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Vladimir Build Guide by AsianInvasion

Vladimir - Real Vampires Don't Sparkle

Vladimir - Real Vampires Don't Sparkle

Updated on October 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AsianInvasion Build Guide By AsianInvasion 3,808 Views 0 Comments
3,808 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AsianInvasion Vladimir Build Guide By AsianInvasion Updated on October 15, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



This is my first guide, sorry if it looks horrible, but please read all the way through.

Vladimir: The Crimson Reaper

Ever since I've played Vlad, I just knew he was going to be my main. Vlad is very damage and lane consistent. Also, he can be built both tanky AND AP.

Many people have considered Vlad an OP Champ, even when he has been nerfed many times. In my opinion, Vlad is NOT an OP champ. He has no nuke, no hard CC, and no chasing mechanisms. This guide will show you how I play Vlad.
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Greater Mark of Mana A MUST on every AP Champ.
Greater Seal of Vitality I get this because it can stacks with Vlad's passive very well. By level 18, you should get about 175 hp and 4 extra AP. Every AP counts. Armor and Magic Resist Seals work well too.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction The reason why I get this instead of AP runes is because it's just what Vlad needs after the nerf on his Transfusion. This can help your endgame better. Feel free to pick AP runes if you wish.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power I choose AP Quints instead of HP because AP quints have more uses than HP. With HP quints you just get tankier. With AP quints you get more damage, and better sustainability with more heal from your skills. Also the AP quint stacks with Vlad's Passive better than HP Quints. You can get HP Quints if you wish, as it'll help your early game better, but weaken your end game.

3 AP Quints = 15 AP + 27 Health
3 HP Quints = 2 AP + 78 Health
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Pretty much the standard Vlad Masteries. Almost the same as masteries. Obviously, do not get any mana masteries because Vlad has no Mana. You can switch the Flash mastery for Ghost mastery if you choose to get Ghost.
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Skill Sequence

These skills make Vlad very unique. Let's Go over them.

This is your bread and butter skill. It does sustainable damage and heals a good amount. You MUST max this out first as 12 seconds is way too much. Once it hits level 5, you will have a 3~4 second target nuke that does quite a bunch of health AND heal you.

THIS is what truly makes Vlad special. In my opinion, this is the best skill in the game, better than Tryndamere's ult. This is the difference between a kill and a death, a won teamfight and a lost teamfight, a victory and a defeat, a gg and a bg.
This skill has many, many uses. It can be used to dodge incoming attacks, chase an enemy down for your team, healing when low, or(if you're fed) for plain damage.

It is always important to keep this skill active and never on CD during the laning phase. Being untargetable for 2 seconds while slowing enemies and gaining some health back is amazing. Whenever you see someone coming/escaping, just use it and things will go your way.

Just remember to time it well. Don't use it right after puts a Timebomb on you, you will just lose more health. Also keep in mind the more health you have, the more health you will use up from Sanguine Pool.

Pretty self-explanatory. You deal damage in a small area around you. You can also hit invisible targets. Keep in mind, the more times you use this frequently, the more stacks you get which will make it cause more damage in exchange for more health

By 4 stacks, it will cost 3x more health and do 2x more damage. Also, you gain an extra 32% more healing and regeneration. Don't use it often during early game, but spam it late game.

Even when nerfed, it can still cause quite some damage. Affected enemies will take 14% extra damage for 5 seconds, and take bonus damage after. Always keep in mind that it will damage enemies for a good amount after 5 seconds. Many many people forget about the damage and will flash away, not knowing they just wasted their flash because they are dead anyway. Always use it right before a teamfight for maximum damage.
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Summoner Spells

One of the best Summoner Spells in the game. Can be used to escape and chase.

Since Vlad has no special nuke, he has to consistently damage someone. Once they get low, Vlad can somewhat burst them down and as they escape, just ignite them to ensure the kill. Works well with his ult.

Other Summoner spells that work:

Good for a CC heavy team.
Another substitute for Flash, use this before sanguine pool to escape a heavy gank
Amazing Summoner Spell for Mid. This can help you prevent the gold and exp loss from running to mid
Okay spell for Vlad, but not really needed since he already has a slow.
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Ahh, the part you've been waiting for. Let's break it down

These two are a MUST for Vlad. With just these two items, Vlad can stay in lane forever. He will do so much damage and gain a lot of health back. Rabadon's Deathcap is the MOST important offensive item for ALL mages, especially Vlad. Since he has no mana, this is the item that will grant him the most AP. Sometimes I would even stack this.

I mostly start out with and 3x

This makes maximum survivability and maximum damage.

Then i farm till 1.2k gold and rush a Once you get this, you will probably be around lvl 6~9 and laning phase will be a breeze. Also, get Sorcerer's to complete your boots with magic penetration.

Your next major item should be either a if you are doing well, or a if you are not doing well.

After, during mid-late game, your next item should be

With your passive, this should give you about 644 Health and 92.5 AP. This is a very important item for Vlad because it gives him the CC that he needs. He can finally slow enemies for a good amount for chasing and escaping. Works well with your Sanguine Pool.

By this time the game should end, if not, here's your time to go for either the offensive tree, or defensive tree. If you and your team are doing well, go for
If not, get a You should get both, but pick one first depending on how well the game is going. If the enemy team has no CC, get instead of Banshee. If the enemy team gets no magic resistance, just get another or a

You can switch out Banshee's for a if the enemy team has just way too much CC.

Just keep in mind what you and your enemy team has and get items that can fit in your favor.
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Short and Simple.

If you are new to Vlad, just keep farming and last hitting with your Transfusion till level 9. Once you get to level 9, have your hextech revolver, and ranked 5 Transfusion, everything will be a breeze.

If you are Intermediate to Vlad, do pretty much the same. Go defensively at low levels, and harass at later levels. Follow the build and remember to farm. You might even get first blood before level 9.

If you are experienced with Vlad, save your Transfusion for the enemy. ONLY last hit with basic attacks. Remember that your basic attacks are very low so last hitting will be hard. Harassing will also be hard, but after you've played many games, you will know when to attack the enemy. I've even gotten first blood at level 2!
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As I said, this is my first guide, so it may suck since I have no pictures, etc. But hopefully, you will have read it through all the way. I'm not saying you should follow this build or it's one of the best builds. Just be open minded and try it out sometimes. It has always gotten me wins.

Tell me your comments/questions, I'll always make room for improvements and revise this Build.

And as always, get out there and play

GL and HF, because the Rivers Will Run Red. ;)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AsianInvasion
AsianInvasion Vladimir Guide
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Vladimir - Real Vampires Don't Sparkle

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