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Lulu General Guide by Voosha

AP Carry Voosha's Challenger Twisted Treeline Lulu Guide

AP Carry Voosha's Challenger Twisted Treeline Lulu Guide

Updated on March 4, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Voosha Build Guide By Voosha 28 2 102,308 Views 19 Comments
28 2 102,308 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Voosha Lulu Build Guide By Voosha Updated on March 4, 2014
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Herro I am Voosha.

Hello I am Voosha. I am currently in one of the top 10 3v3 challenger teams (currently ranked 2nd but that can change at any point). I am co-writing this guide with my team leader StevexTony Yaoi who currently owns 3 challenger teams in NA server. We play 3vs3 religiously and are very familiar with every aspect there is to it.
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Differences between Summoners Rift and Twisted Treeline for Lulu

Lulu is my favorite champion and is my main champion for Twisted Treeline. She was also my main champion in Summoner's Rift until they increased her mana costs. :(

Lulu is typically played as an aggressive poking support in Summoners Rift. Lulu's main job is peeling people off the ad carry during summoners rift fights.

In Twisted Treeline, you would play Lulu as an AP carry. She is not a viable AP carry in Summoners Rift because she runs out of mana quickly. It works in Twisted Treeline because the bonus mana regen from the map provides Lulu with more sustained DPS. She is surprisingly very well-rounded in 3vs3 and excels at dueling, poking, harassing, and pushing. The vision granted from Help, Pix! can make or break a kill. There are many spots and bushes for enemies to try and juke your vision from, but Help, Pix!! eliminates this and also extends the range of your Glitterlance. (More on this later in the guide)

You are still peeling somewhat for your team with Whimsy but your main job is to poke away at your opponents.

You must treat this champion as a carry and play accordingly. Her poke is strong so be very aggressive in lane.
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Champions and Team Comp good with Lulu

Champions that have good synergy well with Lulu are champions with gap closers. Additionally, since Lulu provides the team with so much utility, having an ADC (ranged or melee) works surprisingly well, especially in late game. Jarvan IV and Renekton are both good fits with Lulu since they can quickly get into the enemy team and receive lulu's ultimate Wild Growth for knocking up multiple members of the enemy team.

Some of my favorite team comps revolving around Lulu are:

Both Kha'Zix and Renekton can get in quickly and start a team fight. You can ult Renekton to maximize the damage on his ult and make him even beefier, or ult Kha'Zix when he tries to assassinate the enemy carry to knock them up and allow for Kha'Zix to successfully complete his damage combo.

This is actually my favorite team composition. This is a team comp that my friends run and is basically a "protect the Vayne" comp. Fights are always near walls so Vayne can almost always successfully land a Condemn. You have Jarvan IV to knock up and slow, and Lulu can slow, shield, polymorph, and increase health to Vayne. Teams will typically chase and go after a Vayne since an auto attacking one will surely lead to a lost team fight for them. This allows both Jarvan IV and Lulu to do damage while not being focused. Lee Sin is also a very good substitute for Jarvan IV because he can kick away champions that dive for Vayne. This along with Lulu’s utility, makes late game Vayne virtually unkillable (if she can position properly).

This is a strong poking team composition. The strategy with this team should be for Lulu and Jayce to poke them down until they are able to burst one person with with Lee Sin. Jayce with a lulu's ult can synchronize very with a hammer form combo.
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Summoner Spells, Masteries, Runes, Abilities

Summoner Spells

If the opposite team has extremely bursty champions, it is okay to get Exhaust. However, I find that because Lulu has so much control and kill potential early game, Ignite just makes the game a lot easier to push your advantage and snowball. Some people decide not to grab Flash, but I think Flash is always necessary. It can save your life or secure a kill.


There are two types of masteries that I use depending on the team composition.

I take Spell Weaving over Double-Edged Sword because you should be landing auto attacks within your fights anyways, so it'll provide even more damage that the sword mastery and you won't take the extra damage. It only takes 2 auto attacks for it to be more worth it.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Lulu's base damage is very high. For example, Lulu's Help, Pix! and Glitterlance combo does more base damage than an Annie Disintegrate and Incinerate combo at level 5 and is relatively the same give or take a few damage earlier on. Getting magic penetration runes will maximize your damage and get you close to true damage.

You can swap out the 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration for 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist if the enemy team is heavily AP oriented, but for 99% of the games I would say use the magic penetration.


