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Sejuani Build Guide by Hahano

Winter's Wrath in the Woods

Winter's Wrath in the Woods

Updated on February 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hahano Build Guide By Hahano 13 4 48,095 Views 26 Comments
13 4 48,095 Views 26 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hahano Sejuani Build Guide By Hahano Updated on February 9, 2012
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Welcome to my Sejuani Single-Horn guide. Sejuani is a very low-sustain jungling tank with a nearly unmatched teamfight presence. Her ganks are very strong and she is able to dish out CC wherever she sees fit. Her early game damage is laughably low, but her late game damage starts to get pretty menacing with enough life. I play her as a tanky initiator that ganks often in the jungle, just like Maokai or Rammus.

This guide is unorthodox, but it works. Like my Kayle guide, this won't be a super in-depth guide, but will be (relatively) short and succinct. If you have questions or comments on my build, feel free to leave them in the comments
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Summary Video

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Addressing Sejuani's Flaws

As I said prior, Sejuani has a lot of issues. Here is how I go about fixing them:

Bad early
life sustain
MM I counteract this with a Cloth Armor start and by taking health regeneration quints. This helps her get through until she has a philosopher's stone, which gives her most of the sustain she'll need.

Bad early
mana sustain
MM I counteract this with 9 points in the utility tree. This allows her just enough mana and buff duration to make the first clear and get the stone.

Low life
early ganks
MM Even with a cloth start, she has a life issue. Because of this, I take Heal so that when I gank, I am able to heal myself and my laner. This allows for people to miscalculate how much damage they can do to me and my buddy in the early game and allows for really great tower dives in the mid and late game. It will also help your team in a skirmish early on to charge in, start a fight and heal your team back up.

Very long
MM I pick cooldown reduction in the mastery tree, try to get the first blue buff and build a relatively early Kindlegem. It doesn't hit that 40% mark, but it gives you enough to make a difference.
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MM I personally use Mark of Insight for the magic penetration. Why is this? Well I tested the speed of Alacrity and Insight and found that the attack speed increases your jungle by about 1 second (3:15 compared to 3:16 for a Wolves > Blue > Wraiths > Golems path). This one second is meaningless compared to more damage on a gank from her pure magic damage arsenal. MM M

greater seal of vitality
MM Sejuani's early health sustainability is amazingly bad. I use armor seals to counter that and a cloth armor start. I have seen health/level seals being used and armor quints, but I don't really like that setup as much. MM S

MM Either can be used for this slot, but the flats are more preferred. Why is this? Well the per level glyphs overtake after level 10, which is pretty late game for a jungler. The other reason is Sejuani will be ganking often, so having that extra flat resistance is critical to her living against AP damage. MM G

MM greater quintessence of regeneration
MM I like these two options. The health regen gives her more sustain in the jungle and the single move speed quint puts you faster than most in the game without boots. The reason I don't run 3 of either is that the triple move speed quints are overkill since you have a skill charge and passive slow (you can stick to anyone) and without the single quint you will fall behind some laners stacking MS. MM Q

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  • Better sustainability.
  • Longer duration on your first blue.
  • Less downtime between ganks.
  • Higher damage output.
  • Shorter ultimate cooldown.
  • Slightly faster jungler.

As for the individual defense mastery choices:

Summoner's Resolve , Hardiness , Resistance , Tough Skin , Bladed Armor , Juggernaut - Common and "core" defense jungling masteries.

Vigor - Again, this helps with your sustainability and ganking life. You're not ever really high life in the jungle, so having this to regen while you're going in between lanes is very helpful.

Enlightenment - Her ultimate's cooldown is extremely long. This helps and is better than Initiator again, because you have no life to take advantage of that.
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Summoner Spells

MM Completely necessary on any jungler. It helps secure buffs, objectives and makes you able to play God!

MM Well this is the controversial one, isn't it? These are my reasons for taking heal:
  • Early life sustain is bad, so ganking is often with low life. This changes that.
  • Allows her a mechanism to more easily tower dive and live.
  • Is completely unexpected coming from a jungler.
  • Helps your laner twofold, they have more life to sustain their lane while the enemy has less life/summoner's.
  • Flash and Ghost are meh on her. You can gap close for really no reason.

Other Viable Spells

MM Flash is always an option since you can use it to escape. Sejuani has a terrain bypass with her charge, so I don't bother with this.

MM I don't really like ghost on Sejuani. She doesn't have any problems getting in or sticking to people as long as you can auto-attack and run at the same time.

