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Vi Build Guide by ilililillillilil

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ilililillillilil

Vi is for Victorious - (S5 12/02/2015)

ilililillillilil Last updated on February 11, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Vi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Evelynn Evelyn is a tricky one to place. She can beat you but you can also beat her pretty easily. If she ever falls behind she becomes practically useless.
Warwick Warwick won't try to kill you early but his late game is painful watch as your team mates die to supression. If you get to late and you haven't gotten into their base expect to lose. Unless he is the only tank of course in which case just blow him up.
Sion Sion is new to the jungle. His ganks aren't fantastic but he can out trade you if you can't dodge his skill shots / he misses. Be careful of his passive if you use your Q to kill him he may end up getting you back. He may end up just going fully tank which really is a pain in the ass. Don't focus him if this is the case and go for the squishies he can't defend them very well.
Nautilus Nautilus isn't really a problem for you 1v1 but more for your laners, if you can predict where he's going to gank and can counter you will probably win the engage. But if he catches your laners without you he can snowball his lanes pretty hard and become unkillable. He is notrious for sliding in behind mid laners and blocking their escape path. Sight stone is a great way to negate his usefulness.
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Hi I'm ilililillillilil I have been playing League of legends for about 3-4 years now (honestly can't remember how long). I play all roles fairly well but my bread and butter is Vi. She can hard carry many games, her outplay potential is very high, she has great AD scaling. She clears jungle fast, her ganks are strong. Normal build path allows you to 1v1 any champ so long as your not behind. She is also a safe pick into most junglers.

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Runes are simple. 15AD/9.0AMR/27MR This is your build if you expect to be invaded or feel you'll have to 2v2 a lane pre 6. If the jungler is more AP heavy (like elise) 15AD/27AMR/12MR is a good choice as you will lose early invades to elise and this will mitigate the chance of her killing you. The scaling armour is for the mid to late game, You don't need it for clearing jungle camps. If you feel safe then about reaching 6 without being invaded and you don't really plan on invading the enemy then 15/27AMR/27MR is best. It's free gold past 6. Just a note that while the runes say 27AMR / MR they're actually much closer to 26. Finally if you lack many runes / pages 15AD/9.0AMR/12MR or 8.5AD/14%AS/9.0AMR/12MR work. Also you can swap out MR for Flat CDR or scaling CDR but this causes problems in build paths if you don't want to overcap your CDR.

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Runes are pretty Simple 21/9/0 with 1 - 2 points in the offense tree that can be moved around to fit what you'd prefer. The 9 points into Defense are a little more flexible. You can swap out the 5% bonus armour for 2hp/5 and if you feel you may be invaded on (I'm looking at you shaco) then 2 points into block. I see some guides suggesting skipping Bladed Armour in favour of Unyielding and this again is ok if you feel like you may need skirmish in the jungle. The choices you have to decide between is clear speed vs risk of invade or gank deaths. Also bladed armour does make it harder to reset camps as it bleeds the target causing them to re-aggro as they head back to camp.

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Item dependent Jungling

Items are where it gets interesting. Now this is really dependent on your jungle route and how safe you feel. In lower tiers jungle invades are much less likely and if they do happen they may just steal a camp and leave. As you get higher up and junglers are more proficient at their jungle champs they've learned when they're strong when they're not and how to abuse the enemy junglers weaknesses. Unfortunately for Vi this is prety much 1-6. While she can hold her own vs most junglers early, certain champs like Udyr, shaco, J4, Pantheon, Elise can really screw you over early if they catch you on a camp especially if you've used Q to damage and bunch them up. So, What do you do?

Well lets first talk about jungle paths. There are are few options. Lets say you start top. You're jungle path clear should be Gromp (smite) > Blue > Wolves then back (Don't smite gromp if Shaco / Elise / Nidalee are enemy junglers) as they will most likely try a fast red, then blue invade.

