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Mordekaiser Build Guide by unome2well

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author unome2well

WARNING! Mordekaiser's coming..

unome2well Last updated on April 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello. Welcome to my Mordekaiser build.. don't go too crazy about it.

First off, Mordekaiser is a boss. No questions asked.
- He farms so well that kills aren't even necessary for him. Fortunately, Mordekaiser's durability and abiity to fight, also makes him a true killer.
- Besides Mordekaiser being such an offensive champion, he builds in a lot of defense (armor/MRes) as he builds his items.

- Farms plenty
- Has passive that gives him armor that counts as HP
- Very strong
- Easy to play

- Early game, after his armor is scratched off, he is very very vulnerable
- If you are taken down (killed) the rest of the team loses the majority of damage intake and output. So try not to die!

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Skill Tips

- Iron Man is Mordekaiser's passive. This passive enables him to have a temporary shield that absorbs damage according to how much damage he deals with his skills. This shield decays slowly per second so to maintain it, you must use your skills.

- Mace of Spades is Mordekaiser's first skill. This skill makes his next normal attack charged, which does more damage to single targets and spread damage if there are more than 1 target.

- Creeping Death is Mordekaiser's second skill. This skill wraps a nearby ally with a torpedo of metal shards that do damage to enemies that are in contact. This skill gives Mordekaiser's iron man passive's shield as the enemy is being scratched as well as Mordekaiser's other spells. Also, it gives a armor/MRes boost to whoever is under this spell.

- Siphon of Destruction is Mordekaiser's third skill which deals damage to enemies in a cone shape in front of him and absorbs health for his shield. This skill is fairly spammable and deals a lot of damage and is a great way to harass/farm.

- Children of the Grave is Mordekaiser's ultimate. It curses an enemy and drains life from them over time while Mordekaiser gains health from it. This skill is usually used to finish of the enemy champion.

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For Mordekaiser's runes, I stick with 9 magic penetration marks, but for seals, glyphs and quintessences, there are many ways you can build.

Greater Mark of Insight
- Having maximum marks of insight will make Mordekaiser a pure threat to the other team. He builds heavy defense AND heavy ability power. Therefore, having magic penetration marks will significantly increase Mordekaiser's skill damage which will benefit for his shield.

Greater Seal of Vitality Greater Seal of Vitality , Greater Seal of Resilience , Greater Seal of Evasion
Why did I choose these runes?
- To start, Mordekaiser replaces mana for his shield that is maintained from using his skills. So right off the bat, Mordekaiser does not need any runes that has to do with mana. Also because Mordekaiser's skills are depended on by HP, it is smart to have a large amount of HP for Mordekaiser.
- If you are not comfortable with having HP per level seals, having Resilience is also a fair choice to have. Having armor in game for Mordekaiser is a good factor when competing against strong AD champions such as Master Yi or Nocturne.
- Lastly is the Greater Seal of Evasion. This seal isn't really necessary for Mordekaiser, but if you already have them, you might as well put them on Mordekaiser because he is a defensive champion as well.

Greater Glyph of Potency , Greater Glyph of Focus
- These 2 runes are by far the most excellent for Mordekaiser. Having a choice between more Ability Power or more CDR is very difficult because they both are too good for Mordekaiser. So if you are feeling the need to spam your skills more, then go with the glyphs of focus. If you want to just keep on producing more and more damage, you can go with the glyphs of potency.

- Quintessences range from the same statistics shown above. They go from more Magic Penetration, more Ability Power and more total HP.

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For Mordekaiser, I go with a 10/19/1 pattern which has significant Ability Power, HP, and Ghost buff needs.

- Maxing Archmage Savvy, Archaic Knowledge and Burning Embers are the very very useful things that help Mordekaiser deal heavy damage. Because I take Ghost and Ignite as summoner spells, having Burning Embers and Haste boost them to excellence.
- I mainly put 19 on the defense section of my masteries because I fell the need to have Veteran Scars and Ardor. HP and AP are both beneficial factors for Mordekaiser.

