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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TremoXcore

Where did you go im so lonely [AP/Support Ownage]

TremoXcore Last updated on June 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my build for the new champion orianna, please read all of the guide to understand my build and its order cause there is a in depth guide on item choices.

this is also a work in progress i want to eventually make it have nice icons and stuff :P.

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Pro's And Cons

- Amazing at zoning champions
- Amazing at supporting your ally
- Great damage for having almost no ap
- Amazing support character

- Really Squishy
- Usually focused
- During cool downs your really wide open

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Summoner Spells

Is amazing for you to zone people and quickly get back to town with the gold from the lane to constant harrass

I find when you get focused in a champ battle this gives you the distance to spam your and get out of there. Also gets you far enough back to support your allies with the ball

Just a no your a support ap mage this does not benfit you at all.

Only useful for the person just barely getting away but if you use your w right there not getting away.

Obvious she can't jungle

Your is like teemo's speed boost so you already have a built in ghost.

No no and no.

Not really that useful of a skill

Not worth it since your ball gives you a built in vision ward so just use it to scout.

Early game you will be mana starved but late game its a useless ability if you have trouble with mana get blue.

Not really useful could be used in rare situations but not worth it

Since you ranged and kinda in the back lines no point to this skill

You shouldn't need this ability if you do your doing something wrong

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This is a pretty standard mage rune set up:

I choose to go to get me that little bit of speed early game to really harrass your enemy.

I choose for the obvious reason of your passive is based off magic damage and all your skills are magic oriented.

I go for since the build kinda makes you not a huge ap nuker. You can also trade them off for cooldown if you want but i find its not worth it.

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Just a great starter item expecially for harrassing with your Q.

Catalyst the Protector You get this for the little bit of health and mana that it gives you, also helps you stay in lane longer.

I find this is just good you need the magic pen boots of swiftness i've heard of but not really worth it since you have your speed boost

This helps you stay alive since all your attack ability's are ap you spell vamp like crazy. Also as a support character you can assist fellow ap user's

Great item for the ability cool down and ap. Alot of people say you don't have to have ability cooldown but stacked with spell vamp it makes it useful. This allows you to have sorc shoes too instead of lucidity.

You finally finish off your rod of ages cause catalyst effects have basically been used up. Although you still get the effects with a complete rod of ages its not worth throwing the money into early game.

I only get this before my hat if they seem to be getting away just barely. This is amazing with the cool down from the evil tome because it allows your attack command to be constantly spammed and slowing them. With this item there just in a constant state of slow.

Great item to finish off and replace your ring with. This will make your shield amazing and all your abilitys just sky rocket and do alot more damage. If your getting focused alot you can also go a ring if you really want too.

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Just a basic mage set up not much to explain here.

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Skill Sequence

This is important you want to get this maxed first this is your biggest harrassing skill early game and just in general.

You crank into this skill so your just constantly doing some mass damage its also great for when you need to get some where quickly. It also helps with escaping by hitting w while the balls on you.

This skill comes in handy but its not one of your most useful skills. I like to crank into this last because late games where this really has a factor. Get the early point in it for the extra save.

This is your ultimate its great for the enemy's just about to get away. This is also for in the middle of the battle to stir up enemy's also is great for canceling channel ult's like and

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Orianna is a simple farmer who can do it from a safe distance. Basically by using your to hit the minions and then last hit with physicals if there weak enough. If you find your getting suppressed go leave it out a bit and then line up minions as there running towards you. Then cast near you so it glides through them killing atleast one hopefully. Later on you can start to use your w but you don't want to early game because you waste your mana that way.

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Skill combo's and how to use them

+-This is your basic combo you want to plant the ball infront of them. Remember your ball does damage even if it just passes through them. You use the shortly after to slow them and do a little bit of damage.

+-Not really benfical but if you want to smack them on the way out just throw your ball out there and then shield yourself when there in its path

++-This is basically just getting the ball to return after your while the ball is still right by them but only do it if you have the gap between.

+++-One of my favorite combo's you start with to do the damage your basic combo but before you make sure you tossing them back. Then usually right after you can right away again and i find it increases your chance to hit them.

++- This is a pretty scary combo if your ally wants to gank and there just a bit far out. You throw your ball like always then you ult to bring them back and right after to slow them as they try to run away.

+++: You start by planting on your ally as they run into combat following behind him. After he gets in there use to slow the enemy and deal damage. Then if you follow in you can and throw it infront of your enemy's. Then finish it off with to pull them back in. By then you can use again to protect your ally. If you want to you can do +]+ if you want to be safe.

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Early Game: You can take mid if you really want to but your best in a support lane. You want to use your ball as a do not pass line. Try to keep it behind enemy minions they move to close you move it a couple inch's and smack them. I like to just sit and last hit auto attack while it does that. If your laned against a jungler every once and a while throw your ball in the bush it will give vision. Also enemys don't know where its comming from if they can't see it.

Mid game: By now your probably changing lanes helping people out where ever they need you. Try to play a little safe now but keep the basic guide lines as early game. Try to play a little safe just for the fact of you get focused alot in team fights and if people are jumping you. Although you want to protect your allies too you are a great support so make sure to support.

Late Game: You want to try and keep your ball on a nearby tank inless your in the middle of a battle and fighting. You put it on the ally tank because it gives them extra magic resistance and armor as long as its on him. Also the shield helps and the tanks usually out front so if your chasing someone down you can hit your speed boost. This will allow the people hanging in the back to get the speed boost to help everybody progress forward.