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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vladimir Build Guide by Expected

Vladimir Ranked Playstyle

Vladimir Ranked Playstyle

Updated on December 12, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Expected Build Guide By Expected 217 42 540,258 Views 131 Comments
217 42 540,258 Views 131 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Expected Vladimir Build Guide By Expected Updated on December 12, 2011
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Introduction of Build

My build mostly focuses on making

a Hefty Power house,
If used right likely will never get much deaths
while putting out
tons of dmg.

, , ,

Making Champion Build is like Making Yu Gi Oh Decks

IF you have played Yu Gi Oh before, you would know what Im saying better. But, others will understand too.

In Card battle game called Yu-Gi-Oh you have to make Deck of 40 Cards, however you have to be smart.
When making these decks. Because without main points, "Theme" to a deck,
Than that deck is a "shtty multi deck."
In LoL all Champion Builds needs a theme.

Like Old Deny , With three EXP quints and Exp buff , and denying Enemy solo exps.

This build is my very own, "Unique" build and "Theme" is to make

Powerful and Flexible to unexpected situations as much as possible.

I hope you guys enjoy this build and thank you for reading this small introduction.

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Introduction of Myself

I have 2 account

Expected : Lvl 30 : Raised with my sweat + blood

Lidds : Lvl 30 : Gifted by my friend when he quited this game. Had 54 champions and 4 skins
Compared to my Expected, that's 50 more champions and 4 more skins
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I almost likely never get all the above listed items.

I've just listed what I thought was the "Most likely" to go with.

However, not only vladimir but League of Legend is NOT a game
where you can always stick to one build and expect to even climb to 1400 rating in ranked.

If I had to list all the Items I used on vladimir so far,
I would've had to added every single items in League of Legends

[ Yes I've made Tanky AD vlad before I'd advise against it ;) ]

Starting Items

Is always recommended from my opinion.
Extra speed 1with 600 extra hp doesn't hurt

Some people may recommend +
But its not as durable and 20ap won't scratch that much difference in your power
in fact it might hurt you more, when opponent has boot and you can't catch them.


Will of the Ancients

Its just a simply an amazing item for vlad. 70 Good solid AP. [50 flast 20 aura]
and great spell vamp 25% + 4stack of which most of the times allows vlad to farm 24/7.

Rabadon's DeathCap

No argument about it, Its the best AP per Gold ratio in game and the amazing 30% buff on AP.

Everything else would be "Optional Items"

First of all


I recommend following 4

Great shoes, with 35% debuff on all Crowd Control[cc] effect on your champion

Most recommended and effective shoes for vlad, by my own personal opinion
with runes it will give 29 Magic pen. and most squishy champs you'll hunt down only has around 30 basic Magic resist, Meaning your will hit hard.

This one needs little explanation.
This is a boot to get when you feel like you need to help your team a lot,
Effective when ganking across the map after recalling, by popping ghost along with it.
You must have decent farm and good enough score to actually afford to fail ganks.
While it is a risky factor to leave your lane to help your team, if you do it correctly you'll never have to complain about your team being bad ever again ;)

Not my fav. choice, however still very viable on many Vlad builds.
It just doesn't synchrolize good enough with my build that's why I'd advise against it.
Other boots are more effective if used with this build.

To gank boots of mobility is way better + Map control wise.
Boot of Swiftness while giving little extra boost on speed takes away anything else vlad would be better off with. Little better harass little more speed won't make a lot of difference on vlad trust me.

Finally the Big and most often "argued" part.

Actual Itemization.

This Item I consider as 4/5 for Vlad.
[5/5 for any other casters. its a must have against tanks and squishes with .

This Item I consider 4/5[+] after the update giving
ability to Slow down its enemy like CRAZY.

is without a doubt 5 out of 5 for Vlad.

Anyways, So far it will be like this

, , , .
, , , .

At this point eating Blue Elixir and such you'll have more than enough AP [Over 500 ap]
to hurt your opponent badly. So let's get some defensive into the build.


