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Master Yi General Guide by MrNegative

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrNegative


MrNegative Last updated on April 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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'Im safe...' WHOOOSH PENTA KILL an introduction to Ap yi

Why Ap Master Yi?
In this guide, I will explain why Ap Master Yi over any other natural AP mids. This is my first guide, so don't be too rough on me. * TRY BEFORE YOU RATE*
1) Skill CD? No problem, hit, hit, hit. killing spree.
2) Guy getting away? to oncoming minion wave. killing spree.
3) Both you and enemy low on hp and your geting ready for final battle? + + . killing spree.

In case you haven't got the point, there is absolutely NO AP that can beat Master Yi. I mean seriously, you don't even have to touch the guy to kill him. Badass-ness lvl OVER 9000!!!

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These runes will almost GUARANTEE you an early game ownage. By mid game, your cs will keep your items nice enough to wreck the enemy team.

Greater mark of Insight
These are standard magic pen runes. All Ap carry need them so I wont go in depth to explain it.

Greater glyph of Focus
This synchronizes really well with Master yi . With 9 glyphs your base cooldown would be a very nice 5.85% at level 1.

greater seal of replenishment Greater seal of Replenishment
The reason I chose these seals is beacause it could make all the difference early game.
But sir, why not use flat armor seals? The answer is simple, if your an Ap, your going to be fighting other Aps at mid, therefore, the opponets Ad will be low.

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Like the runes, these are aimed more towards early game. Ap Master Yi dominates early game, and because of this, your score should be nice enough to keep you dominating throughout the game.

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Items For a Mid-Late Game Beast.

ALWAYS start with a dorans ring, it gives you anything an Ap mid needs: hlth, AP, and mana regen. But sir/your awesomeness why can't I buy and 3 ? The main reason being u dont need . If u can last until lvl4, your should be MORE than sufficient for lane sustain. Plus a good jungler will give you 2nd blue even if not you can alwasy take it yourself.

By the time you B for the first time, you should have enough money to buy 1) 2) . If you cant afford either, grab a and a dorans ring and head back to the slaying grounds.

Please Sir, why sorcerers?
Magic Pen.
This coupled with your runes + + Masteries should be much more than enough to tear through early to mid game magic resist.

Then why Haunting Guise
THIS THING IS UNDERRATED. Magic Pen + AP + Hlth? Not enough? That's what I thought. ( You can sell this for a later on. )

Single best Ap item in the game. Enough said.

Zhonya Hourglass
IMPORTANT: THIS ITEM WILL CANCEL YOUR MEDITATE. THIS IS BECAUSE MEDITATE IS A CHANNELLING SPELL. It gives you armor and a nice bit of Ap just what you need for a annoying cait. Oh yeah, it makes you a MOTHATRUCKIN GOLDEN INVINCIBLE STATUE. So yeah, thats that.

Nice health item with a great little trait.
Rylais: A beefy amount of hlth and AP coupled with a kickass passive. Enemys always getting away? get this.

Morello's Evil Tome
I call it the book of sexy. Cooldown Reduction, AP, and mana regen, all available with the new and improved book of sexy.

Tear of Goddess?
Its not really needed, like I said before, A good jungler will give its Ap the 2nd blue. If not, you can go take it yourself. ONLY buy this if absolutely necessary.

And that is the end of the items list.
Core items: Sorcerers Shoes, Morellos Evil Tome size=30, [icon=Rabadons Deathcap,
Optional: ,Rylai's crystal sceptre , ,

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Pros / Cons

This is all good but LeBlanc nukes harder. So...why yi?
- Chaser and Escaper with his ( cannot be slowed )
- Doesn't even have to touch the enemy to kill him. a nearby minion and voila )
- Automatic healer. ( Did I mention it gives you 300 armor and mr while channeling? )
- Can finish off with auto attacks ( is hardcore )
- Taught Wukong.
- Best Kser of All time Award.
- Easiest Early Game Farm i have ever seen in my life. ( its better than Morgana )

- can be interupted by everything except slows
- Gotta learn to use before killing to attempt a penta kill,

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Skill Sequence

Passive ( Double strike )
Every seventh attack made by Master Yi will hit twice.
This is not as important for AP Master Yi but it adds alot to your early game harass.
EX: in with your passive ready, Hit once with your passive, move out of turret range, Meditate to absorb the full force of the enemys pathetic burst.

Alpha Strike ( Q )
Hits up to 6 enemys at blinding speeds.
This is your Bread, no , your screwed. You dont have to even hit the enemy, how cool is that??? Just hit a nearby creep and Mr.Yi will automatically hit your target 80% of the time. And it has a chance to instakill a creep. Kickarse.
EX: Your chasing Caitlyn, shes getting away, your ults on cooldown, WAIT A MINION WAVE APPROACHES, the minion, pray master yi hits cait. Legendary.

Meditate ( W )
Master Yi Heals himself for a amount of hlth. While channelling, Master Yi gains bonus magic resist and armor.
No bread? nevermind, eat some crackers while you wait for more bread.
EX: the Caitlyn, she got 300hlth left but a ton of a lifesteal, while you wait for your to finish its CD, , Legendary.

Wuju Style ( E )
Increases Attack Damage.
This is a good skill for dps master yi, but we are AP. AP AP AP AP AP. Only use this when you can finish of a enemy whos running away AND your is on cd. I never really liked wheatbars anyway. I use it only for hitting tower.

Highlander ( R )
Cannot be slowed, increase attack speed and movement speed. Refreshes all cd if you kill and enemy while its active. Half of that if you assist.
You know what goes good with bread? Ladies. This is your lady, mines called Amber. Pick a name for yours and hit her before you kill the enemy.You better hit her hard or your not gonna get that penta. It refreshes all skills cooldown if you kill someone while its active.
Ex: Caitlyn is low, , , kill, Now LeBlanc is low, , double kill, Nasus turn ,, Triple kill, Sona, , quadra kill, Nocturne's turn, , Penta Kill. WHATS THIS?? Caitlyn teles back in, and you kill her easily. Multi Kill. Dominating.

Now are you convinced?

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Ad Yi VS. Ap Yi

Even though both builds of Master Yi are very viable, both VERY have different play styles. In this chapter will explain the pros and cons of both an AP Master Yi and a Ad Master Yi

Ad Yi
- One of the best melee dps in the game.
- Amazing chaser ( cannot be slowed )
- Has killer and
- Has Gap closer with his ahighlander,

Ap Yi
- is THE skill that all ap mids needs.
- His refreshes his cooldown if he kills which leads to full on burst damage again...and again....and again.
- Outmatch any other ingame harass
- Amazing chaser

Through this we can see that although AD Master Yi is very reliable, AP Master Yi has so much more potential.
Embrace the unique.

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Match Scores

If you follow all this. Your match history should look something like this.

Notice my score, win or lose.

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Ap Master Yi is the best Ap in the game. As long as your team engages the battle, you will almost 100% get a kill and not die.

I hope you guys enjoyed my guide. * Again its my first one. * Dont forget to try before rating.


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