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Yorick Build Guide by GUIDEMASTER11

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GUIDEMASTER11

[WIP] A Comprehensive (Reworked) Yorick Guide

GUIDEMASTER11 Last updated on September 16, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Yorick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Shen He can't kill you and you can't kill him. Play semi-aggresively to punish him for ulting and to gain a large XP lead. Don't push too far out or you will be killed by a gank.
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Hi. In this guide to the reworked Yorick I will show you how to play against certain champions, build paths and Yorick tips and tricks.

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

  • CD reduction Blues: Helps get more Qs in for graves.
  • AD marks and quints: Lets you deal more damage with autos and last hit.
  • 1% crit rune: When you take this rune you essentially gamble off 1 ad for a chance to potentially instantly win a trade. However, Do not expect or try to crit the enemy.
  • Scaling Health Yellows: helps because you won't be getting tanky until about 2-3 items, Yorick also has an amazing base Armor value.
  • Armor Quints: Helps you survive your terrible laning Phase.

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- Sorcery: is better than Fury because Yorick has a very low base attack speed, meaning the extra AS is not worth it at all.

- Feast: is better than Double Edged Sword on Yorick because he won't be trading very often with his lane opponent. It also compliments his Q's heal.

- Vampirism : gives him ever more sustain in lane.

- Oppressor : over Bounter Hunter because you usually won't be able to kill at least 3 unique champions in a game. Also, it helps give a tiny boost of damage to your ghouls when you E.

- Battering Blows : for obvious reasons

- Warlord's Bloodlust : Grasp of the Undying is really only good early game, where Yorick does NOT want to fight with his lane opponent. Bloodlust gives good sustain throughout all stages of the game.

Cunning tree is pretty useless so we go into the Fortitude mastery line. I won't be going through these masteries because its pretty obvious why I chose them.

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The Black Cleaver is a great starting item because it gives you 20% CDR, a speed boost every time you hit someone, and health + HP. The best part about it is the armor shred passive. Yorick's minions proc the passive.
Lets assume this Yorick player is fairly good at csing. He gets 85% of the minions that come his way. At 10 Minutes, he will have 3523 gold, which is enough to purchase a Black Cleaver. This leaves 423 gold, lets just say he uses it to purchase boots. Also, he will be lvl 9, since 18 minon waves have spawned. This means he will have 1380 HP, 102 AD, 66 Armor (Not including Masteries & Runes). Add Black Cleaver stats in + Masteries/Runes (scaling armor) and you have 1680 HP and 152 AD and 79 AR. Lets compare this with some common top laners, Illaoi and Darius.
Lets do the same calculations with Darius, with Darius purchasing a Black Cleaver as well. Darius has 151 AD, 75 AR and 1682 HP.
How About Illaoi? She will have 155 AD, 69 AR and 1646 HP.
Pure Stats aren't everything, though, lets have a comparison between them all and see who can proc 6 Stacks the fastest. I tested all 3 champions out, and Darius takes about 6 seconds, Illaoi about 6 as well.
Yorick's testing time was significantly harder to do consistently, due to positioning, hp, and atk speed of ghouls, so this may not be accurate. Your ghouls take about 0.5~2 seconds to lock on and jump to a marked target. Lets take the AVG of that (1 second) and assume that is the time it takes for your ghouls to come out. Lets also assume you have 3 ghouls out. Each ghoul at lvl 9 has an attack speed of 0.86. Yorick has 0.71 attack speed at level 9.
With all this in mind lets calculate how long it takes to stack BC. This "simulation" are assuming that E has been cast, 3 Ghouls are out, Yorick has BC and Boots, Yorick is level 9, and he is in AA range of his enemy. The numbers on the side represent the order of which these actions take place. Actions with the same # are simultaneous
1). Simulation Begins at 0s
2). Ghouls Leap takes 1s
3). Yorick starts attacking at 1s (timestamp)
3). Ghoul starts attacking at 1s
4). Damage from ghoul is applied at 2.14s (3 STACKS APPLIED, 3 STACKS TOTAL) (TOOK 1.14 SECONDS FOR ONE ATTACK)
4). Ghouls starts attacking again at 2.14s
5). Damage from Yorick is applied at 2.42s (1 STACK APPLIED, 4 STACKS TOTAL) (TOOK 1.42 SECONDS FOR ONE ATTACK)
6). Damage From ghouls is applied at 3.24s (3 STACKS APPLIED, 6 STACKS TOTAL) (TOOK 1.14 SECONDS FOR ONE ATTACK)
Sorry if it's a bit confusing, but basically, under ideal conditions it will take 3.24s to apply all BC stacks.

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Skill Sequence

I take Last Rites first because it's your primary damage spell. W 2nd, because the extra health on the wall helps a ton vs junglers and top laners. who usually have low attack speeds.

Mourning Mist 2nd isn't as good as Dark Procession, because you will usually never use the minimum damage of E (only part that scales).

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Spells (+Tips and Tricks)

  • Last Rites is your primary source of damage. Try to never overextend to get that last grave in for Awakening.
  • Dark Procession is a great anti gank and CC tool. IF USED CORRECTLY. It's effectiveness is directed correlated to it's placement. In this visual below, I will show where and why you would place.Sorry for the ****ty paint job, but the reason why you would place Dark Procession in front of them instead of behind them is because they would essentially have to get through two walls instead of one.

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Farming is probably the most critical part of learning how to play Yorick. You have to be able to know not how much damage you can dish out, but how much damage you can take. Your laner can easily punish you for going up to a minion and you will not be able to fight back against them. , Because you Yoricks low early game damage.

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Team Work

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Pros / Cons


  • Strong duelist
  • Good at low elo
  • Scales well with items
  • Simple, Yet strong, flexible kit
  • Great Splitpsuher
  • Can 1v2 or even 1v3 if he has enough gold


  • Weak Waveclear without Hydra
  • Weak Early Game
  • Bad at high elo
  • Abysmal Laning Phase

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Ranked Play

Yorick is strong in low elo, because people don't know how to punish him for overextending and his splitpushing potential. In higher elos, playing Yorick will become nigh impossible to play, because players at those elos know how to effectively play against Yorick.