MM A decent, offensive summoner spell. Again, I think it could be useful, but is not ideal.

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Early Skill Sequence

Start with Northern Winds because it helps you clear your first few camps very quickly. It also does good damage for a level 1 ability after you land your passive on everyone. I only select 1 in this skill and choose to max it at level 15 because your primary role is not to deal damage. Dealing damage is a perk, but you don't have the life or tankiness out of the jungle to justify maximizing this skill early on. Once you have your items built out and can take advantage of the 2% of your max health damage, this skill becomes useful.

I choose Arctic Assault at level 2 because it allows a level 2 gank as well as applies your passive to all minions you hit. This allows a higher damage output (50% more) on minions and will speed your jungle faster than Permafrost. I get three ranks in this to get the cooldown to reasonable levels.

Permafrost is taken at level 3 and maxed by level 9. This is her best skill, applies a gigantic slow and deals damage as well. Once you have this in the third rank and higher, you will nearly one-shot clear camps with a well placed Arctic Assault into Permafrost with Northern Winds up. When ganking, this is the reason you can slow them tremendously and the cooldown is low enough that you can almost use it twice in a skirmish.

Glacial Prison should be maxed whenever possible.
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Skill Breakdown

M > M M > M M > M

This will be your overall skill path in any game. I hardly ever deviated from this when I was set on a build and I think it is the optimal skilling.


Sejuani's basic attacks apply Frost, reducing enemy Movement Speed by 10% for 3 seconds.

Her passive is okay. It's not quite as strong as Gangplank's because she doesn't have a ranged slow mechanism. The reason this is even decent on her is that it triggers her other abilities to do more damage. Think of this as a requirement to make her skills balanced and a small perk on a gank.


Arctic Assault

Sejuani charges forward to deal 60 / 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 (+40% of ability power) magic damage and apply Frost to enemies. Sejuani stops upon colliding with an enemy champion.

A very strong gap closer. The important part about this is that it doesn't stop until it hits a champion. This allows you to charge through minions, terrain and anything else to get to your target. It also applies an area of effect slow, so it triggers your other two abilities right away for their perks. I get three ranks in this skill second because the reduced cooldown allows for a fast jungle, faster way to get places and a lower time between initiation and chasing stragglers.


Northern Winds

Sejuani summons an arctic storm around her which deals 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 (+10% of ability power) (+ 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2% of maximum health) magic damage to nearby enemies every second.
Damage is increased by 50% against enemies affected by Frost or Permafrost.

This is a pretty solid skill. It's not as good as Shyvana's Burnout in the early levels, however the DPS of this come late game is pretty absurd. With 3500 life you're doing 1.5*(36 + 70) = 159 damage per second to frosted targets. I don't max this skill early because your life typically doesn't make it do a lot of damage and you're not tanky enough to live through a fight entirely. If you're ahead and bought a lot of life items and tankiness early, you can switch your skilling order to max this faster.



Sejuani converts Frost on nearby enemies to Permafrost, dealing 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+50% of ability power) magic damage and increasing the Movement Speed reduction to 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 % for 3 seconds.

Sejuani's bread and butter right here. This allows for very strong ganks, team fighting and jungle clearing. Using this on an entire enemy team after charging in will put them all at a huge disadvantage. Having their entire team slowed allows your team to run away from threats and prevents their squishy characters from fleeing. You max this first because the slow component is awesome and the damage isn't anything to scoff at.


Glacial Prison

Sejuani throws her weapon, stunning the first enemy champion hit for 2 seconds. Nearby enemies are stunned for 1 second. All targets take 150 / 250 / 350 (+80% of ability power) magic damage and are affected by Frost.

Absolutely ridiculous. The fact that this skill exists makes my soul hurt. It's a 2 second stun on a single target and 1 second stun on anything else near it. Then, on top of this, you apply a 70% slow for 3 seconds afterwards. The range is also Xerath style, meaning you can fire this sucker from forever away to win fights. An extremely powerful skill and easy money on squishy targets.
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Items and How To Itemize Tanks

Let us being by breaking down the build listed above, and then I will add notes for how to itemize a tank and what order you should build in what situation. Itemization has to be on a custom basis, there is no set item path for anyone.

Your "core":

These items are very good to be broken into pieces and built over time, giving you a much easier curve to the top. You can itemize them for physical or magical damage in pieces if you need one right away or can't afford another.

