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Rengar Build Guide by TheTripleTouch

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheTripleTouch

WinRAR- Fed Off Of Cat Nip (Season 4)

TheTripleTouch Last updated on March 14, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I am TheTittyToucher, I have played well over 1500 games and countless games with Rengar. As well this is my first guide(so be gentle :3). I personally have played well over enough Rengar and feel that I should inform everybody how to play the beast that is Rengar. If you didn't know Rengar is a melee assassin who specializes in taking out high priority targets in a matter of seconds. With my build and suggestions not only will you be able to burst and execute the enemy carry but manage to sustain and survive an entire teamfight. THIS is how to play Rengar.

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Who Is The Cat


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How To Do The Legendary Triple Q and First Blood Explained

Get 5 ferocity, Press Q, Ult, wait for 5 ferocity, your initial hit will be an empowered Q, followed by an empowered Q followed by unempowered Q.
This burst is enough to instakill most champions assuming you have at least half decent AD also assuming you put a few points in your "Q". In order to get first blood as Rengar you will want to start red elixir(my personal favorite start) and earn five stacks of ferocity which should be obtained by level two and as you obtain five stacks move towards the bush and just before you jump activate elixir activate "Q" twice and instakill. Now if that was too complicated here it is broken down:

Step 1: Get 5 ferocity from using Rengar's abilities.

Step 2: Activate Thrill of the Hunt (Rengar's Ultimate).

Step 3: As you enter stealth from Thrill of the Hunt, activate your "Q".

Step 4: Chase your target but wait until you have gained 4 more ferocity.

Step 5: Jump on your target, and activate "Q" twice which in a short period of time equals 3 "Q"s.

*** Elixir of Fortitude The Elixir of Fortitude is an essential whenever you find yourself in an even lane that you are comfortable in or an easy lane because it can assure you a first blood by temporarily boosting health and attack damage, and never forget that you can elixir bait under tower.

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Pros / Cons


+ Incredibly high burst damage.
+ Best tower crusher due to his double "Q" with ferocity.
+ Capable from leaping from bushes making it easy to juke.
+ Bonetooth Necklace exclusive to Rengar.
+ High sustain due to his "W" Battle Roar.
+ Capable of ones-shotting until late game.
+ Can get a snazzy head of Kha'Zix.


- Rengar is a quishy champ leaving him prone to ganks early.
- CD isn't a priority in this build.
- Easily killed by ranged tops.
- Hard to carry if ult CD is too long and if you get focused.
- Bonetooth necklace is a real b*** to stack if behind.
- No huge CC, only a single target with max ferocity.

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Runes (The Cat Nip)


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage(x2): Flat attack damage is a viable choice on Rengar because it assures him his early level elixir kill. Armor Penetration runes are not required early because his enemies have such low armor that he will be capable of annihilating his opponents without it.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage(x9): A viable start for another rough eight attack damage (any flat damage early is better for assuring kills). This could possibly be swapped out for armor penetration marks.

Greater Seal of Armor(x9): A wise pick, and probably the best use of seals for any top laner.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist(x9): Personally my favorite choice for a top laner giving flat magic resist combined with the armor give you a little extra tankyness early game.

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Not much to explain here. I typically run this set up on most to everyone of my elixir starting top laners primarily for it's flat attack damage which is essential for acquiring early kills in lane.

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Leveling Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This guide will be telling you to primarily max your "Q" in this build as well as other possibilities in laning phase.
Maxing "Q": In a snowballing lane where you are dominating and are clearly ahead or you wish to be dealing large quantities of damage "Q" is your go to ability.

Maxing "W": In an even lane maxing "W" is a wise choice due to the temporary tankyness it grants you as well as when all five stacks of ferocity are gained it will heal once consumed.

Maxing "E": In a lane in which you are facing one of your counters max "E" first so that you are capable of harassing and capable of getting creeps but not being completely zoned out of your lane.

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Abilities Explained

Unseen Predator Unseen Predator
RANGE: 600 (750 with 9 stacks on Bonetooth Necklace)

While in brush or in stealth, Rengar gains bonus attack range and his attacks cause him to leap at his target. This bonus lasts for ~0.5 second upon exiting brush or stealth. This will happen regardless of whether or not his target has sight of him, and has no internal cooldown.

