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Janna Build Guide by mydarkutopia

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mydarkutopia

Welcome to Peel City

mydarkutopia Last updated on May 4, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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"This is Janna, live at Summoner's Rift! Hopefully I stay that way." Welcome to yet another support guide, this time of my dear Janna. This champion is great and provides an amazing kit for peeling. Some of it is hard to master but if played right, you not only guarantee that you'll stay alive but you can also keep your carries alive.

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+ Amazing peel
+ AOE Heal
+ Extremely fast
+ Good disengage

- Very weak engage
- Very squishy
- No sustain in lane (except ult at level 6)

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Abilites + Some Tips

Passive - Tailwind

Janna's passive speeds up nearby allies who are moving towards her. This is useful when people are running to you for help so you can shield them or ult enemies away. It can also be useful if Janna is leading the charge and is with the front line ready to engage.

Q - Howling Gale

When Janna starts her Q it summons a whirlwind in the desired direction that starts charging, when the ability is reactivated the whirlwind is released and knocks up enemies along its path. The damage and knock up duration increase the longer you charge it (maximum duration 3 seconds before it releases itself). Usually get this ability second but max it last due its high mana cost.

This ability can be used to disengage enemies or knock them up when they're coming for you or your carries. In team fights try to save it for when you really need disengage or peel for your carries. It can also be used to engage to knock up enemies so that the rest of your team can follow up. A great way to use this for engage is to flash Q Q so that you're close to enemies and knock them up right away, giving them a smaller chance to dodge it.

W - Zephyr

Janna's W has a passive and an active. The passive gives Janna movement speed bonus and also allows her to avoid unit collision, i.e. she can move through minions without minion block. Her active slows down an enemy champion as well as deal damage to them. Additionally, when the W's active is used, the passive is lost until it comes back off cooldown.

In lane you can use this ability on an enemy champion for some poke, and also since they're slowed you should be capable of getting in one or two auto attacks as well.

Usually you use this when you're chasing an enemy champion. However when you're being chased only use it when there's one person chasing you, so even though you will lose your passive, they will be slowed down more than you will. If being chased by more than one enemy, its mostly better to keep it so you can outrun them.

E - Eye of the Storm

This ability gives a single ally a shield to protect them as well as give them additional attack damage. You can also shield turrets using this ability. Usually use this on your adc so that they're safe from damage and you also boost their damage output. The attack damage bonus from the shield is equivalent to a BF Sword when this ability is maxed out (This is if Janna has 0 AP, with AP its even better).

R - Monsoon

Janna's ultimate is probably what makes her the best disengage support in the game. Not only does her ultimate knock away enemies for a decent distance (875 range), it also provides AOE heal for everyone in the circle if you leave the ability to cast. The uses for this ult are many:

First of all you can use it to just knock enemies away when they heavily engage, without needing to heal.

You can also use it in a teamfight to separate enemy carries from their tanks/supports so your team can quickly kill them.

It can also be used to heal your allies if a fight is going to happen and they're low. E.g. when you're doing dragon/baron and the enemy team is coming to contest.

Finally you can use it to engage on the enemy to zone out one of them away from his team by flashing behind them and then ulting.

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Runes & Masteries


Standard Runes
Janna's runes are pretty straight forward. She has mostly tanky runes and movement speed to make her even faster to get in and out of sticky situations and providing peel for the person who needs it the most.

Therefore, I used quints of movement speed to make her faster, marks of armor for better early game laning against adcs poke, health seals for better general tankiness, and glyphs of scaling magic resist as ap damage isn't a major threat until later in the game.

Other Runes
Alternatively, in some match ups you wanna go for better poke runes for laning phase. In this case take quints of armor, marks of physical damage, seals of health and glyphs of scaling magic resist.


A classic support mastery page is what I use for Janna, 0/9/21. In the defensive line we pick up 9 points for slight tankiness. In the utlity page we go for maximum gold income points as well as some mana regen, movement speed and cooldown reduction. It is worth noting that the Bandit mastery is great on Janna since she can poke with autos and abilities during laning phase.

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Summoner Spells

Usually on Janna you either take Exhaust OR Ignite AND Flash. Exhaust is usually good for better peeling but you can still pick up Ignite for lane pressure or if you're against strong healing supports like Nami, Sona or Soraka. So pick one and add it to your Flash (which should be on your F button cause F is for FLASH!!!).