Little bit more Tanky item for Vlad Which I would give 5 out of 5 for is the following.

QSS : Is an amazing Item. Cheap + Good Magic resist and GOOD OLD CLEANSE.
I played this game after the patch however I heard a legend that long time ago OLD CLEANSE was able to Cleanse everything, I mean EVERYTHING [ ignite,single target ulti etc]
That's what this Item is able to do. Two words, Freakin, Amazing.
Especially champs like vlad where if you pick him in Ranked Games your opponent team sees that and Stacks at least 2 Ignites to you.

you just laugh at em'
when Opponent thinks they have gaurenty kill
when they you on 100 hp and run away
you just laugh at em'

Zhonya Ring. : You gotta be smart using this Item, adding on to good Armor + AP for decent price its active is amazing. When or when a that is about to kill you is flying towards you press this Zhonya ring conviniently and you'll escape death many times.

In this case you don't have to choose between two, I always get em' both if I get a chance to
So build should look something like.

, , ,
, , ,

Void Staff + Rylai Combos. because Honestly. Either of those are hard to throw away.
So Here is 2 Options I would give you which I believe won't be as safe but more powerful

, , ,
, , ,



To be discussed in next chapter.


Honorable Mention

Following items are such that if used in other vlad builds with different theme could work very nicely, but it just doesn't work for my build and what I'm trying to acheive.

- Great extra dmg output however, in my build you already do more than enough damege with great survivility there's no room for this baby :(

- Okay this Item gives Magic reisist, AoE aura that lowers enemies Magic resist.
and 2650 decent price, however there's no spot for this item to go in my build.
gives more than enough magic pen + Sorcerer's boots
and you get all the extra magic resist from

Great Item, I'll explain why I get
instead of this in next chapter with more detailed.
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Warmog and Sprit Visage. why not to buy it.

Im personally All time hard core warmog hater.

Anyways first of all, short discussion first.

Many, vlad builds frequently uses I've tried many, many times to work this into my build for the sake of CD after the Nerf on Cool down for but is really not worth it

You have for Magic resist, and Sprit visage's CD passive is not worth changing out for [IconQuicksilver sash size=32]. Never.

and do i really need to comment on that extra bit of heal it gives? You dont need it.
Be grateful enough that you have built in heal + will of ancient. Don't try to go overboard.
Most casters are perfectly, fine. With absolutely no heal that they have. Vlad is just special that he has little edge, using heal wisely early game but, late game we're all the same.

I dont know how many times I have to say this.
It is not worth the money, and worth the space it takes up.

You need the magic pen, maybe QSS + Zhonya Ring for better survivility.
You just don't have room for this which only beneficial
point is to let you become like a Tank. [Literlity, the arsenal tank.]
I like to play Vlad as being a fast mage, hit and out, burst and out and surviving at end.
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Crazysmurf has bought this question up, and I'm willing to discuss in full details.
In my build, you have to realized that unlike all other Vlad build
I don't have .

Price >

Magic resist <

Overall rating as an item =

Overall rating for this build >

Overall rating for Vlad[?] =

While gives great
Health regen + Better magic resist and Movement speed.
It doesn't really fit in with other items in this build.

When you get you pretty much force youreslf to get
for you need some debuff on those CC[Crowd Control] Effects.

is the reason why I throw away without hesistation in my build, [ although sometimes i do get it.]

It removes ANY debuffs, even when your Silenced. Silence
Debuffs including etc.

This is a life saver to many Vlads many times and not only that this is overall a great item. only costs around 1.4k and it'll save you more times than other overly expensive 3k+ items.
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Summoner Spells

Let's Get down to business...
to defeat the huns

Recommended S. Spells!

Your not , your not , your not , YOUR A .

While is an amazing champion, he does not have any good cc[ etc] except amazing run + chase + slow on so when squishes like pisses the Crimson Reaper off because she knows can't stun or one hit kill her when she has , you just back slap in the face by every where go.

