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Tryndamere Build Guide by Konayarou

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Konayarou

Wait, What just happened?

Konayarou Last updated on November 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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To this guide i plan to show you a way of how to be sucessfull with tryndamere.
Why should you try tryndamere?
Cause he is one of the best Champions in LoL that if played correcly will gank.
As this is my first build, it will probably not suceed very well.
So I am open to critics. Both positive and negative. Thanks.

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For Runes I like to take:

Attack Speed Marks , this are great for you as tryndamere. The attack speed is just really helpfull for early game ganking. Gives you quite a nice bonus damage.

For seals i take the Armor ones I found this the best one since tryndamere is so squishy it makes him last a little bit longer altough not much. Against mellee.

For Glyphs i take the attack speed, again the attack speed that will help you a lot.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
For quintessence i take the armor penetration ones, at this ones trying to give you the best damage output, more armor penetration more damage from it. Found it the best way.

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For masteries i picked offensive ones.
The new masteries have changed quite a bit, but in a good way atleast for me.
I go for the offensive ones. Since it is giving you:

6% Attack Speed
4% Critical Chance
10% Critical Damage
3% Lifesteal
3 Attack Damage
Plus 6% damage to targets below 40% Health.
10% Armor penetration.

And i finish the other points in utility wich will give you:
A recall with less cast time on dominion and classic.
Reduced cooldown on flash.
10% Reduced time spent while dead.
2% Movement speed

The bonus from the offensive masteries are really good for tryndamere.
The attack damage is good for the early game that tryndamere is not so great at so it will help out to get some more damage that can make the difference.
Attack speed is great for any mellee attack damage champion, and by giving that on to the masteries it will make your farming easier and your laning domination better.
Critical chance by 4%. Tryndamere is a critter. Almost every hit he gets is a critical strike. Especially with full fury. Your crit chance will be 35% without any item! With this it goes to 39% sounds better right? Can make the difference between a crit or a no crit, that may end into kills. It oftenly does for me.
10% Crit srike damage, by playing trynda you will see as i just said all hits are crits or almost. So the critical strike damage is great since those crits will hit 10% more of what they would have hit.
As for the utilities i pick it for the reduced cooldown on flash.
The 10% reduced time while dead wich is a good thing for any champion since you can get to your position quicker if you are wiped out.
The 2% movement speed. I know this does'nt seem much BUT it helps. Every tiny little bit will help. And at early game. Movement speed is a lot.

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For items i start with a Vampiric Scpeter, because i find the lifesteal really handy for tryndamere on the begin wich also helps him stay in his lane for more time.
Right away i get Berserker Greaves, for obvious reasons.
Right away rush into an Averice Blade for the crit and the bonus gold wich i find really handy, making it into a Youmuu's Ghostblade, its just a great item, and with a GREAT use, when you use it makes your kill easy if your enemy is running and the attack speed is insane.
Right away, its really important to make an Infinity Edgeit's like the base item for tryndamere, because of tryndamere passive he crits a lot, so the extra crit damage is insane for Tryndamere, and the 80 Attack Damage is really a lot.
At this point no one should be able to beat you, atleast 1v1.
Right know i'd make a phantom dancer, but you can consider other items, such as Cloak and Dagger wich is also good for tryndamere, but i just really like the phantom dancer, it has everything tryndamere needs BUT lifesteal.
Right now just finish the Bloodthirster for obvious reasons.
I pick The Black Cleaver because its just an insane item that makes yoyour attack damage go up everytime you attack. How awesome is that?Also the attack speed is good.
You could pick defensive items, if your having trouble like:
Guardian Angel
Banshee's Veil
Quicksilver Sash

If you follow my build it will look like this

Also always pick the after you've made the Phantom dancer.

If your fighting oponets that go invisible i'd suggest getting oracle's elixir. Like twitch, akali, teemo etc

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Skill Sequence

I pick Bloodlust right away at level 1 and maximize it immediatly, it is great for lane staying since it has a heal, and gives you bonus damge plus more damage per % health your missing.This means a lot in early game. Can give you larger crits that can make the difference.

At level 2 im gonna pick up Mocking shout and maximize it after bloodlust because i find the slow and the reduced attack damage for oponents, really handy.

At level 3 pick spinning slash and just leave it there. It does do much damage, the good thing about it is its moviment. Really nice escape way. And chase way too!

Undying rage is a really great spell, as for tryndamere being a bit squishy. with it you can get 5 seconds of being immune to death! Awesome. right? Try using it in the last possible second for the most time you can stay alive.

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Summoner Spells

I like to choose:

As for summoner spells i'm going with Ghost it is really good considering the moviment speed helps a LOT for me,especially early game.

And flash. It's just really good, for when you tower dive, or when your about to die, even to go for a kill. Numberous issues. If you use it right it's gold. You can even jump trough walls like with spinning slash. How cool is that?

Spells to Consider:

This is a new spell that riot just introduced to us in the newest patch.
It gives you 35% attack speed wich is good and 10-78 ability power wich is totally uneeded for tryndamere. It is a good spell and has it's uses. but i would suggest not to take it.

Great spell. It has a lot of good things. It slows the target movement speed! It also reduces his AD by 70% and their items ad and ap by 35% also reducing ap for 35%, so it will make a HUGE diference in a fight. And i would really consider this as a summoner spell to pick, try it out and tell me how you have done!

And Teleport
Teleport has its advantage on early game laning that if you need to go base, you will get back quick and wont miss the gold also good to prevent enemy lane domination.


Heal, is a good spell, altough, i don't find it to be needed on tryndamere, since tryndamere has an healing ability (Q) that can heal for a nice amount, and on this build early game lifesteal so why pick it?

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Pros / Cons


Very manly and ferocious.
Great escape-chase way.(via spinning slash)
Really overpowered damage.
Very nice lane staying ability. (bloodlust)
Ultimate that gives nice survival for tryndamere.
Almost all the hits you get are crits.


Too manly for some people.
Not so great early game.
A bit squishy without ultimate.
Gets owned by ignite

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For farming lane. Try to get all the last hits you can on minions. And use Spinning Slash (E) to burst down the lane, wich will make possible a quicker farm giving lane domination, if you are at The Twisted treeline, i like to pick out a bit of the jungle before i pick a kill on the top lane. Just for the extra gold. If your on summoner's rift just nuke tower for map dominance.

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Team Work

At team work, you will be the nuker, and the one taking all the incoming damage, remember to always time your undying rage to the best possible.
When starting a team fight try to avoid tanks. They can really get on you.
When you avoid tanks, aim for the squishy targets like their carry, and just get a really quick kill on him. Just go for the one that will die faster, and that will make a difference on your team wich may be decesive into your game.

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If you are jungling as a tryndamere, i would suggest starting on the golem buff(blue) with help pull from the middle lane champion.
Right away kill those 3 little dogs just in the bottom of you.
You will hit lvl 2.
Then go to the right side of your jungle, and take out the ghosts followed by the small golems.
If you need base go and upgrade.
If you don't need base go gank a lane, the one that you see it needs the most help on the moment.

Altough i would not suggest jungling with this build since it is more of a top solo lane build then any other thing but if you want to feel free for it.

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Thanks for reading this build.
Hope you liked it and thanks for your time.
Please vote and leave a comment below wich is always apreciated.
Now good luck and tell me how you've done with my build :)

17/11/11 EDIT: Edited the hole masteries section due to patch.