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Starting Item

Starting off with the gold item, you need to make a choice. First of all, if the enemy team has a good sustain lane like sona or nami, Ancien coin would be a better item to offer you sustain in return. In other match ups Spellthief's Edge will be fine.

Core Items

Once you're done with Sightstone and boots, you should probably finish your gold income item or start moving on to other builds. Mikael's Crucible is usually my item of choice since it provides cleanse and heal for your carries if they get caught as well as mana regen for Janna herself.

When You're Ahead or Want Some AP

Now around 15-20 mins into the game, if you find yourself staying safe and you know you can keep yourself from dying, Mejai's is a good pick up if you're ahead. Another good option if you're ahead is Ardent Cesner as it will provide allies you shield or heal with attack speed which is ideal for your adc plus the AP from the item will give them more protection and attack damage. You also get 10 % cooldown and 8 % movement speed which is awesome.

Time to Get Tanky

Regardless of whether you're ahead or behind, Frozen Heart and Locket are great pickups to make you generally more tanky. Frozen Heart comes with the added benefit of cooldown reduction and mana to allow you to shield your allies more often and also more frequent ults. Locket will give your team magic resist when they're near you and has a nice active to shield everyone in addition to your own shield so you can shield the shield for some shielception.

Different/Situational Items

Zeke's Herald Zeke's Herald is an extremely situational item that you should only build if you have a double AD comp with like a Zed or AD Ezreal Mid lane. It will be great cause it gives them additional AD and lifesteal which along with your shield will be a great boost. It also gives Janna cooldown reduction.

Morellonomicon is a good item against people who have a lot of heal, so for example if the enemy team consists of Maokai, Rengar, Vladmir, Vayne and Nami it would be the ultimate counter item since its passive reduces healing effects. If you Q, W or R the enemy then they're healing effects are reduced by 50 % which is great. Usually your midlaner will build this but you can also help and build it. The additional AP, mana regen and cooldown reduction are three things Janna will heavily benefit from anyway.

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How to Play Janna

Laning Phase

During laning phase, you should keep your ADC protected from poke by shielding him appropriately. You can also try to poke with autos or even shield yourself and then auto for better poke. Against CC or engage bot lane, try to keep your adc protected by disengaging the enemy champions using your Howling Gale and when they're walking away slow them with Zephyr and try to auto them a few times. You shouldn't really try to engage with your kit, just make sure you and your adc are safe and try to trade back if the enemy goes for them. Also, don't forget to ward river or tri bush.

Past Laning Phase

Once laning phase is over you should stay with your carries most of the time. Usually when team fights breakout, shield your adc if they're taking any damage, or shield your engage so that they can go in confidently. If an enemy jumps on your carries and they're in danger, ult the enemy away if you're in a good position or use your knock up to allow your carries to re-position.

Be very careful when using your ult as some champions will not synergize well with Janna, for example if Orianna is about to ult the enemy and you push them away. And also try not to use it prematurely, wait for when its really needed and use it. For example, if Leona uses Zenith blade and jumps on someone on your team, don't use your ult right away. Evaluate the situation, if the enemy team starts to pile on and jump in, then it would be a good time to use your ult.

Make sure to always shield those who need it and stay in the back so you can peel for the backline. You should be capable of positioning yourself easily with the high movement speed and move to the front line and shield those who need it there, and then go back to a safe position. If a team fight goes bad you should be one of the people to die last not first. That is not to say to leave your team and run, but don't be at the vanguard of the fight. When someone needs your help, your passive will allow them to come to you if they're escaping.

Some good tricks with Janna's ult, is using it when people tower dive and you push them more towards the turret and the rest of their team away.Obviously don't do this if someone on your team is low and is trying to escape the dive. Another thing you can do is ult people away or out of dragon/baron pits when your team is trying to secure them.

Don't be afraid to go for catches if you find one. If you know the rest of your team is behind you, and you can get a good catch, don't hesitate to flash q for knock up (this is assuming you have a slightly tanky build and not just AP items). Your team will catch up thanks to your passive.

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Closing Remarks

Janna is the best peeling support in the game and she's my personal favorite. She is very strong and is seeing a lot of competitive play because of that. She can keep carries protected and peel for them all day long. With Janna you will blow your enemies away without them knowing what cam on.

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