Philosopher's Stone MM This item is a must on Sejuani. She wants to be ganking all day long and this really helps that. She also isn't that sustained so having the life and mana regeneration is a must.

MM This item is very solid to accomplish what you'd like to get done. It gives high and cheap early resistances and life to both you and your team. This makes you much more of a force in the game and helps complete early team objectives. You can also buy whichever piece you need (armor, life or mres) at the time.

MM This is a strong item for Sejuani because it reduced her cooldowns on the absurdly long ultimate she has while giving her damage through her W. It is also a component of Shurelya's.

MM This item makes you an even stronger initiator. It will allow you to cast it and boar charge in so that your entire team is able to catch up to those you've slowed. It's also clutch to get away from fights.

Strong Armor Options:

These are really good against those pesky attack damage champions.

MM Gives Sejuani everything she wants: life, armor and another slow. With this item you're able to slow those not hit with your boar and/or have another slow once the three second wears off. You can also build the Heart of Gold component early if you would like to for more gold.

MM At the point in the game when you're getting this, the damage on your Northern Winds is picking up, and this just stacks on that. This will give you some absurd DPS while being very tanky as well. This is a good item to rush if you're ahead and want more damage.

MM Amazing item against auto attackers and also amazing components. The reduced cooldowns helps her out a lot as well as extra mana. This might actually work its way into my build, but I currently prefer life over mana.

Strong Mres Options:

These are really good against those pesky magic damage champions.

MM Another strong option on her. She doesn't benefit as much from movement speed and has a lot of hp/5 already, so this item is superior to FoN most times.

MM The other staple magic resist. I would only take this over Veil if they have 3+ fed APs or you already have a veil and need more mres.

MM This is a great stepping stone item. It provides early magic resistance and mana regeneration, two things Sejuani could use. This is definitely a situational item and shouldn't be build always.

MM Great for hard CC comp teams, or someone like Ryze. This will be needed against teams that can lock you down when you're trying to slow their team.

MM If you want? I can see her doing some ok damage with this and having an AP heavy team would make this item worthwhile.

How to itemize a tank:

Playing a tank is one of the more unique roles in the game. Many carries can be itemized about the same (build damage, survivability, damage again) and bruisers/junglers typically just Wriggle's into XYZ. A tank, however, has to itemize properly for the damage being taken. You cannot follow a guide for damage and you'll notice the core build I have has even resistance development.

When you go to buy an item, hold tab and see who has kills and who's on their team. If they have an even composition with even kills, build both up. If they have a heavy AD or AP composition, use items from either of those sections. If they have a balanced team but fed LeBlanc, you MUST build Mres early, even if you have to sacrifice other things in your build. Itemizing properly is the way to win games and succeed in doing your job as a tank.

Do it or die.
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Jungling Mindset and Route

I go Wolves > Blue > Wraiths > Golems > Wolves > Wraiths > Golems > Recall. I do not take Red on her and give it instead to either my top or bottom laner (whichever is closer). You absolutely need a leash on blue in order to complete this route.

This route can and should be broken to gank at any time. You should really never be doing buff camps and always pass them off. Get your levels and gold on killing small camps in between ganking. Her health sustainability is pretty bad for doing a large buff camp alone, so doing them will not only ruin your jungle path, but not help your team as much.

Again, your goal on her is to gank often and hard. Take advantage of her huge range, slowing capabilities and power to beat lanes into submission. Use of Heal will allow for this, especially after philosopher's stone is purchased.
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Jungle Ratings and Video Commentary

  • Can gank hard and often.
  • Her gap-closer ignores minions and applies slow.
  • Glacial Prison is broken.
  • Has pretty good base stats and damage.
  • Doesn't do a lot of damage.
  • Hard to carry a bad team with.
  • Only has one horn.
  • EXTREMELY bad early life sustain.
  • Her mount looks like a herpderpavore.

MMMSejuani is another strong lane presence tank jungler, though not quite the likes of Rammus or Maokai. What she lacks in hard, reliable CC she more than makes up for in her ultimate, Glacial Prison. That is one of the most insane abilities I have ever seen in this game and is a reason to play her on its own. She is a tanky jungler with sustainability issues, but if you can overcome the early game hump, you're well on your way to shattering your opposition.