Not only chasing down squishes and eating num num num on them like Mr.Gentleman Cho does.
you can run away from any ganks that you've gotten your self in.
Honestly lot of people say Vlad needs but he doesn't.
I mean early game you might be crippled with 1 or 2 kills that you could possibly get or lose a fight against Champions like or which you could've won with . But, for a greater good mid and late game you need to give up on .

[When + and such has against you and you don't. just don't fight and farm Don't get killed either <- HONESTLY not hard as . Chance will always shine upon .]

Now how to efficiently use both summoner spells

Best escape method isn't -> or -> .

Best escape Method for VLAD is FIRST Than

I can't stress this enough because even I, who I think is pretty much the best vlad player in game panicks sometimes and forget to use my amazing escape combo.

You get the speed of + Speed bonus from and invincibility for 3 seconds.
and if they're still on you than just for extra distance.
99% of the time you'll be able to escape and laugh at 2~5 enemies that have chased you.
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Tides of Blood < Sanguine Pool?

Trophycase has brought this interesting disccustion to me and Im willing to answer in indepth.

Increasing 30magic attack power per lvl at lvl 5 it gives benefit of base magic attack if you make it into 4 stack with 100% damege buff basic would be 300.

however while this being Vladmir's best attack in team fight, It is not worth to increase 240 magic attack [ 120+ with 4 levels and 4 stack 120+ ]

and throw away 8 second decrease in CD for
each and every second for CD on can be a life saver
and when hits lvl 5, you at least use this skill twice per battle
which is VERY useful in many fights where you need the Chasing + Escaping powers.

Although Maxing out is still good choice
or Going in x5 mixing order.

But, this is my own personal opinion on how Vlad should be played.

I consider getting out of fight alive as vlad very important and
try to max survivility while not lowering any of my strength too much.

Raising W all the way instead of E might give you less explosion poweer
however I feel like it has saved my life more than once just by that seconds on CD,
[ Dodging karthus's ulti and Escaping Gold Card when TF finds you low HP with Destiny etc. ]
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Skill Explanation.


Its very hard to use Pool "Smartly" ALL THE TIME

While being a GREAT escape method
[ possibly one of the best in game ]
In late game it also does AoE dmg of similar to Transfusion [ over time ]

I don't want to get technical but if you successfully Get all - - -

into your opponent late game that'll worth of around 4 dmg
Which is around 2000+ dmg easily. This is absolutely not including your yet.

I don't want to bore you guys making paragraph of everything this spell can do
so I'll list how you should use it.

1. Synchronized with , possibly the best escape mechanizm.

2. Lure in some Projectile attacks Icon=volley size=32 from enemies and duck under to dodge them.

3. In team fights stand in pretty much the center til' all the squishes position themselves in back and tanks and melee up front, and as some of squishy try to attack you under the tanks and go kill them with::

4. When chasing, Like they might poop on you as they go so you can't chase them, just simply pool under their poop and stay on them

5. When chasing with team Use its great movement bonus+slow. Possibly into enemy under them so your team with possible ccteric can stop the enemy and you two can have your ways with the lone wolf icon=warwick size=10.
To make you completely understand the
It takes lot of experience but think of it as a surprise like

Think of it as a Yu-Gi-Oh Trap card you slap your opponent with

EX: Comes at you shooting her you let her walk to you for a bit, than boom under her and chew up with your

Pool is a Wild Pokemon and your opponent doesn't have a pokedex.

Skill + This has no down side, bad effects to it so I won't even bother explaning. But for all LoL game plays learn to click on your enemy as you fight them so you can check their hp and know how much your main skill such as + do and calculate how much you need to win.
Ooh this one needs explanation.

1. At low lvls, use it only when necessary and just a little bit
2. At High lvls, abuse it always try to keep 4 stacks before going into find.
always keep one eye on your stacks.

EX: When in enemy team dissapears from map I back off a bit and use and if it flies out into air and you know for sure is there, just harass her with it until she comes out saying "**** YOU!"
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How to Fight against . . .

I was talking to this one fellow, who read my build and I had few lines of conversation with him over laning against Big Anti-Vlad Champions such as with

and to help others with same problem, instead of answering 50 same questions here I post.