COOLDOWN: 8 / 7.5 / 7 / 6.5 / 6

ACTIVE: Rengar's next basic attack deals bonus physical damage and grants him increased attack speed for 4 seconds.
TOTAL PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+ 100% AD)
ATTACK SPEED: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%

Empowered Savagery

ACTIVE: Savagery deals additional damage equal to 100% of Rengar's attack damage, and he gains increased attack speed equal to double the normal bonus. Basic and Empowered Savagery's attack speed bonuses can overlap and stack with each other.
TOTAL PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+ 200% AD)
ATTACK SPEED: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100%
STACKED ATTACK SPEED BONUS: 90 / 105 / 120 / 135 / 150%

Battle Roar
RANGE: 500
COOLDOWN: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11

ACTIVE: Rengar lets out a battle roar, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. If an enemy is hit by Battle Roar, Rengar also gains bonus armor and magic resist for 3 seconds.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 80% AP)
ARMOR & MAGIC RESISTANCE: 15 / 22 / 29 / 36 / 43

Empowered Battle Roar

ACTIVE: Battle Roar also heals Rengar for 40 + (20 × level) health, regardless of whether the ability hits an enemy. Basic and Empowered Battle Roar's defense bonuses do not stack with each other.

Bola Strike
RANGE: 575
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8

ACTIVE: Rengar throws a bola at his target, dealing physical damage and slowing it for 2.5 seconds. The slow decays over the duration.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+ 70% bonus AD)
SLOW: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70%

Empowered Bola Strike

ACTIVE: Bola Strike initially roots his target for 1 second. The slow is then applied in full after the 1 second, and decays over the remaining 1.5 seconds.

Thrill of the Hunt Thrill of the Hunt
COOLDOWN: 140 / 105 / 70

ACTIVE: Rengar activates his predatory instincts, stealthing himself after 1 second (delayed up to 3 seconds if taking damage) and revealing all enemy Champions in a large radius around him. He gains movement speed and generates 1 Ferocity per 0.75s while stealthed. Lasts 7 seconds or until Rengar uses an ability.
If Rengar has a Bonetooth Necklace with 14 trophies, the duration is increased to 10 seconds. Additionally, Rengar's next ability used after activating Thrill of the Hunt generates 1 bonus Ferocity.
MOVEMENT SPEED: 20 / 25 / 30%
VISION RADIUS: 2000 / 3000 / 4000

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Laning Phase

Early Game: Try and get as many ferocity stacks with Bola Strike before hitting level 2 and push the lane to try and get the level 2 before your lane opponent. If you are leashing a buff just toss your Bola Strike at it and you are one fifth on your way to first blood. Once you crack level 2-3 make sure you have 4 ferocity stacks and be ready to activate your elixir. Use your passive to jump on your opponent using Battle Roar mid-air into Savagery into an Empowered Savagery followed by as much double "A"s as you can. **Beware do not push lane too far, you rely on your bushes!**.

Level Six: Once you have reached this point in lane the Cat Gods have summon you onto their playing grounds! You will want to repeat the steps from early game where you make sure you have 4 ferocity stacks and by using your passive to jump on your opponent using Battle Roar mid-air into Savagery into an Empowered Savagery then double "Q" your opponent. By this point they should be near half health, after your sneaky bush attack you will wanna play like you are returning to your bush but as you touch your bush you immediately activate Thrill of the Hunt, and at this point you wait for five ferocity and immediately double "Q" making for the easiest lane. ** Watch out for this because your ult is on a long cooldown and you will want to wait for this to usually kill your opponent!**

Team Fights: Once you sniff a team fight about to occur you will activate Thrill of the Hunt and if you read earlier in this build if you are ready to triple "Q" this is the time for you are going in straight for the carry. Once targeted and deleted you will immediately focus next priority if you are too low you should Flash out or die using Guardian Angel and continue fighting like the man you are!

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Counters (Good Against + Bad Against)

Who counters you!

