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Warwick Build Guide by Metabreakerperson

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Metabreakerperson

Warwick takes a visit top(will be re-updated soon!)

Metabreakerperson Last updated on May 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well this is a build I like to do for fun,its good for using Infinite Duress to get a champion(ADC's/Marksmen) in general extremely low and then just use Blade of the Ruined King or hungering strike to get an easy kill,and focus on a single target. Warwick top is a meta I rarely ever lose with,so I just thought I might share it on MOBAFIRE so you guys could try it, or just check it out.

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Pros / Cons

.Constant sustain from passive Eternal Thirst
. Hungering Strikedamage is good against tanks like Dr. Mundo or Garen,because damage is done to them by total hp in percent and an additional extra magic damage, also heals for 80 percent of the damage done.
.Has great sustain with lifesteal items like Blade of the Ruined King or Ravenous Hydra,lifesteal scales with ult and is also a great in low health situations.
.Warwick can easily chase down enemies,knowing where they are whether they're planning to lure in Warwick and bait him into the enemy, but Warwick knows because the Blood Scent shows them where they are shows whose around them, but they have to be wounded enough, and in the range of the ability.
.Tends to do very well against tank or, tank built champions.

.Needs a lot of mana for abilities,excluding Hunters Call.
. Infinite Duress can easily be stopped by a stun or another suppress.
.Very squishy unless at least 1 defensive item is built.
.Not very good in teamfights,unless the other team doesn't have one of the CC effects that can stop Infinite Duress

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Top Lane: Counters and Matchups

-Easy Match-up- Aatrox has a passive that can bring him back to life and revive him with a low portion of his total hp, Aatrox has very good early game sustain, his Dark Flight has a knock-up that does barely any damage,along with his Blades of Torment which is a slowing poke. Warwick on the other hand has infinite sustain, can easily ult back to full hp from like 10 or 20 percent hp,and damaging the focused target down to 10 percent of their total hp,or just ult to death. Warwick vs Aatrox late game, Warwick would ult with Infinite Duress and use Hungering Strike to leave him with his active passive, and after Aatrox is alive to a low portion of his total hp, Warwick can use Blade of the Ruined King to finish him off, or just about 2 AA's will do the trick.

-Easy Match-up- Cho'Gath is hard-countered by Warwick easily. Warwick has better sustaining, good lane control if not pushed too hard, and can just q Cho'Gathfor more sustain if he feels comfortable around him. Since Warwick tends to do very well against tank champions with his Hungering Strike combined with Blade of the Ruined King,it takes around 32 percent total hp from Cho'Gath,including the extra magic damage from Warwick's Hungering Strike. Warwick's Infinite Duress can also help take Cho'Gath down easier,despite Cho'Gath's CC, Warwick takes damage from percent of total hp,does around 1200 damage with his ult late game, and his AA's do the rest. Overall, Warwick hard counters Cho'Gath because he has better sustaining, he does more damage, he takes damage in percent which heals in return and can chase down Cho'Gath in low health situations for an easy kill.

-Easy Match-up- Warwick is literally one of the only champions that hard-counters Dr. Mundo. Warwick's Hungering Strike will destroy Dr. Mundo in lane, Dr. Mundo's Infected Cleaver a slowing poke and Masochism which is an AD steroid is not enough to hurt Warwick because Warwick can just AA for sustain,and keep spamming q on Dr. Mundo to make laning hard for Dr. Mundo. Late game if a duel breaks out between full AD Warwick and tanky Dr. Mundo, Warwick can ult Dr. Mundo and use his full combo to get Dr. Mundo low,then Dr. Mundo will use his Sadism to get back to 70 percent hp,and his extra 15 percent movement speed boost for a few seconds won't help him escape,because Warwick is also given a movement speed boost,but much higher for the duration Dr. Mundo has low hp, and when the duration of Dr. Mundo's Sadism stops, Warwick can use Blade of the Ruined King as a gap closer in order to catch Dr. Mundo following up with a Hungering Strike and auto attacking him down.