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Vi General Guide by tristan5108

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tristan5108

Vi: Punch your way to victory. (This guide is still in progr

tristan5108 Last updated on December 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Intro/ Who is Vi?

Hey guys, tristan5108 hitting you up with a Vi build. Vi was just recently released (at least, today of 12/22/12...). Now you may be wondering, who is Vi and should I get her? Vi is a melee/fighter champion who can dish out TONS of damage, be tanky, and zone out carries in fights. While for some of you that might turn you off, it certainly is a valuable role and should be taken seriously. I play Vi aggressively early game and become a nightmare mid/late game. If you are slightly interested in Vi, I would highly recommend buying her. (BTW, I'm not here to make fancy and pretty guides. I'm here to give you a guide, no matter how it looks as long as you get the info :D I'm trying to make this as quick as i can to get it out to the public. I will eventually make this a very pretty guide.)

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The Monsterous Pros/ The Critical Cons

The Epiclicous Pros:
1.qpapanbpans SO MUCH DAMAGEEE

2.Very tanky late game

3. AOE Auto attack ability.

4. Escape tool

5. Ult is able to chase down enemies easily (and the cooldown becomes much less as the game progresses.)

6. Super duper fun. Like duper fun.

7. Able to farm easily with E. (Best late game.)

8. Make's carries cry.

9. A viable jungler

10. Your Vi. What else is there to say :D

The Critical Cons

1. Can become mana hungry early game.

2. Squishy until two Dorans/Phage.

3. Q and E are sometimes hard to land (I will later explain in the build)

4. Can be countered by ranged tops (Jayce, Teemo, etc.) and is countered by common toppers.

5. Q can be interrupted while charging

6. Hard to get a ult on a carry in a big team fight if they are all clustered.

7. She relies on farm and a good early.

8. No natural sustain

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If you just look above, you'll be able to see what I put my points into. I prefer 9-21-0 masteries because of her tankiness. With these items listed above, it gives a nice bonus to your tankiness. And the 9 points in the Attack section is just for early game, it becomes a little useless late game, but I'm all about early game and giving a good impression, so I just put it into that. Please feel free to do 21-9 also with more damage late game, but loosing a bit of tankiness.

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I take 9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage runes, 9 Greater Seal of Armor, and Glyph of Scaling M.Resist. I just take these because this is an average solo top Rune page. Armor Pen. runes are also acceptable, but you already have that pen from Black Cleaver. I just prefer the attack damage for my aggressive early game. Go ahead and do whatever you like =D

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Items/ Explanation

As always, start out with Boots and 3 pots. Go straight into two Dorans. Now you may be wondering, why not save up for a Phage first? My explanation: Two Dorans is cheaper than a Phage combined, gives the same amount of attack, and brings a little sustain. Now AFTER the two Dorans, go into the Phage. You will be surprised at how tanky you will be. These are your early game item. If you feel like you MUST get a Brutalizer, go ahead. I prefer the phage with the health, slow, and attack damage.

MID GAME: Go straight off into the Brutalizer, and with a Ruby Crystal. After about 5-10 minutes, you SHOULD have enough for a Black Cleaver. This is probably around 15-25 minutes, depending how many kills and farm you have (My tip is to farm for about three waves and go roam. You'll be surprised how much money you can make in that time. The Sheen shall be waiting for you, and now you'll be a TRUE nightmare. Sheen is one of my favorite items, and after using a abililty, your next basic auto attack will do the amount of AD you have. And after a few more rounds of farming and maybe a kill or two, you will have enough for the magical Tri Force!!!

LATE GAME: By this time, you should be quite dominant and an impact in team fights. It depends on your level, but you should have nearly or above 215 AD. That is great at your level, and you do massive damage at this time. And sad face,it's time to sell one of your Dorans. Get a Chain Vest or a Null, depending on their team composition. The Guardian Angel shall arrive, and now you are truly Rambo as a girl. You might die in a team fight? Screw that, Guardian Angel don't give a ****, it's the honeybadger. Say goodbye to your long friend Doran Blade and get one of the items listed below.

