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Build Guide by KaOticLuc

What? Do I Have Someone In My Teeth?!

By KaOticLuc | Updated on February 7, 2011

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  • LoL Champion: Renekton
  • LoL Champion: Renekton
  • LoL Champion: Renekton


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Welcome To KaOticLuc's Season Build #4

Date : 1/22/2011 by: KaOticLuc

Hi and welcome to a MobaFire build done by KaOticLuc on League of Legends newest addition, Renekton, The Butcher of the Sands. Where in this build there will be a discussion over the different items and gameplay that you can accomplish with Renekton by the flaws in some that make him not so great to your team. BUT also some that make him a marvelous choice even in ranked. First iam going to say this build is not designed from anyone else and has been thought of by myself (KaOticLuc) and I have to say it recks the team fights when mid game comes around.
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Renekton, The Butcher of the Sands

Renekton, is considered to be a strong DPS pusher with a great ability to dash in and out of battles and deals massive amounts of damage to his enemies while getting out with little to almost no health lose but is this true? Well I will say that Renekton is very squishy champion to be a strong melee and his Cooldowns being so large and i think that going total DPS is a bad way to go about playing him. League of Legends is a team based game, in Mid to High Elos, your teamwork and the ability to build yourself for team fights is what is going to make you the difference to winning and losing. Renekton has the capabilities to be a strong DPSer but it doesn't work out as he lacks durability to take damage from multiple targets. Renekton truely shines when you build as an OFF-Tank or the main Tank with respectable damage and with his Ultimate lasting for 15 seconds and dealing 100 Magic Damage per second to everyone around him, why you need high DPS? 1500 damage to their entire team is i say over kill itself, so put it to full use and make yourself durable to shrug off attacks and put your 3 Aoes to good use for your team.

Renekton's abilities are consist of 3 Aoes called that does considerable amounts of damage when you play him correctly. Renekton is an Off-Tank Team Dependant champ and should be played that way, so using your abilties to bring down your enemies so that your carries to grab free gold for the kills is you being the off-tank you should be.
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Pros and Cons for Renekton

These pros and cons are based off of this build, not the actual champion as Renekton is very item dependant.
o One of the Strongest Harassers
o Destructive in Team Fights.
o Excellent CC stun
o Very Durable
o Excellent escaper with his Slice and Dice
o Life Steal in his Q ability
o Farmers very well Mid Game - Late Game
o Tower Dives become a breeze

o Needs to FARM, very badly through out the game.
o Base Damage lacks early game.
o Very Item Dependant
o Discouraging to keep using after first few games as he is difficult to play.
o Abilties push you to more DPS when he doesn't need it so people buy unnecesary items
o You Assist ALOT, so you lack being fed only on CS.
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Runes and Masteries

My runes and masteries for Renekton here are pretty straight forward for a Tank to take the least amount of damage possible and be able to survive early game till he can get his items to beef himself up
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Items and their Builds

Ok this part of the build is where you take the most interest at because simply Renekton is very item dependant and how you build him is what makes him who he is Mid and Late game. But i will first start off with the reasons why i chose my items and not the other classic way which is the DPSer everyone seems to want to build since his abilities are all AD base but his ultimate.

Renekton is SUPER squishy early game when going DPS and his damage output is not all that great either to be honest. Being squishy means you will be harassed, being harassed means your farming will suffer if your against a good team, and he needs FARM bad in order to keep up. So i made a build that makes him tankish (off tank or TANK) to be the most effective. So if your looking for an Assassin champion, then Renekton is not for you, and you should try playing Akali or Katarina.

This is the best starting item for Renekton because mainly of the 3 main passives it gives to your stats, Armor / Health / and Health Gen. This will place your HP at about 786 at Level 1 and gives you loads of durability to farm and harass early game ... especially if your MID. Yes, Renekton is great mid and i have destroyed Ashes and Ryze's with Renekton's abilities to Farm and dash in and out with a stun.