Bad Against: Against these matchups you'll want to max "E" first as well as start doran's shield, cloth armor and pots or boots and pots to be able to sustain through the lane. If you are confident enough in your playstyle as Rengar don't hesitate to play aggressive either, just because they may counter you doesn't mean they are good, so that being said if you ar comfortable you could start elixir or buy on first back.
- : Jax can be a difficult matchup especially due to his E which can block your Q and cancel your burst, he also has a gap closer as well but doesn't rely on bushes to use it. I recommend maxing W or E and trying to bait his stun in order to trade with him.
- : Fiora can be a real b***, her Riposte will block your Q since it is an auto attack, her lunge hurts real hard and it is hard to escape, finally since her ult makes her untargetable you won't be able to Q her and she will still stick to you once in ult.
- : Pantheon's passive which blocks your next ability or auto really f***s with you hard! His spear, spear spam, and stun really touch you inappropriately. In this match up max W first for the tankyness and the sustain in lane so you don't have to recall every half minute.
- : Pre six this matchups is fairly even. I would suggest Q and elixir start, but post six watch out! If you wish to live in this matchup i would recommend taking Q and rushing Sunfire Cape.
- : Don't get too close to this guy! His Q at level one seems to completely annihilate you, and 1-3 is where he completely dominates. I would suggest Doran's shield start and maxing E to harass in lane.
- : Riven is a 50/50 lane. You can max Q and get a kill at level three, but after she gets her ult it is very risky playing because since it takes a few seconds for Thrill of the Hunt to become active she has the jump on you. You could start as you desire since this matchup can go multiple ways.
- : Since Teemo should be removed from the game his blind is stupidly OP against you since it completely cancels your Q. In order to live in this lane pick E to harass but max Q because after his blind wears off its your lane and you are able to one shot him with your Q. Although it seems Teemo may counter you this matchup is extremely doable.
- : Xin Zhao is a hard lane. He has sustain, knock up, gap closer, and his passive reduces armor. I would strongly recommend taking Q and W so that if he is to hop onto you your W will negate for some of the lost armor, so you can heal,and if he is to jump on you, you can easily Q to return the damage.

Who you counter!

Good Against: In this matchup you will be dominating most of the game so you'll want to consider maxing "Q" or "W" as well as starting red elixir, doran's blade or longsword and pots. In these matchups you will more than likely be able to get a first blood if you use the elixir method through levels 1-3.
- : In this lane make sure to buy your bonetooth neckalce so that you get the secret lore. In lane against Kha'Zix it is a 'cat eat bug lane' you will wanna go straight Q and be sure to delete him. I personally find that Rengar will mostly or always win this match up because Kha'Zix relies on targets being isolated but when you have 5 stacks of ferocity you literally shred him without isolation.
- : When facing Aatrox remember he is late game and has no huge damage early game so you are free to build as much damage as possible in order to shut him down. Remember when playing against Aatrox he does have his passive and if he is to bring you low DON'T GET TOO COCKY a fed Aatrox will most times beat a fed Rengar.
- : Early game take elixir and max Savagery in order to get fed beyond belief. If you are getting fed off of Nasus make sure to bully him and stand infront of his cs because even though you may have shut done Nasus he can still ridiculously farm his Q.
- : Pre six Tryndamere is all yours. You can even choose Q first for extreme damage output. Although once he reaches six you will want to avoid him, if not he could throttle you. I would recommend to ult just as he does to that you wont die from his crits.
- : Use the bushes to your advantage here and make sure to spam bolas strike to slow him and harass. Once you have gained 5 ferocity immediately double Savagery because shutting Singed down will prevent him from proxying and completely deleting him from the game.
- : In lane against Yasuo all you need to do is bolas strike and Savagery, but in this matchup you are totally free to max Q because it may take him 3 strikes to gain his tornado but his tornado is a joke compared to your double Q, just be sure to dodge his tornado because he can knock you up in ult.
- : Some guides claim Garen may be a counter to Rengar but all you need to do is slow him with your bolas strike and he is rendered useless. The only thing he can do is spin... to lose. If you outrun his Q you can easily outdamage Garen with your Q and completely shut him down making him and his ult useless.

