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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sirnikolai

Who has the upper hand?

Sirnikolai Last updated on July 9, 2015
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Tough Team


Tough Team #2

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Why did I make this?

Usually we all need help in countering different champion matchups. I have not played enough of these champs to assign skill points, masteries & runes. All these champions have been my dagger if facing them. I maybe bronze, but it's all about strategizing accordingly to different playstyles of champions which requires absolute communication from teammates.

The BEST of the BEST in LOL this match could go on for hours or even days lol. Usually 1 wrong move against The BEST of the BEST is GameOver!

75% for any outcomes win/lose this leads heavily on communication. We have programs like Twitch Tv, Skype, & others that can have major impact on winning matches.

With Toxicity clounding around in this game, we all are going to lash out on our teamamtes mistakes postive(feedback) or negative is still consider toxicity. Most LOL players are strangers & we all are behind our computers, which if you have co-workers as friends etc, make sure they know what your like behind a computer or Tv. Usually games like this end friendships and some continue to grow if accepted by the other friend/co-worker/employer. I'm competitive so i'm most likely going to lashed out on my own mistakes & I just blame the enemy champion( Olaf player is a no life/hacker]. <<That's just my toxicity(Only flaw in my personality) everyone else is different, we need to learn to accept them or walk away from the game. Most of all the trolls/feeders that haven't learn to walk away i feel sorry for them.

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Knowledge I know & understand.

- Volibear has the advantage early game aginst Fiora, possibly has to play more jungle late game to be more effective.

- Vayne ALWAYS needs to stay back more cautious in late game because of low health.
- Thresh's Hooks needs to be precise, Blitzcrank could of been a better pick because of his combo.
- Tristana Has the best mobility.
- Lee Sin Must be precise in his combo, which makes him MY WORST HATED JUNGLER to play against.
- Katarina Overall easy to intereupt her "U".
- Morgana Since the revamp it's alot harder for me to hit her "Q"
- Fiora Vi Diana Still learning.


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