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Warwick Build Guide by Sicarius

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sicarius

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Sicarius Last updated on March 22, 2013
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This is just supposed to be a bare-bones build guide for WW. There are and will never be any graphics, fonts, etc.

The key components of the build are: Attack Speed, Life Steal, and CC.

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Life steal here and in masteries leaves you with 8% at level 1, plus WW's passive. It is easy to sustain all the way into mid game without backing, although not highly recommended. Attack speed and armor obvious choices for jungle WW - flat MR for early ganks before getting negatron.

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Attack speed is key. Dual penetration for auto-attack and ult damage. Aside from attack speed, the other key component of my build is lifesteal. Extra gold for level 1 wards and GP10 is always nice. The end build has 3 items with actives, so having cooldown for those is really nice, especially since they are the source of most of WW's CC.

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Skill Sequence

Attack speed is the must-have stat on S3 Jungle Warwick. Max it first for more Madred's and Wriggle's procs, thus making buffs, dragon, and counter jungling that much faster. Max E next for amazing chase and escape, not to mention vision of low-HP enemies. Q is quite strong enough with one point, but if you feel the need for more, sacrifice E, not W.

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Start Machete, two pots, two wards. Vision is OP, especially at level 1. There are many options of what to do with them, but I choose one of these two: 1) Ward my blue and ward enemy blue for an invade 2) Ward enemy red at 1:00, get a good leash on wolves and blue, then smite steal enemy red.

Next top priority is Madred's, then Greaves. I usually sustain in the jungle until I can just straight up afford those two items.

Next priority is Cutlass, for the lifesteal and CC. Because everyone knows WW needs more CC. Try to get a little bit of health here, WW's mid game is kind of squishy without it.

Finish Wriggle's and BotRK ASAP, then spend the rest of your gold getting tanky. Because with BotRK your ult will do great mid-game damage, and then be an immensely useful item for late game, and your team will need you to be tanky.

BotRK is everything to Warwick, providing all key stats for WW and a CC other than his ult or red buff. Other than that just build as much CC as you can. Between BotRK, Randuin's, FroMal, and red buff, you should be nigh inescapable - not to mention super tanky.

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Ranked Play

I find this build particularly strong for my playstyle in ranked games, especially solo queue. Maintain a strong, aggressive counter jungle presence and the enemy jungler usually stops ganking because he is worried about losing farm.

Remember to ALWAYS maintain a positive attitude, remember that there will ALWAYS be trolls, and you need to be flexible. Also, it's just a game, so please have fun playing it.

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Team Work

Ping. A lot.

Other than that, your ult will usually set up kills way to obvious and easy for your teammates to mess them up. That said, if they do fail to listen to pings or follow up on good ganks, stop ganking that lane, and focus on getting another lane fed. The trick to solo queue is to be selfish with your buffs, and to be able to recognize and deal with weak laners.

Finally, remember to keep timers on important objectives, especially dragon. If you can keep a timer on dragon for every time it spawns, you can turn a losing game around as well as secure a lead, simply by being in position. Lower ELOs will not be able to deal with that, so it's definitely an important trick for digging out of low ELO.