at level 18.

Now my glyph's run on the same base as my marks, Surviveability it is and always well be key to dominating anyone. With Nasus having a lack of magic resistance these help you dominate your lane if your soloing or duo laning. with +1.49 magic resistance each I enjoy running them flat especially early game their quite amazing, totaling up to +13.41 magic resistance at level 1 it comes down to once you have these first blood well be no problem.

My quints are of personal preference i enjoy run speed early game for the advantage with my other runes to rush first blood if i am soloing or am laning with a heavy DPS.

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With these masteries I run tanky/iniation encase our teams tank is dead or unable to initiate correctly i'll do it in his place, my 1 point in offence is for the summoner spell buffs now all located in just 1 skill throughout all 3 options. My 21 points in defense leads to useful health regeneration and speed buffs which is always nice and making the enemy do increasingly less damage over fights. Utility 8 points for mana per level, enhanced recalling, mana per level, mana regeneration, and movement speed.

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Core Items

These Items make you who you wish to be all others can be switched out for better items that fit your need and situation such as Guardian Angel. This item I commonly switch out myself for some of the following,

These items all fit for different situations, if theirs tons of AP on the enemy team then Force of Nature well be your way. If their AD is dominating the opposition then Thornmail is your safe way out. But if you are dominating and wish to continue to do so I usually get The Bloodthirster.

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Summoner Spells

NOTE: summoner spells like runes are of personal opinion

Ghost: chasing and get away possibly initiating this is the difference between life and death

Exhaust: need to win that 1v1 to bring a **** down knowing you can beet him? then you see that massive attack speed and crit...sigh... oh wait...EXHAUST.... halves their attack speed and slows their movement to the point where they cant escape if they flash pop your wither and their down.

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Pros / Cons

good damage and survivability
can do massive damage with his Siphoning Strike
Wither is the second best slow in the game stacked with Frozen Heart it can subtract their movement speed to 80-90%


    Stuns hurt early game
Siphoning Strike is your main damage if it does not get used for last hits you wont fulfill your damage role
Good DPS champions are required for your role to also be filled.
Is better in a solo lane then in a duo lane
Is said to be an "EZ MODE champion"
Spirit Fire well OOM you very quickly

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Unique Skills

Nasus has a few unique skills:

Siphoning Strike (Q): this as id said before is nasus's bread and butter farm it by last hitting minions the Sheen and Trinity Force stack with it making it stronger and stronger you get +3 damage per minion kill and +6 per dragon kill

Wither (W): this is the second best slow in the game only falling just short of singed's because its not an AOE, this slows the up to 60-80% on its own if you don't follow exactly by my build and replace the ga or banshees with an item i'd suggest Frozen Heart it stacks so hard enemy's well never escape your reach combined with your W, Trinity Force and Frozen Heart

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Nasus has many combos but some are more crucial then others,the usual initiation style to engage with him is the following,

Wither-> Siphoning Strike-> Spirit Fire-> Siphoning Strike

If you are initiating for your team the combo would be as follows,
Ghost-> Fury of the Sands-> Spirit Fire-> Siphoning Strike-> Wither-> Siphoning Strike

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In the average game your goal early on is dominate your lane with your partner,and destroy your lanes turret ASAP. Reason for this is the sooner mid game comes the better off you'll be, during your laning phase or, "Early Game" you'll usually accomplish the following items, Doran's Shield-> Mercury's Treads-> Sheen. Those items are average for your lane. Once you accomplish destroying your turret you will be doing the greatest thing you were made to do, SOLO PUSHING. Yes this is your time to shine this is where your team must strive and you must push. During this time you'll be farming up gold, Siphoning Strike and your Warmogs Armor. Gaining more and more survivability as you push and massively dropping their turrets as you push. But with a usually half smart enemy team they'll catch on after a turret or two and send a person to counter you. But little will they know, you farmed up. By this time you'll have gotten your Warmogs Armor fully stacked have bought your Atmas Impaler and if your lucky and timed your hits correctly, your Trinity Force. So you'll dominate your opponent usually get a kill on them and then 1 more turret. But the enemy team now noticed 1 can't take you so they'll send more. Sadly your time to shine is over now you prove your worth to your team and show your bread and butter to the enemy team. Your Siphoning Strike is usually +300 or more by now combined with your Trinity Force which makes it hit even harder you'll be initiating for your team tanking and dominating anyone who dares to stand near you. You'll be getting kills/assists more and even more gold pushing more and more alongside your team popping Siphoning Strike on the occasional minion. Now after winning a team fight or 2 you'll have quite a large stock of gold saved up, if they thought you hit hard with your Siphoning Strike, Trinity Force, and the occasional critical from Atmas Impaler their in for it now. Infinity Edge well be your buy, increasing critical damage from 200% to 250% and raising your attack damage by 80 your Siphoning Strike well now critical hit every time and hurt 10x worse. If you haven't pushed for the win and are messing around with your team and just have even more gold to spare go ahead and finish your build with a Guardians Angel. Resistances and a second chance to go and push for the win.

Fighting a fellow Nasus

Well theirs always those times where the other team also has a Nasus.The situation though is highly dependable for now we'll run both teams have jungle's and your 1v1 on top lane. Early-mid game it well come down to who can farm the most the quickest then win a fight and take the enemy's tower. in this circumstance when it comes down to a solid fight where your both committed and if you know you well be soloing top before the game starts expect anything. in a Nasusv Nasus the one who life steals the most well win so id suggest before an Atma's Impaler get a The Bloodthirster this well replace your Guardian Angel you well be stacking this with your Siphoning Strike, your Warmog's Armor and now your The Bloodthirster this well give you bonus AD, and life steal so you'll remain victorious and dominate your lane.

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Laning Partners

Nasus has very many options for "Laning Partners." Some of the best I have found to be most successful with are the following:

Alistar he gets gold items such as a Nomad's Medallion and allows you to get all farm.
Sona The bonus resistances and regeneration is quite useful, it well keep you laning longer.

Wukong The knock-up ultimate and his own passive keeps them both in lane dominating the opponents to get an easy push.

(well be updated more as info is submitted by testers and the more I have figured out who to lane with as Nasus ^^)

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Well all in all I hope you enjoyed the guide ill update this if patches come ill update with pics etc, if you try this and do good or not even so good and have questions please message me if you wish to submit I appreciate all feedback thanks :D

havea nice day and have fun on league


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10/6/11- Added "Unique Skills" section
10/12/11- Starting to revise and re-do guide stay tuned for more updates :D
10/17/11-Started "Situations~" section :)
10/24/11-Added new section to, "Situations~"
11/8/11-Re-did "Items" section, it is now "Core Items"
11/16/11-Updated masteries!!!! GL on season 2 :3!!