Maw of Malmortius: This is one of my favorite items on any fighter, and enables them to be in a fight longer. Many people underestimate MR, and you'll be happy when you get this. Not only does it give you tons of AD and MR, both passives will help in any team fight. Getting low on health? Good, punch even harder. (See what I did there :D)

Randuins Omen: A great item on any tank, tanky bruise champion to shut down ADC's. Is there ADC dishing out the most damage? Well get this. It's passive makes any enemy champ's attack speed and movement go down. It's active is great, enabling you to get away safely or catch that squirmy champ who is trying to get away.

Frozen Mallet: Another great item on Vi, it can enables her to easily chase down enemies while hitting them. Not to mention the MASSIVE amount of health it provides and slight AD, you can really be a help with this item.

Bulwark/ Ancient: While I haven't gotten these items on Vi, it could really help you fulfill a tank role in you comp. I wouldn't recommend this in your core build, though.

Atma: This is sorta a controversial item, because it depends on your build. If you're going with a Frozen Mallet and Randuins, be sure to pick this up. But with my build, it doesn't go too well with it.

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Vi's set of abilities are varied and dishes out bazillions of damage.

Passive: Blast shield: Vi charges a shield over time. The shield can be activated by hitting an enemy with an ability. This Shield is equal to 10% of her maximum health. And has a 18 seconds cooldown at lvl 1, 13 seconds at lvl 7 and 8 seconds at lvl 12. Explanation: So really after you use you Q, E, or Ult and it's not on cooldown, a shield will pop up for a few seconds that is equal to 10% of her max health. USE: This is a great passive for early game. If you are going to initiate a fight 1v1 top, make sure to this is not on cooldown and they are at about the same/less health. If that is all good, make them go QQ with your shield and punch away.

Q: Vualt Breaker: First Cast: Slows your movement speed by 15% while increasing damage and dash range over 1.25 seconds.

Second Cast: Dashes forward dealing 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+) to 100 / 160 / 220 / 280 / 340 (+0.7) physical damage and applying Denting Blows to all enemies hit (deals 75% damage to minions and monsters). Stops upon colliding with an enemy champion, knocking it back. Explanation: A dash ability that has a long range and knocks enemies back. Charge up for first press, second press is to dash. Can be interrupted.USE: This ability enables Vi to be accessible throughout a fight and able to gank. It can be quite nasty throughout the whole game, and stacks with her W. Max this 2nd.

W:Denting Blows
Every 3rd attack on the same target deals an additional 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10% (+ 0.05%) of the target's maximum health as physical damage, reduces its armor by 20% and grants you 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% attack speed for 4 seconds (max 300 damage vs. minions and monsters). Explanation A third attack against an enemy unit. Once it hits it's third attack, it shreds the targets armor by 20%. Gives an amount of attack speed depending on level.
USE: This enables Vi to do an extreme amount of damage againts any champion in a 1v1. It's like Vayne's Silver Bolts, but in physical damage.

E: Excessive Force:
Causes next basic attack to deal 5 / 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 (+0 .7 Attack Damage) (+0.7 Ability Power) physical damage to the target and enemies behind it.

Vi charges a new punch every seconds and can hold 2 charges at once. Explanation: An AOE basic auto attack buff that deals damage in a straight line. USE: This is my favorite skill on Vi that, to be used appropriately, can deal the most damage out of all the skills (Maybe except for her Ult...) It can be used to farm real quick and clear out waves of minions. It's also allows Vi to deal damage to everybody in a team fight (If aimed correctly) Now this ability is quite hard to master if you are going to try and harass in lane by hitting minions. It's hard to angle where a champion will move next and hit a minion at the same time.

R:Assault and Battery
Targets an enemy champion and chases it down,knocking it up for 1.25 seconds,dealing 200 / 325 / 450 (+)physical damage.

While charging you are immune to crowd control and will knock aside enemies in the way,dealing 75% damage to them. Explanation: This is an ult that enables Vi to dash a far range and knock up a enemy in mid air. She cannot be CC'd while dashing or in animation. USE: This is most likely Vi's signature move in a team fight, enabling her to push aside any champion to her select champion. This is an absolute monsterous initiate to a fight, allowing teammates to own that champion. The cooldown becomes a much less as you keep leveling this. Make sure to prioritize carries in team fights so you can get them out of it or kill them :D.