Why not? you have 40 gold left might as well grab one since you have no mana to get the other potion for.

This is an excellent early game tankish item, especially when you stack 2 of them with each other. Not only does it help with your farming GREATLY but it gives you More Health and Armor to get ready for that gank on your lane and push that tower. Its passive will be giving 5 gold every 10 seconds, so 10 gold every 10 seconds ( 1 gold a second) and once you lane and you go back you will have 200-400 extra gold then you would of have if you didn't have it and it will be upgraded later mid game to your Bread and Butter item.

Getting which ever shoe depends really on their team comp but these are the main Boots i would get, getting the CD boots is pointless since you will be getting a Frozen Heart Late game so no point wasting your money on CD boots when these will help your team fights way more with the Defensive passives. Mercs for their CC and if they hardly have any then get the Tabi to increase your Dodge.

or I personally would choose Last Whisper because it simplely gives more Armor Pen to grant you some major penetration with your AD and abilities but Youmuu's Ghostblade is also a geat choice because of the CD and Attack Speed but is 200 gold more to buy with less damage. I believe their is a Arm Pen Cap of +40 so getting last whisper might not be your prime choice because you have Runes but if there isn't a cap then LW would be an awesome item that people so look over as a Melee DPS.

Very needed item on Renekton as it gives you grat chasing ability with a plus of 700 HP. Turn any squishy person into a tankish machine i say, but with some added armor of course but anyway back to the topic. Frozen is an awesome item to give Renekton and makes him even more durable in team fights and helps track down them strays or ganks that might try to run away from the danger.

His bread and Butter item in my opinion because of the major stats you get from it and the passive and active to slow your targets down that can turn a team fight with your Ultimate ... AROUND ... upgrade one of your Heart of Gold to this and keep the other for when you want to sell it for another item. But combining this with your utlimate will grant you major opportunities to dish out more damage. At the end of the game, with all your items? that passive will be doing 55% deduction to their AS and MS (attack speed and Movement speed) and come on you can't tell me a 55% deduction is not ALOT. lol talk about removing a Phantom Dancer from their inventory.

This item grants you even more CD for your abilities and alomst 100 ARMOR and a passive to slow their attack speed down and with Randuin's they going to be hitting way less and thats awesome for your team, its almost pretty much another STUN added to your arsenal. 75% AS deduction to all enemies around with Randuim's? hmmm i wonder if there is a cap to AS deduction cause i have to say, thats OP...

This item is great all around especially once you kill about 40 units to give it an extra boost to your Abilties with the AD. Its life steal passive grants you even more survivability to stay in fights, and even duke it out with another champion 1v1. The best AD item you can place on Renekton and pretty much the only one you really need.

Items I would suggest you stray from are and mainly because of good reasons. 1. the more AS and AD items you stack on Renekton, the more vulnerable in team fights he becomes, like i said before Renekton is not an Assassin and shouldn't be played as one. 2. The crit chance you get from these items are useless especially with Inf by itemself, its a very dumb item to grab alone with no other true AD with it. No AD then whats the point on relying on its passive when it doesn't contribute to his abilties?

Items you can get are and for the MR if they are AP heavy.... to give yourself more armor and health and grant your Ultimate a 40 AP bust to his Aoe damage with Suns passive.
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My Input

Renekton is very good champion when played right, he is very squishy so going Off Tank is pretty much a must but you can go full DPS if the other team is pretty under fed and have no burst and you can take them out 1 by 1 quickly but usually in a good game, that won't happen. But he is pretty straight forward, you are the 2nd to initiate after the tank if you arent the tank ... and target their carries to make them the most ineffective. E -> R -> W -> Q -> E do that fast enough and you should be able to Slice and dice with that whole combo, but if you can't dice then keep at it to kick their bums ... make sure to active Randuim's every team fight to give your team the better edge in battle.

Renekton is RP:975 and IP:6300 and worth buying .... thank you and rate and comment your input ... :)
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