First most requested one

You say you want to kill her, [EX: Expected[All]:Im going to eat you alive Annie]
Than in response you get, [EX: Annie[All]:Pedo]

So you just decide to do farmville lane mid, and this Annie who screamed "Pedo" seconds ago
Flashes to you, summon big Ted on your face and eat you alive.

Child molesting Adult isn't rape? I see a flaw in that law.

Anyways enough chichat here's the ways to conquer her

Made it big bold red for people who wanted to skip my terrible sense of humor.

Annie is by far the most Anti-Vladimir you'll ever see, reason why? vs is so glitchy its not even funny its like ultimate when it first came out.

First of her 's so *****y toward Vlad's that when you dodge her Charged Q with She will still have her stun by the time you come up.

So pretty much you took more than enough of dmg by wasting 20% of your health and now she still has stun to pretty much wreck you before you can do anything.

So, here's how to beat

[Before any of these steps just carefully farm til 5~7, will not stay quiet til you hit lvl 9 A.K.A. lvl 5 so you need to kill her before she decide to kill you]

Absolutely just avoid and be happy trigger with ONLY when she has her charged

harass HARD with When she does not have charged, you'll be able to trade spells and still heal the damege giving you the upper hand.

When has around 1000 hp or LESS, after this long enduring fight.
she won't be playing a "Mice" yet with 1000hp so this WILL waste her charged So like always go in, her and ACT like your backing out, waiting for to be almost out of CD walk away slowly and FLASH!


- AND CHASE HER DOWN WITH and her to death! Because she will still not have her Charged up if you do this quick enough! :D



Jungler such as or
Ganker such as

will wreck you if you get too comfortable with this pattern and
close your eyes to map awareness. [ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN]
IF you need help with any other "Specific" Champion ask me :D !
was the most requested one so i put it up first
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Summary + Vladimir Tips.

Let's be honest here, when I was lvl 1~30s looking around for guides
I would've loved to hear a tip from experienced player with decent stats.

In this case, you are the lvl 1~30s and Im the experienced player about with decent stats
about to give you what I think is the ultimate Tip for .

Farming [ CS = Minion killed ]

Although I didn't make a chapter explaning 'farming' like all other builds let me wrap this up in quick sentence. As a carry with a solo lane, your expected to farm right.

If you can farm better than your opponent
[EX: You have 20 CS when opponent has 10 CS]

Don't even think about fighting unless your 100% sure on winning.
Just farm and open the gaps wide apart. When you have 100cs and opponent has 50cs

50cs= average 1000g or so. 1 kill = 300 g 1000/300 = 3[1/2]

You are already up by more then approx 3 kills. Good job to you.

Leveling Up

I'll go by lvls of transfusion
*Side note: TAKE MID AS .

Lvl 1
Mostly don't even think about harassing your opponent with LONG CD farm farm farm.

Lvl 3
This is when vlad is pretty hefty, 100+ dmg per hit with your
against opponent harass a bit, but not enough to affect your farming.

lvl 5
Nothing much, same progression as lvl 3

Lvl 7 [With no Jungler killing wraiths]
Okay, start pushing hard using and . I mean hard. If you played right and safe
you should've only used 1~2 potions at max and opponent with almost no pots.
You have health advantage, watch you lane and push all your minions to turret
and Go kill . quick as possible, than come back to lane.

Linse and Repeat as much you can without putting yourself in disadvantage in terms of health.

Lvl 7 [With jungler]
You are going to be two face player.
One side is going to be when is off the cd.
Other side is going to be when is on cd.

Scare your opponent out of lane
[ If you can that is, you should be able to if you played right, unless of course, opponent is something like or with ]

and Don't use when your zoning your opponents.

Starting lvl 7 your can really hurt them.[But still hefty CD]
Just last hit minions to best of your ability and when they come near smack them with and walk around a bit, if they come at you after taking run back til' its off the cd and charge them again.

