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Volibear Build Guide by Fuu Enju

Top Volibear Top 11.14| Fuu's Easy Guide to destroy your lane~

Top Volibear Top 11.14| Fuu's Easy Guide to destroy your lane~

Updated on July 13, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fuu Enju Build Guide By Fuu Enju 46 5 113,938 Views 5 Comments
46 5 113,938 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fuu Enju Volibear Build Guide By Fuu Enju Updated on July 13, 2021
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Runes: Tank/Sustain/Damage

1 2 3 4
Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash
Bone Plating

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
For Opportunities
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Volibear Top 11.14| Fuu's Easy Guide to destroy your lane~

By Fuu Enju
Table of Contents
Discord | Twitch
Patch Notes (11.14)
Affects on Volibear

Straight to the Point
What you need to know
Who am I? Why play Volibear?
Runes & Items
Why they matter & how they work
Pros & Cons
Strength & Weaknesses
Bully your lane
Volibear is Life
0.) Patch Notes (11.14)
Affects on Volibear this patch.


1.) Dead Man's Plate armor increased from 40 to 45. Extra armor is always a plus!


1.) Stridebreaker's health was nerfed from 400 HP to 300 HP.


1.) I haven't been updating lately but I have seen some recent patches. Divine Sunderer has become very very good. I recommend taking this item most of the time now. If you still have trouble with this item, you could always go Frostfire Gauntlet as a safe pick.
1.) Straight to the Point
Do this to your enemy opponent in lane!

Pressure the enemy early with your combo burst!

If the enemy has very weak early game, make sure to take advantage of it!

Take advantage of people's greed.

Bring Ignite to reduce healing on champions to ensure they perish...

Sometimes, you have to predict your Sky Splitter...

Always find tower diving opportunities! Only go in when you know there's enough damage output.

2.) Introduction
Who am I?

I am a Twitch VStreamer that plays league of legends often. Volibear is one of my favorite champions. I mained him back in season 8 and 9 before the rework. I used to do the cheese strat and flipped everyone under my tower and knocking them back again while they were being attacked by the tower. I did this by staying under my tower looking helpless and trying to CS close to my tower. This made them impatient. Once they got close enough to my tower, I would flip them and knock them back again while they were getting autoed by tower. My ultimate gave me extra auto attack damage which helped me finish them off. After the rework, I've been relearning Volibear. Here I am making a guide that I hope people would look over because it'll help them climb faster in the ranks. I hope it gives people an opportunity to play top lane with Volibear since some people are not comfortable playing in the jungle. Some people think it's just a jungle champion. You can play Volibear in different roles. I will update the guide as the year goes on! Thank you for reading this, I appreciate you all!

Why play Volibear?

1.) He's a tank
2.) Doesn't really die
3.) Does damage while being a tank
4.) Can dive under towers
5.) Climb ranks really well
6.) Has shields, heals, crowd control, and damage
7.) Good in multiple roles
8.) Great at ganks
9.) His Stormbringer allows for solo/team tower dive fights
10.) Volibear can go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
3a.) Runes
Important Runes

Since you'll be building a lot of health, this rune will be useful because every 4 seconds, your basic attack will deal 4% of your max health and heal 2% from it. This will help sustain your health in lane and do extra damage to the enemy champion.
This rune will be useful when your Sky Splitter grants you a shield. This will give you temporary extra armor, magic resist, and bonus damage on the next auto attack within 2 seconds. This is great for sustaining in lane and making your combo do more damage.
This is useful for lane bullying early game. You will be able to execute your combo without taking too much damage while the enemy champion takes a lot of damage.
Good to have this rune because it'll make your Frenzied Maul heal 5% more and your Sky Splitter shield 5% more. Both increase to 10% when below 40% health.
If the enemy team comp has way too much long Crowd Control abilities, you can take this to add more Tenacity . It is very useful, especially against Nasus.
This is good if you like to do more early lane damage from your combo. I usually recommend taking Resolve route.
This is a good rune if you like attacking with your bare paws a lot. Grants bonus attack damage and heals 9% of the post-mitigation damage to enemy champions with attacks or abilities.
It is good to have triumph when you want to heal 12% of your missing health from takedowns on champions. This will help you fight multiple people longer. There is also a chance this can save you from a tower shot death if you plan on diving into tower. Just make sure you take out the enemy champion to heal off it.
This will help you get your attack speed up and stack your passive The Relentless Storm faster.
Take this rune if you are against an enemy team with a lot of Crowd Control . Combine it with the item Mercury's Treads, you'll be able to get out of Crowd Control faster and pull off the combo burst.
If you know you win the matchup, you can grab this rune to finish the job faster. If the enemy is below 40% health, they will take 8% more damage.
Doing bonus true damage is always a plus. Add this to your combo burst because Thundering Smash, Sky Splitter, and Stormbringer will make this rune work early game.
Great for sustaining in lane from the heals of Omnivamp.

Choose Your Runes During Lobby

Take the few seconds you have left in the lobby to change your runes based on the enemy team. This will help you for counter play.
3b.) Items
Items: Boots

Very useful boots if you are looking to use Frenzied Maul more frequently. It will help you heal faster on marked champions and deal damage faster in fights, especially in 1v1.
Very useful in auto attack based comps because of reduction in damage from auto attacks by 12%.
These boots are great if you want to get more auto damage in and proc Press the Attack faster. This also helps bring up your passive The Relentless Storm faster.
MUST HAVE if there is just too much Crowd Control in the enemy comp.