Once you back you will have just over 400 gold depending how fast you cleared and can afford crystalline flask + 2 pots (or a ward) You can choose to upgrade your Machete right now if you have 450g. You then heal up for free then rush to your red clear it and then clear Raptors (or you can skip raptors and invade blue). If you cleared raptors you should be on exactly 442 / 480 xp to level 4. If you smited red for the heal / safety secure then you won't have the raptor buff to check for wards (this is important because if you have this buff you can sit in mid top brush and level up on free mid xp) at which point you can Gank mid, roam top through river (clearing scuttle crab) and clear out any wards protecting top / mid or you can check blue. If you gank and fail be wary that some junglers can level 3 dragon maybe get bot lane to check it quickly. You can go clear golems before you back if you need the gold / xp. During this time it is also a good time to just pop into the enemy junglers blue camp and see if it's there. Sometimes you can get lucky and catch them clearing it (usually not) but really you want to drop a ward to watch for their gromp. If you bought a 3minute ward this is where it becomes super handy. Also knowing exactly when blue camp spawns can be important for the 7-8minute invade where you should be level 5-6.

Well done, now you have just successfully failed a gank maybe :P but you farmed efficiently and can now upgrade your machete or buy a longsword + boots or buy crystalline + boots or Long sword + crystalline. Your choice here will determine the next 2 minutes of the game. Boots + long sword means you should gank where as Long sword x 2 or long sword and flask means you can farm or gank and you are saving money on pots which means more in the near future. If you went flask early and upgraded your machete now what you upgrade it into will determine if you decide to farm or gank. This really comes down to reading the map, the enemy laners, your laners and a little bit of intuition. If lanes are pushed towards your team then ganks become easier but if they have strong escapes then they're harder, if your laners have no cc or don't have burst then they're even harder but sometimes just your presence can force a summoner which means you have effectively shut down that lane for the next 5minutes from being aggressive. Also it may turn out someone has died and you should head to the lane to soak up the xp / gold that would otherwise go to waste or you may need to defend a lane who's been bullied out but aren't willing to back.

Something worth remembering if a lane that has used their summoners become aggressive or a lane that will obviously lose an engage due to low hp/mana start trying to kill you, you can assume they have jungler backup. And that knowledge is very important because if you see this happening you can make decisions like whether or not to invade their jungle, maybe do drake, maybe gank another lane. Even without vision of the jungler lanes that play aggressive that are behind are either stupid in which case free kills and you don't even need to be there or they know something you don't but secretly they're giving away that information through their actions.

From this point onwards games become too complicated to really describe accurately. So many things may have happened. What is important to keep in mind is that the junglers job is not to save a losing lane your job is to gank lanes with the highest likely hood of success regardless of what lane that is while also maximising your gold income by clearing camps. losing lanes are only worth trying to save if you can combo with them well. Secondly if you feel that a lane is feeding too much and is going to lose the game buying a sightstone can help stem the bleed, It may cost you gold to protect your team mates lane with wards but it's better than fighting a fed jungler.

Things to remember, in ranked. If the enemy jungler is likely to invade early, early stat runes are important for survival. If you die to an invade don't stress just make sure to buy a ward + few more pots because if they decide to invade you on your next buff and you see it coming you can collapse with your team on them or you can retreat safely. It also means you can take your buff safely if they don't invade.

One side note, if you expect a pre 1:55 invade (ie blitzcrank, thresh, braum + some other form of cc on their team) you can simply ward up your entrances and then counter invade the their blue / red. Just make sure your mid / top lanes know what's up and hopefully they help you because if you get caught trying to take a buff by one of their laners you can be sure you'll be behind and the enemy jungler will steal your opposite buff camp.

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Final Notes

While this guide isn't flashy like others which to be fair I'm lazy but also who needs to read ability descriptions that's what lolwiki is for. I believe guides are here to express learned knowledge and to give you insight into the decisions you should be aware of and why they're important. The rest of it just comes with practice. Good luck summoners.