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Taric Build Guide by SwaglordJesus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SwaglordJesus

Virginity Stealer 5000 [S5 Jungle/Top/Support Guide]

SwaglordJesus Last updated on June 3, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Taric with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kalista Because of her potential to hit you while running, she is probably one of your hardest AD counter.
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Creeping / Jungling

Your W is just an awsome AoE. Low Cd. CDR with your passive. Free sustain with your Heal. Perfect.

For Jungle routine i recommend starting with Gromp. Try to get a good leash. Then take Blue. If it has around 1000 hp, hit his little Helpers once. Then go on and smash the **** out of Blue. The same goes for Wolves. After those 3 camps you should take Krugs and smite the big one. Then you can take Red and smite this one too. Then just take Wraiths AND use the same technique again by hitting the small ones once and than kill the big one. Around this time your blue buff is over. Then you can just jungle as long as you want. You probably only had to use 1 healpot till then.

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Creeping / Match up's [Top]

You won't have that much of a problem with farming. I haven't played him top lane that much so i can't give you information about how to counter ... . But i can say, as long as you got armor, no AD Top laner will be able to kill you solo. I had to face Olaf, Quinn and Singed. Those are the games i can remember. Olaf could get first blood by tower diving me with his jungler lvl 4. After I got my Frozen Heart, he thought he could 1v1 me, ran into me with his ult. I just waited till his ult ran out and turned around and spammed.

I killed him. I have to say, he wasnt much of a "awsome" player because he just bought armor against me, eventhough all of Taric's abilities deal Magic dmg. (Little Fun Fact: After I killed him he respected me more than i thought. HE just stood behind minions and farmed badly. From time to time i stunned him and went all in for just 2 seconds because he got scared and flashed away)

Quinn was a pretty hard match up i guess. She could harass me constantly but not as hard as someone who is squishier. If you got Frozen Hearth, she wont be much of a problem.

Singed was at first a hard match up. He tried to harass me with his Poison trail. I just bought Spirit Visage first Item and had no problems. After Spirit Visage and Armor Boots I went into him 1v1 and with that i could get 5/1 in lane.

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Items [Jungle/Top/ Support]

As written in the Notes above, thats a pretty strict build, that almost never fails. For the Last Item we need some more explanation. You can buy Last Whisper if you want but remember: "Taric doesnt need Last Whisper because he already has enough Penetration."

If you dont have to face Vayne in your enemy team or anybody who deals dmg scaling of your hp you can get everything that gives you health. If you want to slow with your W and your Ult take Rylais. If you want more dmg take randuins omen or thornmail. You want another Life? Take Guardian Angel.

As Support you can fully upgrade your Support Item to have a 6th Item or you can just sell it. It's up to you.

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Skill Sequence

Not much to say. Take you W first. Then Q. Take E as 4th. Then max W. Then E. Then Q. It's that simple.

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Pros / Cons [Jungle / Top]


Almost no one that deals Ad can 1 v 1 you.
You deal massive Dmg with your W while you buff your allies.
If the enemy team does not protect their carry within the teamfight because so much is going on, just go and kill them. You can single stun their carry and **** them over.
Awsome jungle and wave clear.

If the enemy Ap carry gets fed, you gonna have a hard time.
If enemy team is full Ap you gonna have a hard time too.
Thats it.

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Team Work

Graves + Taric Op Botlane... Maybe.

Ever tried Taric + Ad Twisted Fate?

You got double on hit stun plus Ad TF got his E which makes every 4th AA much stronger. As long the enemies dont have annie support who goes full ap and almost oneshots TF you are ready to destroy the enemies.

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You may be asking youself: " WHAT THE HELL I DONT NEED 600 Armor LVL 18". Just take 300 you got enough and then take health... Well, you are right but you are talking about Taric.

Taric is special. He needs 600 Armor eventough dmg reductions caps at some point. Your passive and W deal more dmg so it's pretty funny to have 600 armor and also it's funny to see people with Last whisper who still cant deal you any dmg.

You get 86% reduced dmg with 600 armor. With 300 you get 75% reduced dmg. See there is not so much difference but it makes a difference if you deal 600 dmg with your W or just 300. AND thats a greater difference.

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Summary #2

If you recognize any gramatical or verbal mistakes pls feel free to inform me about. If you want to share you experience with your Taric build or you have questions about anything just write me and I'll inform you asap.