Items: Mythic

Very useful against melees! This will help you keep enemies close enough so you can use Frenzied Maul more frequently.
If you are against a ranged champion in lane, it is HIGHLY recommended to take this item. It'll help you catch up to them so you can fully execute your combo and also take out the opponent as well. Volibear will go BRRRRRRRR!!!
If almost the whole enemy team has LONG Crowd Control , buying this would be useful because of the tenacity it gives per legendary item. Stack this with Unflinching and Mercury's Treads, you'll be able to roam free most of the time!
Very useful to chunk super tanks because it contains spellblade passive that deals 10% of target's maximum health as bonus physical damage on-hit. Very useful for Cho'Gath.
Very useful in being a gap closer. This will allow you to go in more often to land a full combo and possibly knocking out the champion more efficiently.
Take this if anyone has abilities that gives them speed boost.

Items: Legendary

Good against anyone with healing capabilities. Very useful anti-healing item.
Very useful against champions with speed boost abilities such as Gangplank. Combine this with Stridebreaker and it'll make chasing a lot easier.
This item will help you heal more from Frenzied Maul and shield more from Sky Splitter by 25%.
This item will grant you physical damage on top of extra health that will increase your Frenzied Maul. It will also give you a massive shield that can save you in a solo or team fight. (More damage and you can tank!)
Recommended if you are against a melee comp with a ton of damage that also has a lot of crit.
Helps catch up to ranged champions later in the game. Especially against a physical ranged comp.
Grants more damage and health that increases your Frenzied Maul damage. Good for wave clear and Frenzied Maul can also proc it as well.
If you are against a balanced comp, take this item. It will grant you magic resist, armor, and a big shield for team fights. The more enemies, the extra bonus % resistance you get. (You are the tank after all~)
This item is good against mage comps. Since you immobilize champions with Thundering Smash, your combo will do more damage on your target. It also comes with increase in health and magic resist to make you more of a tank and deal extra damage.
If you are against a mage comp, you can grab this item if you want to maul them to death faster.
Great for mage comps. It'll grant you bonus movement speed to catch up to the mages and grant magic resistance and health. Volibear go BRRRRRRRR!!!
If you are against super tanks, combine this with Divine Sunderer.

Buy Items Based on the Comp

Pay attention to what the other team is building after you have taken care of your lane, this will help you survive certain solo/team fights.
4.) Pros & Cons

+ Can be very tanky and do lots of damage

+ Great in lane bullying due to massive damage from quick and short combos

+ You can win most 1v1 fights when building items correctly

+ Can be played in multiple different roles

+ Has multiple Crowd Control abilities

+ Has a passive that gives attack speed and bonus magic damage The Relentless Storm

+ Has an ability with movement speed towards enemies and a stun as well Thundering Smash

+ Has an ability that can heal of a target Frenzied Maul

+ Has an ability that can shield himself and also does damage to multiple enemies along with a slow Sky Splitter

+ Has an ultimate ability that disables towers, allowing solo/team tower dive fights Stormbringer


Volibear is an excellent choice in top lane when played correctly. If you play champions that are too squishy and you end up dying too often, I recommend trying Volibear out. He has an ability that damages and mark enemies to heal off of while another can grant a shield for himself that also does damage to multiple enemies. This helps make him sustainable in fights. He is very good at 1v1 bullying which can help win lane faster.

- Has trouble against certain ranged champions early game (This can be fixed with Turbo Chemtank.)

- Champions with long Crowd Control abilities can make it difficult to execute his combos (This can be fixed with Legend: Tenacity Rune and Mercury's Treads Boots.)

- Sometimes it is hard to land Sky Splitter (You will have to try and predict the enemy's movement.)

- Mana can be a problem if you are trying to bully too much and failing to land your Sky Splitter (This will cause the enemy champion to have an advantage when you have no mana . Especially if they are ranged.)

- Auto attack blockers make it difficult to do Volibear's combo

- Difficult to 1v5 unless you are fed


Volibear can 1v1 most people if you know how to play him correctly. However, he does have issues with certain champions early game like Teemo. It all depends on how well the other player knows their champion and Volibear weaknesses. Still, I recommend trying him out. If top lane isn't your favorite, you can also try him in jungle .
5.) Combos
Level 2 Combo Trade

You will level up your Thundering Smash and Sky Splitter.

Try to get your passive The Relentless Storm at max stacks and than place your Sky Splitter near the back end of the target but still have the target within the circle a little bit. This will confuse the target for a split second making them figure out where to go. You will use Thundering Smash to stun them in the AOE and auto attack the target 3 times and leave. This will hurt your target a lot early game. If you know you can continue attacking and finish them off, feel free too!

Level 3 Combo Trade

You are going to do the same thing, but add Frenzied Maul at the end. If possible, try to use Frenzied Maul first and mark the target. Wait for them to get close again while they are marked, then execute the full combo. This will deal extra damage to the target and burst their health down. Runes and everything will contribute to your combo burst. This is lane bullying.

6.) Conclusion
Volibear is Life

Volibear is tanky, does the big damage, climb ranks, and also goes BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

(P.S. Mentality is key to winning your games and climbing those ranks :P)

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