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Attack Damage Items

: The Ravenous Hydra in my opinion is THE best item on Rengar for every reason possible. It gives you huge attack damage, health regen, and life steal. The passive and active are AMAZING for split pushing and clearing waves in seconds when combined with your "E". Finally, I love this item because in a team the Ravenous Hydra can hit everybody and get you and immediate 5 stacks on the bonetooth necklace.
: This item is a must have if you're not doing enough damage or if you find that you need copious amounts of armor penetration. Especially since the build goes towards a more flat attack damage the huge armor penetration is easy to cut through base armor and tank's armor.
: This is probably one of my favorite items in the game. It isn't super essential but very good if you find your enemies are escaping easy. It gives 40 attack damage, a good amount of lifesteal, and attack speed. Combined with Bola Strike makes nobody able to escape.
: Depending if you require more health this is SUCH a good item. By buying this item you get health, armor pen and attack damage. When combined with Savagery you gain an attack speed steroid which compliments the passive which reduces your opponents armor. This item can be swapped out with Last Whisper depending on your lane. Although due to the fact that Youmuu's Ghostblade and The Black Cleaver offer the same amount of CDR it is completely situational and preference for whichever you need if it is only CDR you need.
: This item is amazing if you are snowballing. I prefer to use this item when you are exiting your ult so that you can easily pounce on your target and so that you get a huge burst of attack speed as well as the crit that comes along with it. Although due to the fact that The Black Cleaver and Youmuu's Ghostblade offer the same amount of CDR it is completely situational and preference for whichever you need if it is only CDR you need.
: The Statikk Shiv is an essential if you ONLY split push. Due to the passive effect it makes it easy to clear waves and the attack speed makes it easy to crush towers in secons.
: The Mercurial Scimitar is a viable item on Rengar primarily for the debuff. The active emoves all debuffs from your champion. Melee champions like Rengar also gain +50% movement speed for 1 second. So if during ult if somebody manages to slow you you can immediately debuff and continue stealthing.
: The passives that g rants +1 attack damage for every 2% of missing health and the shield that grants a 400 magic damage shield that will absorb incoming damage when under 30% health which makes this a viable item when against a ability power top.

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Tanky Items

: I find that the Randuin's Omen is an essential on Rengar. It slows the enemies who attack you, as well as their attack speed. It has an active that slows enemies in an area which makes it a s*** load easier to chase your opponent. It also gives a good amount of HP and armor.
: This is a pretty cost efficient item. It gives a good amount of Armor and HP,and a passive that damages all enemies in an area around you, but only a little bit. Also if you are planning on going tanky I highly recommend buying this and the Spirit Visage for your first items.
: In most to every game I will buy this item on Rengar. Spectre's cowl lets Rengar survive the lane phase against heavy harass mages and builds into spirit visage which has balanced stats and also buffs rengar's self heal and gives him a large amount of cooldown reduction as well.
: Now you may not see this item build that much but with teams with global ults or if you are to get targeted when you ponce on your target it will absorb the first ability and it also grants a fair amount of health and magic resist.
: With Rengar being the great split pusher he is after a team fight the last thing you want to do is die and potentially lose the game. In order to prevent this the Guardian Angel should be bought in every game and especially since Rengar is typically the one to initiate and die first a second chance at life is needed.

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: Mobility boots are in my opinion the best boots on Rengar because in stealth you are able to catch up to your target a lot easier. The boots also help if you decide to help or roam other lanes because when you haven't been hit for a matter of seconds you become a race car.
: These boots are a good second choice with Alacrity due to the fact they remove a portion of slow and other crowd control making it easy for you to work your way through a team fight.
: Similar to the boots of swiftness the merc treads have the forgotten 'Tenacity' that nobody remembers nowadays which removes a portion of slow and other crowd control which makes your ult worth while and not getting hard cc'ed and wasting it.

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I do not recommend any other summoner spells other than the following due to trial and error and the major inconstancy with each of the others.

:Pretty much the best spell in the game and gives Rengar a quick mobility option when you aren't near a bush and don't want to/can't ult. This spell is good on every champion and should be taken every game on Rengar.
: I do not personally take this in most matchups unless there is major cc that stops Rengar's ult, it is also a fairly viable choice due to the fact that with a combination of Boots of Mobility you turn into an F1 racer while your ult is activated.
: In solo top you'll usually have a very hard time securing any early kills without ignite. this is just a solid safe summoner spell pick that's also generally a must in top lane as most of your lane opponents will also have great in fight sustain.
: This spell has loads of potential on Rengar but it's hard to incorporate because it requires wards and good coordination. Due to the fact that Rengar is probably one of the best split-pushers this game has seen using teleport can benefit the team if he is to ult near an open turret or inhibitor and single carry his whole team.