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Volibear Build Guide by Darkanis

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darkanis

Volibear, Da Bear

Darkanis Last updated on May 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Volibear is a great tank and an excellent killer. With his deadly blend of speed, aoe slow, and viscous bite, Volibear is one of my favorite characters by far. A fully built and well played Volibear is a potent adversary on any battlefield and a great compliment to any team. A fed bear is a happy bear and happy bears tend to win game by eating the competition. This guide is tried and true. Volibear bite does massive amounts of damage and his this great tank build makes him unstoppable. This build is the only build and character that i have gotten a penta killed with.

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Ninja Tabi's combination of armor, movement speed, and reduced damage from basic attacks gives Volibear a distinct advantage very early on.

This is one of the key elements to any good Volibear. It gives him a vast amount of hp and couples well with his passive heal.

Atma's Impaler is the key to Voli's build. It makes his bite that much more powerful, gives him more armor, and scales with his level and addition hp oriented items.

Thornmail is the bread and butter of any good tank and is a must have by this point.

Force of Nature will give Volibear not only more health regeneration and some magic resist but additional movement speed which bears love. Lastly we have 3 options for the final item of a great voli build depending on the way the game is progressing.

1st option is another Warmog's . This gives voli even more health and regeneration which equates to more attack damage from Atma's Impaer.

2nd is a Frozen Mallet This gives voli more hp and attack damage with the addition of a slow for chasing down those pesky runners.

Lastly is a Phantom Dancer. This is for when you are completely destroying the enemy team and what to expedite things. The increased movement and attack speed simply bolster existing stats while adding some crit into the mix.

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Voli in a Lane

Building Voli as stated and allocating the skill points as I have suggested we will now go over how to lane with Volibear. Voli mostly relies on auto attacks to fight minions and he is somewhat bad at killing big quantitanties of creeps untill he gets his ultimate. Starting out with allows your team to get first blood by being able to isolate and toss back an enemy champion. is vital for maintaining mob controll because it allows voli to attack faster once it stack and you can chomp the pesky enemy champions. is a useful utility skill but should be built as stated above simply because your other moves are more valuable. works great by running into the middle of a mob of minions and activating it because it fears them allowing your own minions to attack for a bit unhindered. Always remember to follow up a successful toss on a champion with as it will instantly slow them allowing you to get in your few auto attacks and finish with a bite. With Volibear's passive you have little need for health potions. Always check to see when it is off and on cool down as it can mean the difference between life and death in a fight. Additionally, if you are lower on hp and want to stay in your lane longer you can always allow a few minions to hit you to proc your passive and restore that health. It is a invaluable passive when trying to escape and going 1v1 with another champ. WARNING: Ignite will greatly reduce the healing effects of your passive and good champions will use it against you. When attacking turrets the only move that Volibear has that will hit the turret is and it does not hit for much as it is. Thunder Claws are a great way to quickly destroy an enemy creep wave and I often use them on the wave right before a push on a turret or under the turret when the next wave comes to keep your own minions focused on the turret. It is also useful in team fights and as a damage boost. Launching from a bush on an unsuspecting enemy is a great way to initiate and isolate enemy champions and flash grabbing and enemy that is just a bit out of range is quite useful and devious but largely depends on which champions you are paired with. Voli works great with characters that have a stun because he can throw enemy champions away from their partners which can then be trapped and brought down.

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Team Work

In a team fight you are the center of attention. It is your job to be the giant bear in the room that everyone is forced to look at. Voli is fast and tough so remember to move a lot and constantly draw the attention of the enemy. Rolling Thunder is always a great initiator and helps to isolate enemy players from there team. Followed up by a quick Majestic Roar slows the player from making a quick escape and allows for a quick kill. Always try to save Frenzy for when an enemy player is low on health because it scales with the amount of health they are missing. It always hits very hard and chomping people for the kill is a rush. Thunder Claws is only useful for clearing big minion waves or in team fights. It can be used as a extra damage boost when needs but is rather ineffective in most situations. If you feel the need to get blue or red quickly it can be popped to help take down the monster faster. Mainly remember to be fast and ferocious. Your a bear act like one.