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is my abilities sequence for both Summoners Rift and Twisted Treeline. Practice in bot games or normal games on landing your Glitterlance. One helpful tip to note is that if the enemy is moving in a linear line away from you, you will need to aim the Glitterlance a bit higher than you think. The Glitterlance will release at the position when you cast the spell, however, the enemy champion will not be at that specific position if they are moving. Compensate for this by aiming slightly above them.

It is strongly recommended that you do not level up e before q because Glitterlance is just a lot more useful in terms of AOE damage. Also remember that if you have trouble aiming your glitterlance, try to use your e first so that your q will be a lot easier to hit.
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What to build on Lulu

Core Items

These will be your core items from early to mid game.

Most AP champions should start off with 2x Doran's Ring. I typically do not like level 1 fighting (before minions spawn), so I almost always stay in base for an extra Health Potion. I will always rush Sorcerer's Shoes since I believe magic penetration is the best stat for Lulu. If you are behind at any point before these shoes, I would buy a 3rd Doran's Ring. The next essential item from Lulu is Morellonomicon. This also gives very good stats, some bonus AP, and the CDR is always good (especially for your ult, to ensure that it is up for critical teamfight). Building the Blackfire Torch will give you an added burst to your damage and give you extra CDR. Along with the 20% and masteries, you are nearly capped. After you have completed this build you will be dealing TONS of damage as Phreak would say, you giggle at those who do not have magic resist.

You have a few choices beyond this point.

If you are being focused you can pick up a Wooglet's Witchcap but otherwise you should be going for more offensive options.

Usually if people start focusing you (with a lot of burst) you may need some survivability so the health bonus from Haunting Guise would be the best option. Usually at this point, people start building magic resist, so the magic pen also proves to be very useful.

Since lulu does auto attack a lot in between cooldowns, Lich Bane actually provides a lot of DPS. Not only that, but it even gives bonus movement speed to help out lulu's kiting and poking play style.

Here are more options to go after one or 2 of the 3 items from above.

Against heavy magic damage where you're still being focused Abyssal Mask is a good choice. It provides magic resist, AP, and even more magic penetration.

If they begin to have too much magic resist Void Staff is a good choice for its % magic penetration. Likewise, turning your Haunting Guise into a Liandry's Anguish would also be good against tankier teams.

If they are a well rounded team, and you are still being focused or CC'd, Moonflair Spellblade would be my choice.

If you are running another AP champion on your team and they seem to be carrying most of the weight, pick up a Will of the Ancients and they will love you forever.
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What not to build on Lulu

Rylai's- Even though this item gives both health and ability power, the cost of making one is too high. For 600 gold more, you could build a Wooglet's Witchcap. Also the slow is not needed since your Glitterlance is an aoe slow if you manage to hit more than one person.

Archangel's Staff- This item takes too long to charge for it to transform into Seraph's Embrace. It does not provide much of either defensive or offensive stats.
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General Lulu techniques and combos

Your main combo will be using your Help, Pix! followed by a Glitterlance. Keep in mind that Glitterlance comes out of both yourself and the fairy from Help, Pix!. This means that although an opponent may seem out of range for your Glitterlance, try using Help, Pix! on an enemy minion or a minion in a jungle camp, and then aiming your Glitterlance at them. You can use this combo to safely poke or secure a kill. However, you must be aware of your mana consumption since this combo uses A LOT of mana.

As you get more comfortable with Lulu, you can play more aggressively. Do not be afraid to Whimsy yourself and get in the enemy champions face. Use Help, Pix! and Glitterlance them with some auto attacks after they are slowed. When you do this, you can gauge whether your opponent will play passively or if they will trade back with you. Usually, since you have so much burst, your passive and ad masteries will usually out trade whatever they can throw back at you. Remember to take into consideration enemy minion damage. As soon as you auto attack them, the minions will turn onto you. This is a dangerous move so do not attempt this unless you are certain you can get a kill or get out alive.

Lulu's ult Wild Growth is an amazing tool. It can be used offensively and defensively at the same time. Take note of where your teammates are relative to the enemy champions. Communicate with your teammates on when to jump in, so that you can land an amazing knock up with your ult.
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Refer to my Voosha's general 3v3 guide for some strategic suggestions.

Early Game

One of my personal favorite strategies is to do this.

