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Warwick Build Guide by OG079

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OG079

WarWick Guide

OG079 Last updated on December 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Item's and Summoners spells

You start with this. Try to use a lot of Q and stay as long as possible in the lane. Therefore you need the two mana potions. With the Q you can get a lot of health. So why the health potion? Because if you make a mistake you can heal while you run away with your boots.

You need Attack Damage so buy first the Pickaxe then try to upgrade it to Ravenous Hydra!

The Infinity Edge and The Bloodthirster is Really handy and give a lot of Attack Damage. The Bloodthirster gives some life steal too. And because Warwick has his Hungering Strike you will restore a lot of Health.

Summoner Spell Ghost and Shurelya's Reverie is to run away. Because you don’t have any defence build, you must run away. Not too far because, if you run they will stop following you so you can go back and try to kill some minions. And Shurelya's Reverie give some health and mana regen.

Try to help your allies when they try to run away from battlefield with Shurelya's Reverie.

The Frozen Heart is just for the cooldown reduction and the enemy Attack Speed reduction. Really handy in battle.

Athene's Unholy Grail restore a lot of mana. Really handy when you use a lot of abilities.

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Level 1 - level 6
Got to the outer turret of your team.
Kill minions and spam Q on them on the bottom/top lane. If an Enemy Champ is trying to attack you only hit ones (with Q) and go back a little bit. Watch out for players in the bushes/tall grass. Don't try a turret Dive. That means attack the enemy champ in the range of their turret. You will die. When they try to run away just go with your minions to turret and try to destroy it. When the enemy is back you go a little bit back. But stay close to your minions to gain some Experience. Do this until you have your ulti.

Level 6 - level 11
Now it will be hard because both sides have their ulti so watch out. Use only ulti when they try to run away and only when there is one enemy champ or when you have an ally next to you. Your ulti will stun the enemy champ while they try to run away. But if you know you can't kill him dont use your ulti on him,. And do the same thing what you did before.

Level 11 - level 15
Now go to get blue. Really handy because it's going to become a Chaos fight. They will try to push with 3+ champs a lane. And go to the mid. And help your allies there. From now on you can turret dive. But be warned! It's really to do the turret dive and to survive. So try to get help from your allies.

Level 16+
Now you are a badass and you can kill the enemy easily. WarWick is strong 1 vs 1. So you can always kill someone. But don’t go alone. Try to push with 3+ allies the mid.

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Change from lane when your enemy is Jax or Brand.