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Skill Sequence

Since I'm trying to get this build out into the public as quick as I can, I am not putting the pictures for the skill sequence at the moment, if any of you were wondering. Now if you scroll up a bit, you will see my skill order. Now some of you might question why not take a point in your Q first or max Q first? Well this all depends on your preferences and what you want to do. I like maxing E first because I'm able to dish out a very larger proportion of damage. If you did not know, this ability resets your basic auto attack timer, so you can auto attack and then use your E for additional damage. This is very scary early game for a trade off (reminds me of Jax's W.) So whenever E is up, put a point into it. Next is your Q, which you should put points into it after your E is maxed or level 2 and from there on. Your W should be last in your skill sequence. Of course for your ult, put a point into it whenever it's available.

If you are confused at all, just look at the top of the page at the skill sequence.

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Early Game Guide

As I've stated in the pros/cons, I said that she is squishy early game. I'm not lying. She's quite squishy. But no need to fear, two Dorans Blades are here! Okay, maybe that was a little cheesy, but two Dorans are excellent items I've found on Vi. My first few games I got phage, but I still felt like I didn't do a freaking bazillion amounts of damage that everybody promised. But when you get two Dorans, you're quite the bully in the lane. Let's go onto performance: Now in your early game, make sure NOT TO SPAM YOUR ABILITIES. You will be sad and maybe QQ. Take it easy for the first 6 levels and try not to make any plays. If they try to harass, there is the time to trade. But don't just spam your E, it can definitely tempt you. As long as you follow this, you will have a fine early.

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Mid Game Guide

This is a fine time for Vi and is probably her stand out stage. You have her ult in 2 points or nearly there, your E is maxed, and Q is becoming more powerful (Sorry W, your time to shine is late game D:) With your Brutalizer or Black Cleaver, you can destroy any champ at this time (Including tanks, which won't be too tanky at this time in the game). Gank a few lanes or try and help out mid. It could really help your fellow lanes out in the late game. Now I assume this is the time when 2-3 people will push a lane and try and destroy a tower. There are two solutions to this: Wards and Teleport. While I don't take Teleport as a summoner spell, it can help save or push towers in this phase of time. I prefer wards. Wards are one of my favorite items in the game, because not only does it give vision, it can show where enemies are located and you can assume where they are going. if you see two people going bot lane, tell mid and jungle to get down there while you handle top. If you opponent is the one pushing, COUNTER PUSH. Do this. If your teammates aren't low on health, then it's very likely they will be able to hold them off. Going back to items, make sure to finish a Trinity Force during this time. This will be the end of mid game.

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Late Game Guide

Some might say Vi falls off late game, but I digress. I actually feel like I make the biggest impact in late game. I only have a few things to say about Vi in late game: Make sure to hunt down the ADC or APC in a teamfight, and stay close to your teammates. If you can follow this, you'll most likely live. Get a few wards (or your support. I don't care who gets them, just get them) and ward areas where you'll most likely find enemy players out a position. After that, GG :D

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Jungle/ Jungle Route

Vi is also a great jungler and has great ganks. I would recommend getting Hunter's Machete and 5 pots. Start blue with a good leash. I would recommend starting with you W, because it gives a AS boost for a few seconds, so it'll enable you to clear through blue quicker. Get your E or Q, it really doesn't matter. I would say E for more damage, and Q to get to camps quicker. Either way, it's your preference. Once you get red, either head up for a gank or get golemns and then gank top. Sometimes I'll go down and get wraiths to get to level 4 and gank mid first. Other than that, just hold down your Q when you are going to gank. While it's charging mid way, pop out and by then it'll be fully charged. Release onto the champion, knock them back, and you'll get them quite low or kill them.

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I would have to say a lot of champions can counter Vi. I feel only as if two counters are hard counters againts Vi, and that's Jax and Teemo. Yes, I hate Teemo too. That's why I feel as if Jax is probably Vi's best counter. I main Jax and have played a few matches against Vi's. Jax is unbeatable. You bring out more damage after level 6, and you can dodge basic auto attacks from Vi. ( Her W will still stack, though) Teemo is just blah. I feel terrible playing Teemo. Just do me a favor and play Jax againts Vi, not Teemo.

I'm not to say this though: Jax will always beat Vi. It matter by the amount of skill output each have. I've played againts a Jax top lane. I barely beat him out. If a player know's how to play Jax and plays well with them, it's more likely you're going to lose againts him lane.


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