After waiting for an extra pot in base, you will most likely be bottom lane. After grabbing Glitterlance at level 1, give your jungler a leash on the wraith camp with 1 q and an auto attack. Immediately head to lane after and push the lane as hard as you can even if it means missing a couple of cs. Try to hit has much minions as you can with your Glitterlance to push the wave faster. If you are able to hit the opposing laner with your Glitterlance as well, then you should do so as it provides pressure on your lane. Once you hit level 2, which should be after 1 wave and 1 melee minion, coordinate with your jungler to invade their jungle and deny their exp. If you are able to have a level advantage while your junglers start a duel in mid (usually for health pack), you will be much more useful because you would have another skill which makes a huge difference in early fights. Top lane should also consider getting a quicker level two and pushing lane to respond to jungle fights. If you can get their jungler low enough to retreat back to base, then you and your team can take their altar for bonus gold and extra damage (after you capture your own of course).

Be Careful

Since you did leave lane to gank, if the enemy bot laner did not leave to counter gank, they would have a huge experience lead. Play safely and poke him down in order to gain lane control back. After your gank, their enemy jungler should respond, so always be aware of the position of where your champion is relative to the map. Do not be pushed too far out without help being near by. Getting caught alone is one of the main reasons people lose 3v3 matches.

Mid Game

Once you complete the hextech sweeper, it should be safe to say it is midgame. If early game was played correctly, midgame is where you and your team should really shine. You should have enough AP and magic penetration to effectively burst down those who didn't build any magic resist. Use the hextech sweeper to check bushes in order to avoid face checking them. Surprise team fights are always best to avoid unless you are the ones giving the surprise. So group up with your team a lot, catch enemies out of position, deny their jungle, and take altar control and objectives. If you do catch one out, determine whether your team can group for their turret and push 3vs2. If you don’t think you are strong enough, you can just deny their jungle and take their altar.

Always save your Whimsy for the main damage dealer. The one or two seconds of cc can change a teamfight drastically.

Another key skill to learn when playing Lulu is when to shield with Help, Pix! or use it on opposing champions. If you can get your Help, Pix! off before the enemy team can even engage you should do so. However, if they are already engaged onto your team, shield whoever is low. This is also a good tip for Summoners Rift.

Another key skill to learn is when to offensively use your ultimate Wild Growth or defensively. If one of your team members is in the middle of the team and you can knock up at least 2 of the enemy champions and at least 1 of those 2 is a main damage dealer, then ult your teammate offensively. However if one of your teammates or yourself is being focused hard or if there are 2 members of the enemy team are on one person, ult defensively and immediately. This may seem obvious, but many people ult too late, so late that they are still low and must run. Ulting early can win team fights.

Late Game

If it ever gets to late game, you can no longer effectively burst down someone by yourself. There are only team fights during late game. Typically they should be fought under your tower, catching the enemy team at Vilemaw, or catching one person of the enemy team out of position. Stay grouped as often as possible. Knowing when to use Whimsy on a member of the enemy team and when to use it on a teammate is crucial towards winning team fights. Use it on a teammate if they need to run and the enemy team has used all their major spells. If they have not yet, for example if Cassiopeia has not used Petrifying Gaze, you should definitely used Whimsy on the enemy champions and burst them down before they can get their spells off.

Playing Defensively

You might get outplayed, but don't be discouraged! Stall it out where team fights will be the deciding factors of the game. If one of your teammates gets caught out or is about to get caught, Whimsy them early on for them to escape. Learn to recognize if one of your teammates is saveable or if its a lost cause. Minimize your losses and just regroup once your teammate is alive again. Another thing to look out for is which lane is pushing. This is critical to making sure your team does not get snowballed if someone on your team dies in the beginning. Try to get BOTH lanes frozen at your tower so you can deny their cs and minions. Do NOT freeze your lane if top is pushing. Your top laner will need to extend out of turret range safety in order to get experience and cs. This makes him very vulnerable to 3-man ganks. If you are busy freezing your lane, you will not be able to respond to it. If top is pushing, your best bet is to try to push minions to their tower while remaining alert for incoming ganks, then going back for items while the opposing laner pushes the lane out again. Other than that, it’s good to always keep an eye on your mini-map for enemies missing and jungle fights. Map awareness is key.
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Thank you!

Thank you for reading my guide, and anticipate more guides my kawaii readers. ;)

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