*During this process you have to be sure that you won't be ganked, so map awareness is needed

Lvl 9 [With or Without Jungler]

Your now officially what they call "OP "
Just play it right keep your upper hand, and your jungler should be done jungling about now start takin even if you have jungler, unless he absolutely needs him
[ meaning ask first ]

Harass your opponent with and kick them out of exp zone b.c. you can easily trade blows and still come out positive. If you and opponent lost about 50% hp each after trading blows, back off and to 100% which will guarenty you a win next fight.

Don't be reckless or risk fighting all the way,
when you have wayyy better power than them.

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Aside from Vladimir Tips.

Spamming Tips From My Experience.

Get ready for this spam of great wisdoms ;)

Although it may be long, each and every paragraph has individual tips which I think deserves to be up on this post. So take your time, you don't have to read it all at once.

I can't stress how much Little Things better in LoL.

People walk out of fight with less than 10 hp,
people lvl up during fights throwing you off and making you lose.

So your goal in any kind of game including LoL is to keep your upper hand at all times,
no matter how bad situation or how good the situation it seems.

When Im fed Im always 3~5 lvls above the guy I soloed and their entire team.
When Im not fed Im still 1~3 lvls above the guy I soloed against or their entire team.

Feel happy as you deny one minion off your opponent sayin to yourself
"Now your screwed"

Feel happy as you get sneakly when they don't know about it, because they will just see their exp and be like "he must be just about the same"

Late game, 40~50 minute into game. DO NOT MOVE AROUND ALONE.
Your death will cause the end of the game.
Rather than moving alone, lead your team to wardSight ward the entire jungle
and move around bushes and wait to ambush one of their teammates
if they ever seperate out of their group.

Ganking doesn't have to ensure a kill, If you did little dmg to opponent and denied few of their exp you've done a succesful gank, now get out because they're not gonna come back and say hey kill me, your stealing your carry's exp get in quick and get out quick.

is not worth 190G its worth 190x5=950G for your team not to mention the exp, 125Gvisionary ward is worth it, fight over that map awareness and when they're not expecting it eat it.

Late game when your opponents are at bottom, or eating , don't go there, just eat barone and laugh at their face.


Part of christian belief,

Look at youreslf before judging others.
If you have no sin throw the stones.

Even if you got 11 kill 2deaths and your team lost,
see what you could've done better.
There's always a room for improvement,


All I can say is Suck it up b.c. sht happens in life. especially in LoL.

EX: One time I had more kill than entire opponent's team. Score was 43-37
and I had 38 kills. But, somehow we lost because we could not cooperate enough to seperate and defend our base. Also when I was jumped 5v1, I managed to kill 2~3 but we would still lose the team fight after I die, [ They had FOUR IGNITES ]

Honestly in Online gaming its always better to blame yourself,

it get rid of your aweful feeling toward the game for matching you up with shtty teammate
or people that you don't even know about.

It just Improves your skill as a player, learning ways to handle difficult situations.
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Closure Tip, My favorite.

When you want to get better remember this

Solo Que Skill Factors.

10% You are knowledge of a champion you are playing.

25% Map Awareness Situational Awareness.

25% Experience.

30% Ability to stay calm,
playing it out the best you can with no regrets, and enjoy the game.
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What's New 12/12/11 - Closure -

New Summoner Name


Okay, thank you guys, all for the love this guide has hit over 300k+
As of I am, not being a favorable Vlad player as I've before.
I can't give you guys updates or better information on how to build vlad better.

This is ultimate point where I've reached before
I got interested in playing other variety of characters.
Its just my personal opinion, that I shouldn't be updating a guide for other to follow,
When myself hasn't "Updated" much in my knowledge of this champion

I will tell you guys for sure that
This Item Build is NOT the freshiest info., check out other Vlad guide, and I hope you form your own playstyle for Vlad. There are still lot of useful information on this guide.
And thank you all, for who've gave so much respect to me and helped me create over this guide.

I will comeback with more, info. about LoL or build for new champion as soon as I feel like I'm good enough to share my knowledge with you guys. Thank you ;)
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