Difficulty: 7
Speed: 7
Sustain: 1
Ganking: 9
Deflection: 1
Counter: 2
Late Game: 8
Sejuani does not snowball
Sejuani is ok at farming


MMMSejuani is a low sustain, constant ganking character. As someone who fits that description, you're in constant need to balance your life and mana totals with ganking a lane. This creates a lot of problems and requires coordination as you want to be giving away your buffs. Her ultimate also requires a lot of judgment as to when you should use it in a fight and if you should hit one important target, save your allies or freeze several people. Her stats and abilities are strong enough that skill as the character doesn't much come into effect.

Jungling Speed:

MMMWith blue buff, her speed is just fine in the beginning. She has an AoE on a low cooldown in Northern Winds and even more once her abilities get started. She doesn't slow down much in the jungle if you're maxing Permafrost as well because the Arctic Assault into Permafrost is a lot of damage. Her speed lends itself to small camps, which is what she should stick to.

Jungling Sustainability:

MMMAwful. In fact, her early sustainability is so bad that she's kicked Rammus out of the rating 1 spot. Without a leash at blue I had to use Heal to get to level 3. With a Cloth Armor start, she's still incredibly bad at keeping her life up. Once you get a few more life items and levels, you still need a lot of mana to clear a camp before the game is over. This makes her non-sustained on both life and mana, requiring a philosopher's stone and worst in the jungle.


MMMHer ganks are STRONK. She has essentially a permanent slow effect, a stun after hitting level 6 and a big enough body to take all the damage to boot. To put it another way, the literal only reason this isn't a 10/10 is because Rammus and Maokai have nearly instant, ranged, hard-CC instead of nearly instant, ranged, soft-CC.

Ability to Deflect Counter-jungling:

MMMShe'll be lucky to be over half health in her route at any given time, so she can't really stop you. She also doesn't have much damage output, so a duelist will eat her alive. Combine this with dependence on a blue buff early on and inability to recover from taking damage without recalling and you have an amazingly bad deflector.

Ability to Counter-jungle:

MMMThis is only a two because she can slow someone down enough for her teammate to kill them. I wouldn't really fear her coming through your jungle as her camp efficiency is pretty low and dueling skills are laughable. She is a spectacular teamfighter, not duelist.

Post Jungling:

MMM Glacial Prison is insane. She can turn a game around very quickly with a well placed 2 second stun. Her initiation is also very strong with a boar charge in and an AoE slow on their team. Her skillset doesn't allow her to be awful, even if she has to die for the initiate, the slow and stun is potent.
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Tips and Tricks

  • Arctic Assault applies your passive and goes through terrain. This means you can Arctic Assault through a wall and Permafrost to hit every minion.
  • Your Permafrost can only be used on targets with Frost, and Northern Winds does not apply frost. This means you have to auto-attack, charge or ultimate something before being able to slow it.
  • Arctic Assault stops when it hits a champion. Keep this in mind in case you have to make an exit or want to blast through minion waves. The minions it goes through are frosted, as well, which leaves you a quick lane clear with Permafrost
  • As Sejuani, you want to be ganking a lot and giving away your buffs. While in low-ELO solo queue I recommend you take your buffs for sustainability, in a high level or arranged match, give your buffs away. Sejuani loses too much life to take buffs reliably and doesn't put as much use to them, so pass them off to your team.
  • Glacial Prison is amazing, but the cooldown is an eternity. Use it wisely as the two and a half minute wait until level 11 is so incredibly painful.
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How to Beat Her

  • Sejuani can gank as early as level 3, which will put you around level 2 in lane. Be careful of a boar lady charging from the brush.
  • While she doesn't do carry damage, her early game burst is still significant. Being hit with her boar and slowed will often net a kill or summoner.
  • Get into her jungle and beat her up. Whether it's your top laner or jungler abusing her, she is able to be pushed around. The only thing I hate more than being counter jungled on Sejuani is coconuts. And I really hate coconuts.
  • Her ultimate is ridiculous. Don't run around your best friend or you'll both be frozen in ice together forever. Scratch that, get frozen with your pal forever in time.

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Putting her on a Team

MMMSejuani fits well on teams that can capitalize on ganks. This is mostly the snowball characters and ones able to tower dive very well. This allows Sejuani to give an early advantage and freeze and late game uprisings, negating her uselessness.

>Example Team: LeBlanc (mid), Tryndamere (top), Sejuani (jungle), Taric (bot), Vayne (bot)
Super burst and snowball in all lanes. This means seeing Sejuani means you're dead.

>Good against: Characters with no escape mechanisms, kiting compositions, tight quarters combat.

>Bad against: Tanky teams, high mobility laners, early invasion, strong duelists.
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