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Before you read this section, please note that they are the default items for Mordekaiser.
However the order/information may come in handy.

1. You should start off with Boots of Speed and 3 HP potions. Why?
- Having HP potions will keep you sustained in lane for a sufficient amount of time.
- Shoes for the speed will help you dodge skill shots and possibly even prevent a gank.

2. Your next main ability power/defense items will be: (priorities are not in order)
- Rylai Crystal Scepter gives you the almighty 500 HP, 80 Ability Power, and a awesome on-hit slow effect when you cast a spell. This item is optional but I find this item very useful when you are in need of a CC.
- Abyssal Scepter is a great item and comes in handy when the enemy stacks magic resist or if their AP damage is way too high.
- This item kicks pure *** because it basically makes your deal over 9000 damage (sarcasm). But seriously, it grants you a lot more damage and deals way too much damage to be ignored as an item.
- Your huge source of Ability Power.
- Will of Ancients The spell-vemp provided by this item is sometimes a game-changer for Mordekaiser. It guarantees a instant health bonus if you use your Mace of Spades, Siphon of Destruction, and Children of the Grave.

3. Guardian Angel should be built when you reach to the near-endgame point. Having this will make you almost invincible because it gives you all defensive stats besides HP and gives you the best opportunity of all, a second life.

Optional items that are pretty good for Mordekaiser:
- Banshee's Veil is a great item to have when you encounter burst damage/CC champions because it will block a skill. I recommend to have this if you are solely 1v1-ing frequently.
- Quicksilver Sash isn't very common but I'd just like to point out that if you have this item, your MRes will be so high you don't even have to worry about caster's doing damage anymore. Also there is a very unique active that basically is a built in Cleanse. It removes all CC/debuffs (ignite counts).

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Skill Sequence

- Your Siphon of Destruction should be used recklessly to kill and get more shield off when you are fighting minions/other.
- Children of the Grave is excellent when you combo it with Ignite. Having both of those on 1 champion will so much damage and will guarantee a successful kill if you decide to finish someone off with it.

- Your E skill is the most important because it is the skill that is most spammable and does the most damage late game. It is a super farming tool and does supreme damage in a cone shape.
- Next is your Q. This skill is very important because its damage combined with is INSANE.
- Your W skill is the least most important skill because it is the surrounding shield that also does the most DoT(Damage over Time).
- R is a mandatory skill that should be raised whenever possible. As soon as you hit level 6, you should be fairly ready to be killing people with shoes and your Force of Nature. Also, as mentioned above, Children of the Grave is very very powerful if combined with Ignite.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite & Flash are the best choices for Mordekaiser for these reasons:
- Having your ultimate and ignite is probably by far the best combo I've ever seen/felt. Stacking more DoT to your original DoT will make it almost impossible to escape.
- Flash.

Other Summoner Spells that are OK but shouldn't really be:
Cleanse is okay but I think you need to have one summoner skill that helps you run/escape.
Teleport very situational.
Exhaust is also great but the carry's should have this. Plus you already have a slow.
Clairvoyance is one of those skills that are awesome, but other tanks/supports should have this.

Summoner Spells that shouldn't even be here:
Revive is a default when you first make your account. Shouldn't even be considered for any champion.
Heal is only used for people who really don't know how to not take damage.
Clarity = no description/reasoning.
Smite. Mordekaiser is not a jungler.
Rally. Your funny.

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Overall, Mordekaiser is a boss.
Most people who play Mordekaiser don't die often and sometimes have the most kills/turrets broken/assists.
If you encounter Mordekaiser, make sure you have a CC to counter him and a champion that will fairly do massive damage to take him down.
On the otherhand, if your Mordekaiser, make sure you are in ALL team fights and stay alive as long as possible. Although you are usually the last one standing. :P

I hope you enjoyed my Mordekaiser build!